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The Prayer that Started the Asbury Revival

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Right now, an amazing renewal is taking place at Asbury University in Kentucky – a prayer meeting that usually lasts for 15 minutes has instead been going on with uninterrupted prayer and worship for over a week. Thousands have made their way to the meeting, with students and teachers worshiping together with family members and strangers. Classes and assignments have been cancelled to be replaced with tearful prayers for God’s power and love.

“Revive us by your love”, pastor Zach Meerkreebs prayed at the chapel meeting of Asbury University on February 8th, 2023. Since then, the prayer and worship of that meeting hasn’t ceased and thousands have come to be blessed, healed, saved and transformed by the power of God. In this video, you can hear Zach’s full prayer as well as some testimonies about what God has done to them:

Jason Vickers, one of the teachers, wrote: “The peacefulness in that place is so palpable that a mere ten minutes had made an impression that will last the remainder of my lifetime.”

The university’s own newspaper, The Asbury Collegian, has interviewed students who describe how their lives have been transformed.

One of them, Rachel Carr, said that “God has overwhelmed me with His Spirit and shown me who He is and His love for me. God has revealed so much of Himself to me in such a short amount of time, and I am so grateful.” 

Another student, Matthew Dunham, who lives with ADHD, said that for the first time he can remember, he has had a peaceful mind in the chapel, where the only thoughts filling his head are about how good God is. “I never want to leave,” he said.

New Testament Professor Craig Keener, who has written extensively on miraculous healings and teaches at Asbury, wrote that he can “feel the tangible presence of God” just by walking near the chapel. He argued that this is not “something that can be manufactured. We’d prayed for this to happen someday, but it’s still way beyond my expectations!”

Shane Claiborne, a Christian peace and environmental activist, is also touched by the renewal at Asbury and has featured the testimonies of both students and teachers involved in the revival on his Youtube channel Red Letter Christians:

The fact that both a miracle professor and an activist theologian welcome what is happening at Asbury is a very good sign – a renewal where both charisma as well as peace and justice are welcome, just as in the book of Acts! Come, Holy Spirit! 🔥


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