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Medically Verified Healings

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Many are unaware of the fact that thousands of divine healing claims are supported by medical evidence. In my experience, most people who claim that there’s no evidence for God or miracles haven’t even looked at the evidence for healing. Here are some resources for those interested in the topic.


Eleven Medically Verified Healings

Documentary on Medically Verified Miracles is Coming

Why Do People Believe That Miracles Are Impossible?

Testing Prayer: Science and Miraculous Healing

Has Science Disproven the Existence of Miracles?

Scientists, Journalists, and Doctors on Healing

A Defence for the Miraculous Argument

Seven Reasons Why God Exists


Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts – Craig Keener

Testing Prayer: Science and Healing – Candy Gunther Brown

The Miracles – Richard Casdorph

Healing Miracles: A Doctor Investigates – Rex Gardner



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  1. itpastorn says:

    A real goodie is this investigation into the ministry of John Wimber. Healing: Fiction, Fantasy or Fact? by David Lewis.

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