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micael grenholm foto Arah AsadiHi, I’m Micael. I’m a church historian, speaker and writer residing in Falköping, Sweden. I’m a PhD student at Lund University, an editor for Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice and make videos for my YouTube channel.

I call myself a charismactivist, which means that I am fully convinced that activism for peace and justice should be performed in the power of the Holy Spirit. Miracles, healing, prophecy and evangelism should be combined with peacemaking, economic equality, simplicity and care for the environment, just as in the biblical church.

I was saved in 2006 after discovering that the Bible promises eternal life and after seeing visions of Jesus. I started to pray and read the Bible, and I was fascinated by how the liturgy of my church – that previously was nothing but a bunch of pointless, boring rituals for me – had ancient roots filled with holy meaning.

But I also started to spot differences between church and Scripture. I was surprised that Jesus commanded His disciples to heal the sick and raise the dead (Mt 10:8) – something I had thought were things only Jesus Himself did to prove that He was the Son of God – and I was even more surprised to realize that I was a disciple (Mt 28:19)! “Disciples” was a term that I had thought only referred to the twelve men closest to Jesus, not people today. Now I realized that I was actually supposed to do the things Jesus commanded the apostles to do (Mt 28:20a).

Yet, people weren’t prophesying or casting out demons very much in my Lutheran church, so I started to attend some charismatic and Pentecostal churches. As I grew deeper into the charismatic movement, I saw some differences between church and Scripture here as well though, specifically when it came to peace and justice.

Again, my simple understanding of the Bible was that we should do the things that Jesus commanded the first disciples to do, and thus I never questioned His commandments about turning the other cheek (Mt 5:39) or selling everything one has to give the money to the poor (Mk 10:21). I didn’t become a Christian pacifist and activist through the teaching byJohn Howard Yoder, Shane Claiborne or Heidi Baker, but through the teaching of Jesus.

Within the charismatic movement, people were not as active for peace and justice as I had expected Spirit-filled Christians to be. On the contrary, some (but far from all) advocated for patriotism, just wars, economic inequality and environmental passivity. Disillusioned by this, I started to find theological allies inspired by the radical reformation that believed in pacifism and activism (and I started to read John Howard Yoder and Shane Claiborne).

There is no Anabaptist denomination in Sweden, but as I read about the early Anabaptists and realized that their beliefs about peace and justice were synced with mine, I was involved in the process of creating the cross-denominational Anabaptist Network of Scandinavia together with some friends.

Yet, I was disturbed when I realized that not all (but definitely some!) of my activist friends valued the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Even though cessationism, the teaching that supernatural Spiritual gifts existed in Biblical times but then ceased, is pretty much non-existent in Sweden; several Swedish Christians (especially in the Lutheran church) have a totally non-supernatural theology as developed by Rudolf Bultmann and John Shelby Spong, that both denies miracles in the Bible as well as of today. I found this in some parts of the Christian activist movement, and even if the majority believed in miracles, many did not find them as important as I did.

Because of this, I started to blog, preach and think about how to combine signs and wonders with peace and justice. I also connected with many others who shared this vision and who were putting it into practice: my church Mosaik, Jesus Army, Iris Global, Pentecostals and Charismatics for Peace and Justice, Bob Ekblad, Simon Adahl… the list could go on and on. What God has done during these years is amazing, and I hope and pray that He will stir a great charismatic, activist revival that will bring millions into the Kingdom and reveal to His people what they’re really called to do.


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    • I thank the Lord so much for ur life brother Miceal and for his calling upon ur life. And for instructing n directing u as his word says in Psalm 32:8
      am in luv with the Lord n recently i ve had this strong urge to seek him more n more…cus there is MORE!! n to reach out to people with the LOVE of our Lord…cus ther is PEACE in his LOVE!!
      I share and agree with u on ur vision n desire of using Miracles, sings and wonders to breng PEACE n JUSTICE in the world. Cus John 3:17 “…that the world through him might be saved”. That is Saved from war, distruction, voilence, injustice, poverty, hunger, diseases…

  2. Scott Sholar says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  3. Christina says:

    thanks for posting and for this site-Im in India right now on a solo missions trip with no idea yet what im supposed to be doing here-ive been here since december and will be flying home march 30th but im still looking for a really good group to work with-know of any?

  4. jonathan says:

    HI,to all respondents.may ALMIGHTY BLESS ALL.

  5. I like this! You have thoughtfully highlighted some very key components of the Christian life. This also inspires me, coming from South Africa myself. God Bless!! Look forward to your further testimonies 🙂

    • I’m so glad to hear this, brother! I will pray for more fire, joy and love in your ministry as well as in the whole South African church. Keep spreading the Gospel and promoting justice. Remember the ministry of John the Baptist: he was filled with the Spirit, preaching repentance, and demanding equality (Lk 3:11). Blessings!

  6. Dale Williams says:

    What do you think about the Orthodox Church?

  7. Brian Pipkin says:

    Hey Micael,

    I don’t think we have met. My name is Brian Pipkin.

    After reading your blog, I thought you might be interested in a new book that Jay Beaman and I edited on early Pentecostal pacifism. It’s a collection of denominational statements and individual statements on war and peace. The majority of the book consists of primary sources with short chapter introductions. We now have the ability to say that virtually all early Pentecostal groups had a pacifist statement against war. The collection is an inspiring manuscript for today’s Pentecostal–Charismatic peacemakers. It is titled Pentecostal and Holiness Statements on War and Peace. You can find it on Amazon. I think they have a kindle version as well.

    Also, I’d love to connect with you. Feel free to send me an email at briankpipkin(at)gmail(dot)com. (This looks silly, but prevents my email from getting picked up by spambots.)

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hello Brian!

      Thank you so much for contacting me! I think Beaman’s work really is excellent and I’m so glad to hear that you have written this new book. This is a message that surely needs to be spread!

      I will definitely contact you.

  8. Hi Micael –

    This is Steven Hamilton from the Vineyard Justice Network! We’d love to link to your blog post from earlier this year:

    and re-publish it on our VJN blog, located here:




    • Hi Steven! Of course, feel free to use it 🙂

      I’d love to connect with you and the VJN. I think the message of Holy Spirit Activism is very suitable for a Vineyard context (I originally called it Power Activism). So just tell me if you want me to contribute with something sometime!


  9. Jonathan says:


    Congratulation for your interesting website.
    I am Brazilian, I am a member of Presbyterian Church. I like how you address some topics here. I’ve read a little about them lately.
    If you can, please, contact me via email.

    Al the best.

  10. Hi Micael,

    I am a Mennocostal. 🙂 I was raised Pentecostal and then, as a young adult, embraced Anabaptism. I have a hard time finding a group that is into signs and wonders AND peace and justice. I know there are a few of us scattered around the world.

    Thanks for the spreading the word brother!

    Peace and Blessings,
    Teresa Earp
    member of Reba Place Church
    Evanston, IL – USA

  11. Tahiea says:

    Dear Brethen,
    It is nice and blessed to visit your website. I am Majida Saleem from Pakistan ( a christian believer). I do translation of Biblical documents and I request you to have the Urdu translation of whole of your material. I can translate it in low rates and can distribute in my local churches.
    In Jesus

  12. I wan to come to Philippine

  13. Am a pastor of Jehovah the mightier than all ministry in Nigeria ( GS)

  14. Dear in Christ Pastor,

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    The agenda of Hallelujah Evangelistic Association is to promote the vision of our Lord as, He said.
    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
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    We are praying and waiting your response.

    God bless you
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  15. Adam and Eve says:

    Beloved Micael,

    We are Adam and Eve, Jesus hippies and living in a hippie van mostly in the south of Spain and outreaching through healing hugs on the streets.

    We have looking for other Jesus hippies the last 8 years and have only found one until now. We have a piece of land and want to share it to live a simple basic life with some other Jesus hippie freaks who are not looking forward to collect treasures on earth. We cannot connect with most of the churches who don´t understand our life and are looking for people to relate to.

    If you know any family members who are excited about our lifestyle, please let them contact with us.

    if you give us an email we can send some pictures of us.

    peace and love through Jesus… 🙂

  16. Betty J says:

    Theologically, I want to believe that God wants us to do these things and trust Him for it. But I also have become skeptical of those who claim to be doing them.

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  18. Ian Francis says:

    This is really a kewl site! You seem to be honing in on the restoration of all Charismatic gifts and Offices —- all the gifts that are there in every geographic locality but need to be activated in the local churches.

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  21. adam and eve says:

    Beloved Micael,

    We are Adam and Eve, Jesus hippies and living in a hippie van mostly in the south of Spain and outreaching through healing hugs on the streets.

    We have looking for other Jesus hippies the last 8 years and have only found one until now. We have a piece of land and want to share it to live a simple basic life with some other Jesus hippie freaks who are not looking forward to collect treasures on earth. We cannot connect with most of the churches who don´t understand our life and are looking for people to relate to.

    If you know any family members who are excited about our lifestyle, please let them contact with us.

    if you give us an email we can send some pictures of us.

    peace and love through Jesus… 🙂


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  23. […] Micael Grenholm blogs at […]

  24. rod says:

    I was sure God could no longer love me, my sins so great.

    So let me tell you of two break throughs on the way to where I am now.

    Years ago I was invited to a church, the guest speaker was from Poland, his English was OK, but it was with a heavy accent.

    After the service he invited people up for prayer, so I went forward.

    He prayed for me and as he did, he whispered my secret sins into my ear.

    Now I knew he was hearing from God. Then he speaks in first person to me and, he says “I see your sin, but I also see your heart, I have not forsaken you, nor have I rejected you”.

    I started to weep, and praised God for his mercy. But this troubled me too. How could Jesus say these things when it was my sin that sent him to the cross?

    Now one more example, this happened many years later…

    I always had a very high sex drive. This troubled me despite what God said above it was a problem for me.

    So one day I’m driving, and lusting. I cry out to God, where are you, why aren’t you helping me with this!

    All of a sudden I hear this statement “why don’t you tell me the truth”. I say “what truth”…Then my understanding is opened and I SEE!

    I say OK Lord… “I don’t want you to interfere, I love my sin and while I’m troubled about it, I don’t want you to interfere”.

    Do you know what happened? I somehow forgot all those thoughts about sin and lust, if they came back I would confess this new found truth and somehow my mind would be distracted again.

    This went on for a few days, and then I found myself free.

    This reminds me of a guy named Tommy Williams from the 70’s…A brother walks up to Tommy complaining that he can’t stop smoking.

    Tommy says “brother when Jesus is ready for you to stop, then you will. A few days later that brother was so excited, because he found himself free a few days later.

    NOW what does all of this show me…

    It shows me we do NOT know truth UNTIL it is revealed to us, and most importantly “Truth is a person”, and that person makes us free.

  25. rod says:

    My experience with speaking in Tongues.

    I never sought tongues, but I am not against it either. I never made it a big issue.

    But a few months after I accepted Jesus I ended up in Spain.

    I went out to the fishing area off a pier and sat by myself.

    A old man came and sat by me.

    I had been sitting praying in tongues in just a quit whisper.

    Then this man asks me if I am an American. I say yes.

    He said “Do you speak only English” I said “Yes”.

    He said “Then why do I hear you speaking in French, German, and Spanish”

    He said “You are speaking about the might works of God”.

  26. rod says:

    One example of daily life, from the 70’s when I met Jesus.

    I was going from Philly to Atlantic City, and decided to hitch rides.

    I got 5 rides packed with kids and adults, and as I got into each car I told them “I am a Christian and God is going to bless you for picking me up”

    God did too, for in that span of an hour and a half, 15-20 people got saved, born again in their cars as we drove down the highway.

    God told me very intimate (secret) details about each of them, as we drove along.

    They all started to cry, guys and girls, asking me “how did you know those things about me”.

    I said I didn’t but God did, and he loves you.

  27. rod says:

    Can we talk about fellowship for a minute?

    Who can you fellowship with, what is this fellowship, is there a real and false type of fellowship, and what kind of fellowship does Jesus and Paul refer when they speak in the NT?

    I what to try and share my thoughts with you on this matter. OK.

    Fellowship is not something a person enters into just because that person chooses to go to a bible study, a Friday night prayer meeting, or to a Sunday food sharing event in the backyard of the church.

    These are not bad things, it just doesn’t guarantee that the spiritual fellowship that Jesus and Paul talks about is going to occur. It’s not so much the location, or event as it is WHO comes together at the event.

    In fact, you may not be able to enter into this fellowship with the pastor of your church, or even most of the people who go to your church, or maybe you’re lucky and all of you have this kind of fellowship.

    So how do you keep Paul’s command to not forsake the gathering together of “YOURSELVES”?

    Ponder that word “YOURSELVES”… And ponder the book of Acts…

    What do we know about fellowship?

    It’s a spiritual event, it happens while we are in this human body, but it cannot happen apart from SPIRIT.

    Paul’s constantly admonishing people to SEE if they are in Christ, or IF that Spirit of Christ be IN YOU. Paul also says; “When it pleased God, to reveal, Christ “IN ME”…

    Fellowship in the spirit only happens with TRUE believers…

    Have you ever had a witness in your spirit?

    No offense but I don’t mean TV preacher type of claims and exaggerations. I mean a real event, where the spirit bore witness in you about an event or person.

    Let me give you an example: One day I was crammed into a small room, with 50 guys, this room was maybe 20 feet x 20 feet, we are all standing shoulder to shoulder. I don’t know any of the men in this room.

    All of a sudden I turn around and look across the room, and I see the back of a man’s head, this man is about 20 feet away, at the end of the room, facing away from me.

    All of a sudden I KNOW He was a Christian, a real believer, there was no doubt. I felt this STRONG inner witness about his identity. And I told him he was a believer, he said how did you know, so I explained what happened, we fellow shipped from that day forward.

    Now this inner knowing is the only way you’ll know someone is a real believer. It might come while they share their testimony, or when you see them walking on a side road, hitch hiking. Or possibly not at all. God has to reveal it.

    But this is not the same as someone CLAIMING to be a Christian, or someone who was raised in church, or someone who agrees with all your doctrines, or someone who runs to the alter, or someone who reads their bible, or even someone who you call “pastor”.

    Going to a building with lots of people inside, and calling it church is no different than going to a Safeway store full of people…UNLESS… Everyone there is a true believer, and the unbeliever is afraid to be in their midst.

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  29. Dear Michael,
    Can you come to Nigeria for preaching or svangistic trip? On Wednesday 4th January,2017; Someone called to tell me that witches and wizards always hold their night meetings in our compound. I need Jesus people who can come here on short or long term missionaries so as to help destroy the work of Satan here. Spirit filled people are needed here. Jesus went from place to place doing good and set free those who were totured by Satan. Spirit filled Christians, please come.

  30. Claud Elam says:

    I would like you to send me a holy scripts and some more information! Thank you and God bless!

  31. Agent X says:


    What would it be like if God went on a TV talk show? Wanna see for yourself?

    Check out this link:

    FATHER’S DAY episode (TALK SHOW in the MIND of the DEMON TIED to a CHAIR in MY BRAIN)


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