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Books by Myself:

God vs Inequality

God vs. Inquality - Cover Page

In a world where the richer get richer while the poor are dying, many Christians realize that Jesus was critical towards the rich and modeled something that would both abolish poverty and wealth, since the two are dependent upon each other. I have written about this in my God vs Wealth series, and I have returned to this topic several times in individual blog posts. Many of these texts are collected in my first e-book ever: God vs Inequality!

You can download the whole book as a PDF right here: God vs Inequality. It contains all ten parts in the God vs Wealth series, as well as its sequal God vs Poverty and several other texts published on this blog like Should Christians Wear “Formal” in Church?, It’s Time for All Christians to Become Vegetarians and Seven Reasons Why Inequality Sucks. Everything is illustrated by some beautiful photos I captured when I was in South Africa last year (or, to be honest, random stuff I’ve taken from Google Images) and put into an amazing layout by my dear friend Andreas Lundström.

A Living Alternative

a living alternative bookI am a MennoNerd, and we MennoNerds have just published a book! It’s called A Living Alternative and is about Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom world. Christian activist Shane Claiborne says about the book:

The world is poised to receive the wisdom of the Anabaptists. We are fat with consumerism. We are tired of war. We are hungry for community. We need an excuse to slow down, turn off the noise, and simplify our lives again. For many of us, progress has also meant disgress. This chorus of wise voices will stir you to imagine what it means to be the peculiar people of God in the 21st century.

Sounds good, right? My chapter is about combining signs and wonders with peace and justice,Kevin Daugherty writes about Christian economic equality, Deborah-Ruth Ferber covers singleness, Drew Hart writes about anablacktivism, and so on. You can get the book atAmerican Amazon or British Amazon if you’re interested.

Books by Others:

The Call to a Christian Community Lifestyle – Trevor Saxby (E-book)

When the Spirit Comes – Trevor saxby (E-book)

Power Evangelism – John Wimber

Always Enough – Heidi & Rolland Baker

A New Christian Manifesto – Bob Ekblad

Voice in the Night – Surprise Sithole

Miracles – Craig Keener

Fire in Out Hearts – Simon Cooper & Mike Farrant

Surprised by the Voice of God – Jack Deere

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger – Ron Sider

The Early Church on Killing – Ron Sider

Reasonable Faith – William Lane Craig

Pilgrims of a Common Life – Trevor Saxby

Pentecostals and Nonviolence – Paul Alexander (ed.)

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