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Check Out the New Holy Spirit Activism YouTube Channel!

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I’ve had YouTube for five years now, during which I have uploaded 400 videos that have been viewed 130 000 times. In total, people have watched 6800 hours of footage from my YouTube channel, which is like eight months of YouTube watching nonstop. Most of the videos are sermons, Bible studies, testimonies of miracles, teaching about radical discipleship and from time to time weird stuff like this clip.

Most of it is in Swedish, though, simply because most of the footage I record is in Swedish. I’ve tried to make sure that every fifth video or so is in English, but even then I understand that people who share the vision about Holy Spirit Activism – evangelism, miracles, peace and justice combined – and aren’t interesting in learning a weird Scandinavian language will be a bit bored if they subscribe to my YouTube channel.

HSA YouTube

So I made a second one! The Holy Spirit Activism YouTube channel will from now on be the home for all my English videos, while my old channel (simply called Micael Grenholm) will be in Swedish. Since I’ve already uploaded a bunch of nice English videos on the old channel, I’ve made a playlist on the new called Holy Spirit Activism Classics where you can find some of them, including a sermon by radical missionary Heidi Baker, testimonies about healing, the solution to global inequality, and more.

I also have a lot of videos on my harddrive to upload on the new channel, like insights in the community of goods that is being practiced by the Jesus Army, and an interview with Francis Shongwe who was raised from the dead. Here’s a teaser.

So feel free to follow the Holy Spirit Activism YouTube channel! Also, check out the new video section on this site, where I also have posted videos not published by me that I find very inspiring in my quest to follow Jesus. Blessings!

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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