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Seeing Jesus

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Heidi Baker is one of the countless ones who have seen Jesus. It’s the most beautiful and holy of prophetic visions, and since we should eagerly desire the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:1), we should all pray that we see Jesus in this life. All who believe will see Him face to face in Heaven, but it is not impossible to see Him even if this life. In fact, I myself have seen Him.

As I told you in my last blog post, I started to doubt quite quickly after I became a believer. One evening, I kneeled down in my room, praying that I would see God, that He would show Himself to me. I haven’t read the Old Testament warnings that seeing the Lord will result in sudden death (Ex 19:21), so I prayed passionately about this for over 20 minutes. And the great thing with Jesus is that He made it possible to see God, since He is God. “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father”, He said (John 14:9). And because of His resurrection to eternal life, it is possible for anyone to see Him just like Ananias or John did (Acts 9, Rev 1).

So next day in school, I was tired and rested my head on a table in the corridor. As I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus’ silhouette in front if me. “Woaw! What was that?!” I thought, opening my eyes. Later that evening as I went to bed, I closed my eyes and I saw the same picture. It was a classic depiction of Christ, similar to this one. And the crazy part is that this continued for over a year. Every time I closed my eyes and rested I saw Jesus, independently of what I was thinking about. 

Some years later, in 2010, the Lord gave me an incredible gift of prayer. I prayed thousands of prayers every day, and I could have a constant conversation with God inside my head for hours. After checking off a long prayer list, I was lying on my bed worshipping, and then the whole atmosphere of the room changed. It was filled with a holy presence, that’s the best way I can describe it. From above, a picture resembling an orthodox icon came down towards me, depicting Jesus. However, He was not a picture – He was alive. He had brown eyes, a brown beard and a blue robe, similar to this icon.

I remember thinking “He is here”. And so I asked, quietly, “Am I on the right path?” A deep voice boomed inside my head, that I’ve never heard before or after: “You know you are.”

As mentioned, I’m not the only one who has had similar experiences. My friend Micke Jåfs here in Sweden saw Jesus when he was 15 years old. When telling me this I asked him “How did you see Him?” “As I see you know. Physically.” Anglican priest Mark Stibbe writes in his excellent book Prophetic Evangelism how he saw Jesus during the Christmas holidays in 1980:

I woke up very suddenly at six minutes past one in the morning. My digital alarm clock revealed the time. I was definitely awake, not sleeping.

The next moment the bedroom door flew open very quickly. Strangely, the door did not crash against the wardrobe next to it but came very suddenly to a halt a few centimetres away from it.

What happened next will remain with me for the rest of my life.

In walked a tall, white, radiant figure, about seven or eight feet in height. I looked towards the face but there were no definable features. The light was simply too bright for me to make out anything distinct. But I knew it was a face.

This being stood before me for a few seconds. I was not at all frightened. A hand reached out to me, beckoning. I heard the words, ’Follow me.’ Then the figure left.

Another one who has seen Jesus is Michele Perry, Christian art worker and missionary who has been a part of Heidi Baker’s Iris Global organization, helping the poor and preaching the Gospel in South Sudan. She writes on her blog about “His Face”:

Ever since Jesus walked into my room and introduced Himself to me when I was seven, I have been ruined for even the best of Hollywood’s efforts.  The Jesus I know looks ethnically Middle Eastern, and I’ve never seen anyone remotely ethnically similar be cast for his role.  But it’s His eyes that are hard enough to describe let alone capture after walking with Him for over two decades.

Jesus Christ depicted by Akiane Kramarik

Jesus Christ depicted by Akiane Kramarik

And then we have Colton Burpo, who had visions of Jesus and heaven as a four year old and recognized Jesus when he saw the famous “Prince of Peace” painting by Akiane Kramarik.

Maybe somebody thinks “If all these people have seen Jesus, wouldn’t he look exactly the same to all of them?” Not necessarily, Isaiah’s prophetic description of Jesus in Is. 53 is radically different from John’s Megaman Jesus in Rev. 1, with white hair, bronze-coloured feet and a big sword in his mouth. I don’t interpret the fact that I saw Jesus with long hair as a proof that this was how He really looked like, rather as a new believer, the long-haired version was the only way I would recognize Him due to pop culture depictions of Him.

Why then does not all Christians see Jesus? Well, all will see Him, in Heaven. And even if it is amazing to see Him here on earth, I believe that the greater the vision, the greater the task. Both Mark, Michele, Colton and me saw Him when we had just been saved, to encourage us to preach His word, and Heidi saw Him when she was about to enter a, extremely difficult phase in her missionary work in Mozambique. But this shouldn’t discourage us – just prepare for a wild ride, pray hard and read the Word, and hopefully you will share the glory of seeing His face and the pain of being crucified with Him.


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  2. Dante says:

    I love your blog and videos! Very encouraging.

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  6. liz MIRAMONTES says:

    I saw Jesus Christ when was a little girl no doubt he talk to me !!! I mention to my Family and they believed me.. I was scared and lonley that night i know i saw him big light illuminated the room….

  7. I saw Jesus and his Holy Spirit While praying I pray let me feel your presents again so I can praise you like before when I use to serve you I saw his figure he’s white long grown his Holy Spirit was white clouds between us and I felt God’s present’s He said to me I’m here he said I have never left you In your prayers Pray Glory to me your God the Son and the Holy Spirit It was about one minute that saw him I didn’t see his face but it was God. ..Thank you God cause you let me feel you again I love and I will always praise you for ever and ever I feel he’s presents very where I go I know that he’s here with me AMEN and AMEN

  8. Sara L Russell says:

    I saw the face of Jesus on the Sunday following All Saint’s Day this year, at our beautiful local church in Sussex. I had my head bowed for the Eucharistic prayer, then I glanced up because I like looking at the incense floating above the altar, it represents the Holy Spirit for me. So I looked up and the sun was shining on the scented smoke above the altar, and for a few moments, it formed into the face of Jesus, with his features made from shadows in the smoke, and shadows around his long hair framing his face. It was there for about three or four seconds, then dissipated. It was as if he heard my anxious thoughts and appeared to me as a reassurance, to give my burdens to him and not worry so much. From that day I have made up my mind to have more faith and be open to whatever Jesus wants me to do with my life.

    • Maryanne Martin says:

      how beautiful Sara. I have seen Jesus a few times in my life but just this week I had a vision of him standing in my elderly mothers bedroom … id been so worried about things as she has been very ill. Like you it seemed a reassurance to me. I too have decided to follow Him deeper and have more faith.

  9. Tasha Ellis says:

    I saw Jesus face in the sky smiling down on us..By us I mean my sister and two aunts..we where at that time young children and was singing worship songs before a stormy day and lo and behold there is Jesus face just as if someone had drawn Him with his hair blowing and a beard smiling down at us. We saw that because we all have a purpose here on earth and we all have different talents…sometimes my spiritual gift makes my life seem lonely at times because my path is a lonely and narrow one to take..I’m never alone because the Holy Spirit is always chatting it up but God expects a lot from me…but if I stay true to His word I won’t go wrong…

  10. Willo John says:

    Jesus Christ has been to see on 3different occasions. After these visits I had. Continual visions. Most were for me to better myself for heaven, ,the sinfull world we live in is a nightmare, and I used to be a part of it all. Its so corrupt I can hardly look around with out shedding tears for jesus, and mostly it’s the things I have done with out giving a thought to his painfilled death for my reckless sins.Yet he still loves me enough to give me a chance to clean up my slate and be with him in heaven! Oh, praise his name in the highest, holy,holy, is his name I have never completely given myself to Christ until now, he is my every thing.We are in the end times, “the things I could tell” would drop anyone to their knees. Please everyone ask for forgivness, repent it is time Now. GB u all Willo

  11. Elizabeth Pasi-Fourmyle says:

    I saw Jesus! (Summer 2018 on a Saturday) i was at Church getting ready to sing special music. Ive done this a lot and i do tend to get nervous every time before i actually sing. But this time was different. The fear and doubt was more intense. So i prayed for God to help me and strengthen me. As i was singing in front of the congregation, fear, doubt, and temptation crept back in my mind. I closed my eyes and continued singing, and when i opened my eyes, there at the opened sanctuary entrance/doors, stood a tall man shining with a bright white light. And the glowing white and yellow light surrounded Him too. I remember when i opened my eyes, i can feel my eyes pop open in shock. Strangely my body, nothing else of me was shocked except my eyes. I could feel them widen! Mind you, i was still singing in front of Church while this was all happening! I know my normal self would have been shocked, i would have stopped singing because my jaw would be dropped, and i probably would have been freaking out from excitement or something! Any dramatic reaction really, but no, instead i kept on singing as if i didn’t see this great Being right before my eyes! From the moment i opened my eyes and saw Him, there was only peace in me. The fears, doubts, and temptations were instantly gone! I know He helped and allowed me to keep on singing while having this moment with Him. I thought, is that Jesus? Who is that? I looked above Him to check if He had wings. No wings. I thought, it can’t be an Angel. I looked down at His hands to check for the nail wounds, but His hands were to His sides with His palms facing each leg, so i couldn’t confirm it by His hands. I asked again, who is this? And i remember concentrating on His face, really focusing on His face. But His face was hidden from me. It was totally blank. I did see Him have wavy hair to His shoulders and with His light shining, His hair appeared to be dark brown. He wore only a white robe that went down to His ankles and sleeves went to His wrist. The Bible day robes not today’s bath robes. I remember looking at His feet but they were not regular size. Hard to explain and describe. I wish i could tell an artist and they draw it for me. I know He must shine much brighter but for my sake, He shined bright enough for me to be able to see Him. I thought, it’s Jesus! It’s Jesus! And i smiled! I remember smiling. Then He hid Himself from me again. I did not see Him with eyes again and then i finished the special music song. Even though this explanation of this moment seems long, it wasn’t long in the actual moment. I don’t even remember the song i was singing, but i remember this extraordinary moment! Later i did have thoughts… did that really happen! Who am i that my Lord would reveal Himself to me? I’m no special than anyone else! And why did He reveal Himself to me? What am i suppose to do with this? Ive only told 4 people about this moment. I suppose i fear people won’t believe me, but it shouldn’t matter because it’s the truth. And isn’t that what faith is? You either believe it or you don’t! And i believe it was Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength! I praise God for answering my prayer and expelling all the fear doubt and temptation and replacing it with His peace, joy, and love! And i thank Him for coming to my rescue and showing Himself to little-o-me. I love You Blessed Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit of the One True Living God! I will cherish this moment in my heart always!

  12. Susana craig says:

    I hate can’t believe every thing you read.I read a lot about gnostic n gnostic translate the bible the bible was basically about sex.I was laying in my bed one night n a man appeared to me n said he is still upset about what happened on the garden of eden don’t care. The Christian god is mean old n angry .I respect the Egyptian gods more.he also told me that the Bible was written for

  13. Olga says:

    I saw Jesus too. His reflection. A perfect reflection of him. With my open eyes of course.
    I knew then that Jesus is real. His reflection lasted for couple of days and I made my husband see it too. It was amazing.

  14. Catherine says:

    I was raised Christian and taught to be respectful to others. Lately I’v been around disrespectful rude people. I went to my room laid my head on my pillow closed my eyes just for a few seconds. I was awake and saw the traditional portrait of the face of Jesus but it looked more real then a picture. The image was just for a moment. It resembled a picture I had seen at my grandmother’s house when I was younger. The image gave me a feeling of comfort.

  15. Kevin Parnaby says:

    I saw the face of Jesus on my wardrobe door. Thinking it was caused by a dusty surface I cleaned the surface.Next day it reappeared as clear as ever. What does this mean?

  16. Davene Steen says:

    I was left for dead in August of 2021. I died in my bathtub alone at 83 pounds and STOOD WITH JESUS IN HEAVEN. He is REAL!

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