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Marc Dupont’s First Creative Miracle

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Marc Dupont preaching in Stockholm

Marc Dupont preaching in Stockholm

My post about creative miracles has been very popular, mainly because it’s one of the top pages on Google when you search for “creative miracles”. A creative miracle is simply a miracle when God creates something, for example a missing bodypart. In the post, I shared Marc Dupont’s testimony about a creative miracle he saw in the 80’s:

A woman brought her young son, who had a clubfoot, to me for prayer at the end of a meeting. In fact, it was the last of four nightly meetings held while I was visiting a church in the mid-west of the United States. After four nights of extensive ministry I was very tired. So when she showed me his foot with the obvious deformity, my tiredness took over and I felt no faith whatsoever to pray for this five- or six-year-old boy.

As she explained that he could walk OK, but had never been able to run successfully in his life, my heart went out to him, but I still felt my tiredness upon me. To step into a faith mode and believe for the impossible seemed even more impossible at that point in time.

However, as I knelt down and began to pray for his foot, almost immediately right in front of my eyes it began to change shape. What had, more or less, appeared as a block of wood covered by skin began to change into a normal foot with toes, an arch etc, all in normal size and shape. It had taken place so quickly that I was a bit dizzy. I wasn’t sure whether I was actually seeing a miracle happen, or was imagining it. It took all about five seconds for the transition to take place.

The young boy immediately began running around in the room. He was running perfectly for the first time in his life. His mother was jumping up and down and yelling out. I was still kneeling down on the floor, trying to lay hands on this foot that was no longer there. I was in a bit of shock. I hadn’t ‘felt’ anything supernatural, or any power whatsoever. That is precisely what Zechariah meant, however, when he stated, ‘not by might (of man), nor by power (of our own), but by the Holy Spirit’.

This was not the first creative miracle he saw though. Marc visited Sweden earlier this year, and then he shared this testimony:

In 1981, an old woman’s colon had cancer and was about to be removed, but after Marc and some others prayed for her she was healed. It’s amazing to hear how Marc and the others were overwhelmed by the presence of God, and how the surgeons opened her but then had to cancel the operation simply because the colon was perfect. Glory to God!



  1. Deb Kean says:

    Completely wonderful!

  2. ricklamascus says:

    This is a great story. But, unless you back it up with some
    pictures, it does great damage to Christianity. Testimony
    is the weakest evidence there is. The enemies of Christianity
    laugh at stuff like this and use it to prove that Christians
    are faking miracles. Even real Christians roll their eyes
    when miracles are reported but there is no effort to document.
    Christians have no way of knowing how to react. It could
    all be a hoax. Rick

    • Hi Rick!

      I don’t know if you’re a Christian yourself, but when I read the Bible I see countless testimonies without pictures that describe how people meet the living God in signs and wonders. I agree that verification is important, see but testimonies aren’t useless – on the contrary, they create the demand for verification. I’ve been in a lot of churches that never share testimonies, rather fictional stories or boring events from the pastor’s life that’s supposed to give us some life lesson. I’d love to hear some testimonies about creative miracles any day rather than that.

      God bless you!

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