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Is it reasonable to believe that God exists and that Jesus is His Son? Indeed! Here are some apologetics for ya!


Logical Apologetics with Joel Marby.

Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig.


The Fine Tuning of the Universe and the Existence of God

Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?

The Supernaturalist and Naturalist Worldviews

Testing Prayer: Science and Miraculous Healing

Has Science Disproven the Existence of Miracles?

Scientists, Journalists, and Doctors on Healing

William Lane Craig on Miracles

William Lane Craig on the Resurrection of Jesus

Greg Boyd: Do All Roads Lead to God?

Why Wealth is Wrong: The Mathematical Argument

Why Wealth is Wrong: The Economic Argument

Why Wealth is Wrong: The Bill Gates Argument

Why Wealth is Wrong: The Moral Argument


7 Reasons Why God Exists and Atheism is Wrong, Micael Grenholm and Andreas Lundström

Jesus the Legend:Can we trust the Biblical account of Jesus?, Amy Orr-Ewing

Jesus and Pagan Mythology, Mary Jo Sharp

The Resurrection of Jesus, William Lane Craig

Challenging Skepticism about Miracles, Craig Keener

Testing Prayer: Science and Healing, Candy Gunther Brown

Signs, Wonders and Social Justice, Micael Grenholm

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A Living Alternative

God vs Inequality

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