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Biblical Discernment, New Age and Jason Westerfield

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Former Christian evangelist Jason Westerfield has become a new age preacher, and sadly some Christians still think that he’s preaching the Gospel. In this video, me and my American friend Zane Welton discuss what the Bible says, what Jason is preaching, and how the two collide. If you’d like to join a Google Hangout on miracles, evangelism, activism or some other topic covered on this blog sometime, just let me know.

In this video, I explain why I don’t just let false teaching pass and remain silent, but apologetically rebukes it:

Update on What Jason Preached on the November 28 Web Conference

As you can see in the commentary section of my previous blog post, some people still aren’t convinced that Jason has abandoned Christianity and preaches new age – they think that what he says in the video is completely compatible with following Jesus. Apparently, several Christians attended Jason’s web conference on November 28th either because they thought he was OK or because they wanted to know what was going on. The following is a statement by some of these Christians, where they describe in detail some of the stuff that Jason was saying:

While seeming to challenge the validity of the Bible itself, Jason shared that the Genesis story and Abrahamic model is not only inaccurate, but used solely to keep us under control. Jason shared quite openly that he associates the Father from the Bible with historic archetypal father figures as well as gods of other religions, which were engineered throughout history to represent the trapezoidal nebula over Orion, relating to Sirius, the dog star. Jason brought up that g-o-d is d-o-g backwards and that he believes these beings have interacted with humanity throughout history as gods, or Anu (Annunaki). Jason believes that the Vatican has successfully planted the biblical understanding of the Christian God as a conspiracy-based agenda to place Sirius as the focal point of humanity’s religious programming.

While he claims to love God, he referred to him as ‘Source’, which in most traditions connotes more Eastern than Judeo-Christian ideals. Jason shared that while the human race was seeded on Earth by advanced civilizations, our genetic makeup, or our ‘father’s house’, is a collection of seeds of the stars, or of other interstellar species’ DNA, one of the major contributors being Sirian DNA. Jason also suggested that our inheritance as sons of God is because of this genetic lineage. As a result, he believes that Christian programming is propagating that Christianity is an extension of the Orion Order, that Sirius is our genetic father, and that the Christian God is really Anu (Annunaki).

We sincerely hope that our reader is able to feel our broken heartedness and poise of delay in releasing this letter publically, as this most recent speaking engagement may officially be the first time that Jason Westerfield released clear anti-biblical and anti-Christian teachings.


Additionally, Jason shared that he does not believe in partaking in communion with the Lord, and shared his belief that Jesus did not come to die for the salvation of our sins, but came to help us back in our ascension process by flipping the system of enslavement that has been in place since our fall:

“When I understand Orion, death, burial and resurrection, When I understand the pyramid, I understand tipping of the tables and the money lenders, I understand the Father in heaven and all these symbolisms of Anu and Sirius but also Osiris, over in Orion, and the death, burial, resurrection and the baptism, and the communion. You know, I am not really looking into like that like before where drinking of the blood and eating of the flesh, but its almost presented if you don’t do this communion or eucharist, you don’t go with the drinking of the wine from the blood and eating the flesh. That’s when Jesus gave his main sermon, if you can’t do it, then you’re not tough enough, you’re not man enough, you’re not loyal enough, that’s main turn, you’re like I don’t wanna be the guy that turns, I’m all in because it gets you on that winner spirit. But I’m actually not into cannibalism personally, and I’m also not into blood drinking, or vampirism personally, so I’m not going to go with that because that’s part of that system if you know what where that comes from, I’m telling you, I just can’t do that, and if you are, that’s up to you, it’s your prerogative, just know your views and where they come from.”

[…] While there were many other seemingly sacrilegious statements made, the extent of all these are not important for the purpose of this letter, as this letter is not intended to point out faults or to criticize. This letter is intended to empower individuals with the power to think. Specifically, we would like to conclude this letter by drawing attention to the issues and invite you to think about what lies behind the Western Gate. At the end of the conference, in a time of impartation Jason prayed that the 6th dimensional peace from the Sirian Empire to be activated. Having considered the above words of Jason on who the Sirians are and his views in relation to Anu being the Christian Father, we ask you to stop and think about the importance of what could be taking place here, in the event that Jason is wrong about who he is contacting.

As Christians who love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we would like to plead with our brothers and sisters globally: Friends, please be extremely sober and diligent to consider what would happen if Jason were successful in gaining our support to open the Western Gate?

This message is endorsed, and possibly co-authored, by pastor Mike Parson who has previously supported Jason Westerfield.

Justin Paul Abraham from Company of Burning Hearts has published a video where he says that he’s sorry to “wholeheartedly agree” with that Jason “has really, really departed from the faith”. He states that Jason doesn’t believe in communion, the Bible and the Christian God. He has therefore deleted a podcast where they previously had Jason on.

A guy who attended the conference writes on Facebook:

“The glory wasn’t on it for me, I was at an event of Jason’s a year and a half ago and it was great with some amazing signs that followed. But yesterdayI didn’t feel much glory. it was mostly about how aliens manipulated human race pre-Bible times , and he was saying he no longer puts himself under the authority of the Bible, and he was repeating himself multiple times. He spent about a third of the time explaining why the Bible was made up just to control people, and the rest of the time he was talking about outerspace.”

A woman agrees: “Something was definitely not totally pure with that whole thing. A lot of what I was hearing was new age views–and really new age, like I have a minor degree in theology. There was a lot of odd things peppered into his dissertation that was not sitting well with me at all. And I like to think that I am very open and accepting of others’ views.”

A lady who agrees with Jason’s teachings posts on Jason Westerfield’s official Facebook page: “I am Thankful for the conference and the boldness of the person who shared. He confirmed what my husband and I found when we started searching our genealogy out! We realized that the one world religion already exists and it is based on 1 race of people who were genetically modified by a group of extra terrestrial that from the sky came.”

And Jason’s co-worker Laurel Winslett who helped organizing the conference writes: “Christianity is not the one true world view. Jesus is the only Logos of this planet sent here to teach us about our royal bloodline. Christianity is a religion devised by the Vatican to keep people enslaved to the idea of sin and the need for a Savior. Christianity is a mind control program enhanced by MK Ultra. <– Google that. Please do your research. Have a beautiful day! You are free!!”

It is undoubtedly new age that Jason is preaching. Just have a quick look at these two new age sites that, just like Jason, talk about Sirius and Orion, stargates, the galactic center and renewed DNA.

Once again, we must pray for Jason, because he’s a new age preacher and not a Christian anymore.


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  2. anu kadam says:

    thanks for information, i agree that we should expose the apostate, and the reason is so that they may repent.

  3. Carri says:

    But isn’t Bill Johnson’s book the Physic of heaven all about mixing New Age in with his version of Christianity? You say you check what teachers are saying with scripture but you sure haven’t with Bill Johnson and what he teaches.

  4. Mimi says:

    I am so sorry about the shift in Jason W. I saw him speaks several times years ago. He spoke noting but scripture, in fact every word out of his mouth. I was amazed how it could flow out so much! How could someone who loved and memorized the so much, become deceived? I understand 2 Thess 2 bc they loved not the truth God brought them under strong delusion. Does anyone know when or how he turned, or was he always a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

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