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Documented Miracles

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My name is Micael, and I believe miracles are happening today. I’ve seen some amazing things on missionary journeys as well as here in Sweden, where I live. As an evangelist and apologist, I long for others to discover that God is alive and active today.

However, when I have talked to other Swedes about this, it has been difficult to convince them. As residents in the most secular country in the world, people here are skeptical and require evidence. For a long time, I have wanted to be able to refer to a single book in Swedish that collects the most well-documented, inexplicable answers to prayer that we know of.

Such a book is not available today. So I’ve decided to write one myself.

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A Gold Mine for Documented Miracles

Sweden has an extensive welfare state, with free, advanced healthcare accessible to all citizens. Swedish Christians rarely have a problem combining their prayers for healing with medical checkups and care.

As a consequence, a lot of the healing claims from the Swedish charismatic movement have medical data to back it up. In my research, I have been surprised at how common this is. Sweden is a gold mine for cases of documented miracles.

I put the bar very high. I want to collect examples of scientifically inexplicable events that occur in immediate relation to prayer. I want cases that look exactly like how we would expect an actual miracle to look like, if it happened. They should not be able to explain with placebo or psychosomatic effects. In order to guarantee this, I will take the help of medical professionals when going through my sources.



On the Shoulders of Giants

I want to study the best literature on the field to build a foundation as strong as possible. Craig Keener’s Miracles on 1 172 pages, Candy Gunther Brown’s Testing Prayer from Harvard University Press and the newly published The Case for Miracles by Lee Strobel are some examples of books that I will carefully review.

I will also read literature on philosophy of science, David Hume’s argument against miracles, naturalism, medical diagnostics and charismatic theology in order to place the documented recoveries I find in the right context. My hope is to develop an argument for God’s existence based on documented miracles. Such an argument is currently not used in contemporary apologetics, but I believe it can and should be formulated.

I also look forward to interviewing people who have experienced healing and their relatives, doctors, researchers, philosophers and theologians. I want the book to have substance, while also being easy to pick up for the ordinary layman.

What Others Are Saying



Craig S. Keener

“This book is so important, it so much needs to be done. When I finished my own 1,100-page book on miracles, I basically was just doing a ground-clearing exercise and recognized, and said in that book, that what we really need is medical documentation.” – Craig S. Keener, professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary and author of Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts.

”Very exciting and interesting book that Micael Grenholm now will start to work with. We believe in a God who is alive and is working in our world today, and this can be written down and documented.” – Stefan Swärd, Swedish pastor and author.

”I really want to recommend this coming book, and I know by experience that Micael Grenholm is a very talented author.” – Simon Ådahl, Swedish evangelist and musician.

About Me

Micael Grenholm KSI’m a pastor, writer and activist residing in Uppsala, Sweden. I have a BA in theology from Johannelund Theological Seminary and a BA of political science from Uppsala University. I’m part of the board of the Swedish Apologetics Society and have written two books prior to this: Jesus var också flykting (Jesus Was Also a Refugee) together with Stefan Swärd.

Support This Project

The book will be written in Swedish, but there are already some people contacting me about translating it into English. As this book will gather several documented healings that have previously been unpublished, and develop an argument for the existence of God which is currently absent in modern apologetics, it will hopefully bring a unique contribution to the international discussion on miracles. Support for this project should however first and foremost be viewed as a missional effort in one of the most secular countries in the world.

To fund the book writing process, I started a Kickstarter campaign. That’s over now, but you can still PayPal me. All donations will go to the book writing process. If you feel that this book is needed, I deeply appreciate the support.


If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact me at



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  1. Dayne says:

    Check out Torben Sondergaard-Danish Evangelist. Peter Alhman a Swedish Evangelist from the last reformation movement. They have tons of testimonies of healings.

    Bless you Micael!

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