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Words of Knowledge that Led to Salvation

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God is so good. Last Sunday I went out on the streets of Kettering with a guitar and some Gospel tracts to invite people to our evening meeting. I met a woman in dark clothing walking with the help of a crutch, who commented how happy I looked when I played. I asked her how she was doing. “Like shit” she said, explaining to me her tough family situation, tragedies in her past and her homelessness.

She then asked me what I was doing and I said that I invite people to a Gospel meeting where there will be worship, Bible study, prayer – and tea. She responded that she doesn’t believe in God – she found it impossible after all the bad things that had happened to her. I gave her a booklet the Jesus Army has printed called The Biggest Issue which asked on the front cover “Where is God when all goes wrong?”

She asked me how I got involved with this church and I explained that I found it on the Internet and came all the way from Sweden to join a training year, living in community and working in one of their Kingdom Businesses. She was really impressed by that kind of commitment to a church. She revealed that she actually carries a cross necklace around in her bag, “I guess I do have a little faith after all.” Then she said that a warm cup of tea would be lovely and decided to go with me to the meeting hall.

Well inside she was warmly greeted by the rest of the Jesus people. Heather and Wendy sat next to her, listening to her story and explaining the meeting structure. We sang worship songs and Tim talked about how we all need help from God and how He lovingly offers all the help we need: salvation. He talked to our guest personally several times and she was clearly touched by his message. He ended by asking her if she wanted prayer and she said yes.



I, Wendy and my good friend Mark went to her and offered us to pray for her infected hip which was the reason for her walking with a crutch, as well as for a change in her life. Mark prayed about things in her history that she hadn’t mentioned to him, me or anyone else. She started to weep. We prayed for the hip, it wasn’t completely healed but she didn’t care. God had touched her, and Mark led her in a prayer to receive Christ.

She then joyfully joined us as we went back to our community house, Holy Treasure, for some food and fellowship. She was very happy: “Micael, you were my saviour when you found me on the streets!” “Oh no,” I said, “Jesus is your Saviour, I’m just His messenger.” She was also amazed that Mark knew stuff about her that she hadn’t shared. We explained that it would take a little while if she’s wanted a bed but that night she could sleep at her mother’s.

The next evening I held a Spiritual Q&A apologetics class as usual. She turned up and even though she almost fell asleep during the first ten minutes of me talking about design arguments for the existence of God, she eventually became very engaged in the discussion. “But who created God?” “How can you believe in Adam and Eve?” She was very intrigued and wanted to join future Q&As. She had many questions, but decided that before she got most of it she was acting on faith, holding on to what is beyond our intellectual capacity.

I’m so happy that she wanted to follow the way of God and pray daily for her and her family. Please join me in that.

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