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Highlights from Today’s Global Climate March

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As the extremely important COP 21 climate summit in Paris starts tomorrow, activists have taken it to the streets across the globe. I would had been marching in Paris today, had not the awful terrorist attacks happened, which has resulted in that protests are not allowed in the French capital for at least some weeks. Instead, I had praised God and retweeted reports from Sweden, Australia, Bangladesh, US, Japan, Nepal, Senegal, Switzerland and the UK:

The last image is especially powerful: it’s from Paris, where activists have laid out shows to signify the march that never took place there. Let us pray for the upcoming negotiations and that God’s Spirit will promote simplicity and equality.


  1. dbo9782 says:

    Man-made climate change. So, man controls climate and not God.
    Of course irresponsible hippies believe in man-made climate change. It is all a part of rebelling against mature adults and the real world that has left hippies behind.

    • That, my friend, is the weirdest denial argument I have ever encountered. Using the same logic, man-made buildings or man-made sattelites don’t exist, because God controls the earth and the heavens. Humans have undoubtedly released lots of co2 into the atmosphere, and if the greenhouse gas effect is true – which it is – and co2 produces global warming, then of course this change is man-made. Not that man creates co2 out of nothing, but we move it from the ground to the sky just like volcanos do.


  2. dbo9782 says:

    Climate change was the cause of the the killing among the muslims and not the ususal suspects….hate, murder, and destruction? Really? It is amazing how silly radical, idealistic Christian are so willing to find excuses for islam…..the sworn enemy of Christianity. Remember the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Crime did NOT go up and there was no murdering because times were tough. How about this: There is mass mudering going on in Syria because islam teaches its followers to kill, tax, or remove anybody that is not a muslim—the religion of love and peace.

  3. dbo9782 says:

    Ryan….You are calling somebody else’s opinion weird? Flooding Christian countries with muslims and expecting that all will be well. Just what Europe, Canada, and the US was missing….more muslims.

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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