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Glory Report from Iris Global in Mozambique

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Iris Global is the best missionary organization I know of – they combine evangelism, poverty reduction and the power of the Holy Spirit, all soaked in worship and passion for Jesus. Last weekend they did an outreach in the “bush bush” (i.e. very rural place) of Mozambique to share the love of God – and it was truly a success. I follow Heidi Baker, the leader of Iris, closely on Facebook and found that she posted these amazing pictures:

“Pointing out scripture to a village chief and his mother. They both came to Jesus that day…..”

“Baptizing people in the ocean this afternoon near a remote village that never had a gospel witness before today…”

Likewise, my Facebook friend Daniel Salameh who is a co-worker with Heidi posted: “This past weekend I went into the bush bush with some of my heroes and we were able to reach a village that had yet been reached with the Good News. We discipled the new believers, baptized them in the Indian Ocean, bought land and will be advancing His Kingdom in this village!” Another Iris missionary, Marci Fish, wrote a more detailed accound about what happened:

Bush bush! First thing after we arrived on outreach, a man, Abdul, says he wants to follow Jesus. This is an all moslem village. Turns out Abdul is the chief’s son. Many other men began to come for prayer and to follow Jesus. A man who had an eye problem that caused him to go blind began to see again! A boy who had lost his hearing began to hear again.

The next morning the Governor Chief (over several villages in the area) stood up and said “Foreigners have come to our villages & taken from us, but you come to give to us. You can stay here for 200 days. It is not heavy with you here in my village.” The “queen” of the village stood and said ” I would not have dreamed of having such a beautiful day as this.” They allowed Iris to buy a great piece of land and the materials to begin building a church there in that village. They have never had a Christian church.

Then we all walked down to the beach and the men who had given their lives to Jesus were baptized. As we were walking to our truck to leave, a boy was there by our truck face down in the sand having a full on seizure. We put our hands on him & began to pray and he immediately became perfectly calm. We got in our trucks and drove the crazy dirt road back to base. Daniel Salameh definitely wins an award for bush driving, following Mama Heidi driving in the bush! Oh and I can’t leave out the incredible night sky,I never get over the beauty of the African sky.

Image from Marci Fish

Image from Marci Fish



  1. semper says:

    Is the power of the Holy Spirit soaked in worship and passion for Jesus? I cannot fanthom what this should mean?

    • jonte95 says:

      Not necessarily what he meant, depends how you read it

      • semper says:

        I read it, but I did not understand it. As if our worship is more powerful than the power of the Holy Spirit.

        • Hi Semper! Thanks for pointing out what was unclear for you! What I meant was that they combine evangelism, poverty reduction and usage of Spiritual gifts, and they clothe all this in love and worship. Paul says that he preaches the Gospel with words, deeds and the power of the Spirit (Rom 15:18-19), and he says that we should do everything in love and clothe ourselves with love (1 Cor 13), so that was what I was referring to when describing Iris. The power of the Spirit is powerful, but there are Christians who do have love, evangelism and social work but completely ignore Spiritual gifts, like cessationists. Iris Global are definitely not like them in that aspect.


          • semper says:

            Thanks for your reply. It becomes a bit clearer. Love is central in the work of the Holy Spirit, it is the total of the fruit of the Spirit that every christian has (Galatian 5:22). And could it be that evangelism and social work are both gifts of the Spirit? The apostle Paul does not give a total/complete list of the gifts. The gifts are added, not essential to a christian life. And I think these gifts can change in time, due to the freewill of the Spirit. There are indeed cessationists, but also “repeat-ionists” who think that everything that happened in e.g. the early church in the New Testament should happen now as well.
            Once again: thanks.

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