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Billy Graham Reacts to Franklin’s Islamophobia

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As I wrote in my last blog post, I’m pretty upset about Franklin Graham’s idea about deporting all Muslim immigrants from the United States. I think it’s a plain out stupid idea, not the least from an evangelistic perspective. And Franklin’s dad happen to be one of the greatest evangelists of the Western world. So I had to make a sketch about what I imagine (or rather, hope) that Billy’s reaction to Franklin’s proposal would be like:

I talked to a sister about this yesterday and she said that she was constantly shocked every time a Christian started to argue against immigration. Because of fear and comfort almost no Western Christian dare to go as missionaries to totalitarian Muslim countries – and when Muslims then show up here, where it’s super easy for us to share the Gospel, we want to deport them!

Deportation is anti-evangelism. A person is not saved by being forcefully transported by the police to a country they fled from, it just decreases the chance for them to hear the good news about eternal life through Jesus Christ. How then can evangelist Franklin Graham propose deportation of all Muslim immigrants? My theory is that either he didn’t think much at all, or he believes that Islamic terrorism is only a problem when it’s taking place in the United States. Even though most people who are killed by terrorism are Muslims in the Middle East – those whom Franklin doesn’t want to welcome in his country.

Now, I’m not entirely sure that Billy would react in real life as he does in the video – he has had some goofy moments in his later years, such as suddenly changing opinion on Mormonism after Mitt Romney became the Republican presidential candidate. The Billy character in the video surely represents my opinion though. And as you can tell, I don’t think Franklin’s proposal is anywhere near smart.

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  1. ricklamascus says:

    Unfortunately, Christians are very weak in the presence of danger. Christianity is not weak. But Christians are weak. They are easily overrun and destroyed. Bringing Islam into the US is a cancer that will destroy us.
    Our US Christian population is decreasing rapidly, going the way of Europe.
    Baby Boomers are leaving the church and the children of Baby Boomers are way gone. Muslims do not allow any muslims to convert to different religion. It is a good way to get hunted down and killed.

    When the two religions compete, Christians collapse. That is the history.
    Look at Europe. Islam is consuming many of the countries. All of Europe will fall to to islam. There are not enough Christians left to stand against islam. The churches are empty. Existing Christians cannot “convert” their own wayward Christians. The wayward Christians do not care that Christianity is disappearing. It is seen as a silly practice.

    We are fools for allowing such poison to exist in the US. We will NOT convert them. They will consume us. There will soon not be enough Christians to fight back. Most Americans are glad to get rid of Christianity
    because it gets in their way. There is no time for church. It is not needed. Christianity was OK for the WWII generation and before that, but it is seen as a dinosaur for many Baby Boomers and their children.

    While our percentage of active Christians is falling, the percentage of active muslim remains the same…pretty much 100%. Franklin Graham is right.
    It is not 1955. It is 2015. So much has changed. Graham knows it does not SOUND Christian to say deport them, but he knows how weak Christians are.

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