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Why the “Deport All Muslims Now” Idea is Stupid, Evil and Non-Christian

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Franklin Graham

Almost a year has passed since Charisma Magazine published the op-ed “Why I am Absolutely Islamophobic”, which argued that the United States should sterilise, deport and/or kill 100% of its Muslim deportation. The deportation part was literally labeled “D.A.M.N.”, Deport All Muslims Now – and this was written by a Christian, mind you! The article was eventually removed by Charisma after people protested against their promotion of genocide, but it’s still accessible here.

Christian support for the “D.A.M.N.” policy hasn’t ended though; recently Franklin Graham, the son of world evangelist Billy Graham, wrote on Facebook that he want to deport all Muslims due to the risk of Islamic terrorism:

“Four innocent Marines killed and three others wounded in Chattanooga yesterday including a policeman and another Marine–all by a radical Muslim whose family was allowed to immigrate to this country from Kuwait. We are under attack by Muslims at home and abroad. We should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled… Let your Congressman know that we’ve got to put a stop to this and close the flood gates. Pray for the men and women who serve this nation in uniform, that God would protect them.”

As the title of this blog post suggests, I think that the extreme idea if deporting all Muslim immigrants (which a “stop all immigration of Muslims” means in practice) is stupid, evil and non-Christian. Let’s start with the evil part:

Most if those who have been killed by ISIS are Muslims. Most of those fleeing from the wars and terrors in the Middle East are Muslims. Deporting all Muslim immigrants includes deporting those who fled from terrorism and death to terrorism and death. That’s just plain evil.

Furthermore, deporting all Muslim immigrants means that we deport terrorists. And while many Americans may think it’s nice to get rid of them, here’s a reveal: people don’t disappear just because they’re outside the United States. In fact, if you deport ISIS militants to ISIS land, they’re just going to go on killing innocent people. If you want to stop ISIS, sending militants to them is a horribly stupid idea that will just help ISIS.

The combined policy of deporting both Muslim victims and Muslim terrorists to the same countries is thus stupid and evil at the same time. Graham compares his policy recommendation to World War Two when the US didn’t allow German immigration. Now guess what happens if a country both deports German Jews and Nazis to Nazi Germany? The Nazis will kill the Jews. It doesn’t stop the Nazis one bit – it just helps them to commit genocide.

Finally, the policy is totally non-Christian. Franklin is the son of an excellent evangelist and as such, he should realise that deporting non-Christians to other countries isn’t what Jesus said that we should do in the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20). Sure, the US may seem to have become a “Christian nation” if all the Muslims, atheists and new agers are deported to other countries, but our mission is not to Christianise a particular country but to evangelise the world. And deporting non-Christians to countries which missionaries hardly can access is a horrible evangelistic strategy. It’s just stupid and evil.

It’s ridiculous that one even has to point this out. We need much more evangelism, open air crusades, street healing, public testimonies and Christian media in the Western world. Not deportation.


  1. jonte95 says:

    ISIS represents a more “true” Islam, than most of the muslims that they murder. A liberal form of Islam is not in accordance with the Quran, from what I have learned.
    I believe immigration must be more controlled and in some way restricted (not when it comes to refugees though), since it involves a risk of terror threat, which is also a threat to the spread of the Gospel and the eternal destination for others.

    • ricklamascus says:

      You are correct. ISIS is not radical. It is mainstream. It is exactly what mohammed taught….”convert them or kill them and let no muslim leave islam.” Islam is a religion of ignorance, hate, and violence. It is poison in any civilization. Any country that imports muslims will be consumed by it and die. Christianity is dying in the US. Christians cannot convert the Christians who have left or the unchurched who grew up in a Christian atmosphere. Trying to convert muslims is a receipe for your own death and the death of the muslims you have contacted. By its very nature, Christianity cannot prevail against islam. While we are talking, they are killing. A lamb vs lions. If it was 1955, Christians in the US would be outraged and highly motivated. But Christianity is dying on its own, without any threat from islam.

      • Hello Rick!

        That’s a heresy rightthere, thinking that Christianity cannot prevail against Islam. Is God weaker than Satan all of a sudden? In which Bible verse did you read that Christianity cannot prevail against Islam? In what Bible verse did you even read about Islam? You’re just preaching your own thoughts, not God’s.

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  3. Another reason why this kind of policy is stupid that a lot of people seem to ignore is why some of these extremists hate the U.S. in the first place. You might have a few who suffer from sociopathic tendencies (as in any group of people), but most see themselves as fighting for freedom against Western tyranny. Many have seen their family members and friends killed in the past 20 years by Western countries indiscriminately bombing them.

    It’s actually a very similar situation to Germany before WWII: if you kill a bunch of a nation and then leave who’s left in a giant mess, somebody will probably step up to unite that mess against whoever created it. Hitler capitalized on German anger against the Allies for the unfair peace treaty after WWI, ISIS capitalized Iraqi/Syrian anger against the West for a lot of things in the past 70 years.

    So, you have two options:
    1. Ramp up the rhetoric and violence. This gets more people angry on both sides and turns more of the average Muslim citizens against the West, making them more willing to support ISIS or other extremists.

    2. Help the victims of ISIS, the average Muslim citizen. Offer them refuge. Feed and clothe them. Help them rebuild their homes. This is not only a decent human thing to do (and obviously a Christian thing to do); it also deprives ISIS of its soldiers.

    As I think it was N.T. Wright put it, “if you fight fire with fire, fire still wins.” D.A.M.N. and similar ideas are just starting another fire right beside the fire and hoping it will put it out instead of feeding it. Instead, deprive extremists of their oxygen and fuel, the anti-Western sentiment, and the fire will fizzle out.

    • ricklamascus says:

      It is not 1955. Christians are weaker than ever and will not stand up against islam. It is naive and just wishful thinking that there will suddenly be a revival of Christianity in the US. The majority of US natives who were raised Christian are so glad to see Christianity go, that they do not care that islam will be replacing it. Like fools, they think NOTHNG will replace it. US citizens want all forms of sex and drugs. Christianity gets in the way of that. Also, why are Christians always PHOBIC? The enemies of Christianity are always labeled as intelligent, scientific, rational, reasonable, etc. But whoever uses the Bible as the source has a phobia. They are crazy. But the Bible-haters are so nice.

    • ricklamascus says:

      Islam is “stupid, evil, and non-Christian.
      I find it amazing how everyone can find criticism for Christianity, but
      not one word of criticism of islam….an organization that promotes ignorance, hatred, and violence. Islam is the direct enemy of Christianity and is a curse in every country where it exists.

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