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Heidi Baker: The Blind Woman’s Eyes Transformed

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Heidi with another woman

Charismactivist apostle of love Heidi Baker recently visited Sid Roth’s show It’s Supernatural, where she shared testimonies about what God has done in her life and among the poor of Mozambique. The following testimony just gripped my heart, it can be heard from 11:30 onwards in the video:

Heidi says:

Every Monday, in Mozambique, I visit my village. It’s just my local village, I like to keep it real – we have 3500 children in our school from there so I like to see their families. And I just sit and hold he poor, spending time loving them…

And on my way back from visiting a mama named Tina, I saw this little, old woman. And she was really poor, you know, her clothes were shredded, and a strange thing was that she was sitting in the sun. And I thought: “Why is this woman sitting in the sun in Mozambique?” It’s hot! At least she should be in the shade.

And I said “What’s your name?” in our local dialect. And she answered me back and said: “I have no name.” And I was undone by that. I thought, how can anyone on earth not be given a name?

And I saw a woman sitting on the edge of a table away from her, and I said “What is her name?” And she said “She has no name, she is blind and she has no name.”

And I’ve often thought about how the believers say that people are nameless and faceless, but Daddy God always give people a name. Daddy God would never say you’re nameless or faceless or blind, you don’t matter, you’re poor and you don’t matter. God sees each one of us and He knows all the hairs on our head.

So before I shared the beauty of Yeshua, the beauty of his love, I said “Sweetheart, I would like to give you a name. And the name I want to give you is Utalia” – which is “joy” and “you exist”.

And she opens her mouth, and she has like four teeth that are dangling down, she is very old and her teeth are dangling, but she is laughing with joy. And I asked the other woman to call her by name, and she calls her Utalia, and she’s so happy.

And I said that I believe that Jesus wants to heal your eyes, and there’s no cameras, there’s no razzmatazz, there’s no light, there’s no flyers. there’s just the poor and the love of God just sitting there. And I just hugged her and the mercy of God hit this woman and her eyes turned brown. It was so beautiful, so low and slow, the beauty of Jesus.

Sid Roth asks: Were you watching this?

Heidi: Yes! They go white – grey – brown. She’s opening her eyes and looking around, she can see. The other lady could see that she could see. We’re just in the heat in this extraordinarily poor area, and the joy of the Lord hits her.

Then I told her about what Jesus did for her, and how Daddy God loves her and gives her a name, and how beautiful she is. And of course she met Jesus, how could she not? It’s that simple.

Please visit and support Heidi’s ministry Iris Global.


  1. Tim Hoffman says:

    Loved the article about the lady with know name and was blind and her sight was restored. Thank You So Much God Is So GOOD!!! I am believing for God to heal a lady in my church to be healed. I prayed for the lady last Sunday at church and felt led to let her and her husband know that to keep praying and believing that God is gong to heal her blindness. I am 44 and never felt led to tell anyone that so I did what the Lord wanted to do and say. I said to myself I did what you wanted Lord now its up to you!!!!

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