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Feel free to check out the Holy Spirit Activism YouTube Channel! There you will get fresh video updates about evangelism, miracles and activism. This page will not be updated as frequently, but below are some sermons and lectures either by me or inspiring men and women of God that I like.

Everything in Common. In a British church known as the Jesus Army, around 400 Christians share all their possessions just like in the book of Acts. This documentary explains how such a community of goods works practically, how it affects those who are part of it and what other churches may learn from the Jesus Army when it comes to having everything in common.

All of Pentecost. The original Pentecost, as it is described in Acts 2, included worship, prayer, love, apostolic teaching, miracles, evangelism and economic equality. These are the seven aspects of the church that needs to be restored in the modern church. To do this, we need more community of goods, house churches and charismatic fire.

Interview with Surprise Sithole. Surprise Sithole was born in rural Mozambique and heard the audible voice of God at the age of 15, which called him to leave the faith of his forefathers and be a Christian. In his book Voice in the Night, he shares how he has seen countless healings, food miracles and people raised from the dead as he has been preaching the Gospel in southern Africa. In this interview I made with him, I asked him about his views on poverty, AIDS, peace and justice, keys to evangelism, keys to a supernatural life, and how it feels to see God raise someone from the dead.

God Wants Equality. Sermon at Village of Hope, Iris South Africa. Every day Iris Ministries hand out free food to people in the poor Backdoor community outside White River. I got the oppurtunity to preach to all the children that come there to get food. I talked about that God doesn’t want some to be rich while others are poor, and I told them about a church in the UK called Jesus Army that practice this equality just as in Acts 2:44-45. Read more about this church at and about Iris at

Heidi Baker’s Testimony. Africa’s mother Teresa shares how she becamse a follower of Jesus, what amazing miracle she has experienced and how passionate she is for peace and justice. Heidi is an inspiration bomb!

Community of Goods in Church History. Trevor Saxby explains how countless Christian movements have had everything in common, sharing life and property, and what we can learn from these saints. Trevor is part of the Jesus Army church in the UK.

Hands of a Miracle Worker. My friend Michael Liliequist tells about a trip he made to Bangalore, India, after he had recieved a prophecy which said that he had the hands of a miracle worker and that he would see autistic children and youths be healed. He makes it clear that miracles are expressions of the love of God and that it is equally important to work for peace and justice.

How to be a Peacemaker. Janell Anema from the Simple Way community in Philadelphia talks about biblical peacemaking and enemy love. Very inspiring! Her speech starts at 6:30 in the video.

The Power of Jesus Stories. Jesus Stories, testimonies about what Jesus is doing in our lives, are very important for three reasons: they encourage us, they are tools for evangelism and they challenge us to take more risks in ordinary lives to share the Gospel and pray for miracles. Besides teaching about this in the video above, I share a lot of wonderful Jesus stories from South Africa, Guinea and Sweden.

Testing Prayer: Science and Miraculous Healing. All around the world, religious communities advance claims to supernatural healing. Should science rule these claims out of court, or are there verifiable, empirical ways of studying this widespread phenomenon? Candy Gunther Brown, associate professor of religious studies at Indiana University, presents her acclaimed research on science and miraculous healing, arguing that there are ways that science can tackle even the most mysterious phenomena.

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