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2015: The Global Year of Xenophobia

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2015 was a year I had been looking forward to. It was the year when the new, global goals of sustainable development would be established, and when the extremely important climate summit in Paris hopefully would manage the greenhouse gas threat. It was going to be a global year, and I decided to focus on simplicity, together with Bible reading and miracles, promoting community life and the value of equality.

I had not foreseen that refugees would be in focus though. Here in Sweden we had an election in 2014, and the racist party Sweden Democrats had a breakthrough with much Christian support, which made me write about the importance of welcoming and blessing back then. However, as most of you know, migration became  a hot topic as more refugees than expected entered Europe. This gave rise to yet another horrible wave of xenophobia. Meanwhile, Australia increased their fight against refugees and immigrants, and in the US we have a loud white supremacist called Donald Trump who constantly hits the headlines with his hatred  towards Mexicans and Muslims.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to stand against this Anti-gospel of hatred and preach the peaceful, welcoming and loving Kingdom of God. We should also point to the real issues on the global scale; one of the greatest ironies of this year is that white xenophobic people have argues that their rich countries can’t afford immigration. Meanwhile, the world is destroyed by white consumption and greed, as we would need three planets if everybody lived like Europeans and five if we were all like Americans.

Let us pray that 2016 will be characterized by sustainability, generosity and revival. Let us stand on the forefront by starting and developing apostolic communities where everybody live in equal simplicity, uniting different ethnicities and peoples, evanglizing the streets and internet to counter the evil, racist work of the devil.


Of course, this is what this blog will continue to inspire to. As for the past year on Holy Spirit Activism, you can check out WordPress’ summary here. A lot of attention has been given to my posts on Jason Westerfield, as many fellow charismatics have grieved his departure from the faith into new age. Let us continue to pray for his comeback to the Jesus revolution.

This has also been the year when the Holy Spirit Activism YouTube channel has expanded into its proper place, after starting late 2014. My comments on Westerfield have received most views there as well, but also testimonies from Iris Global about resurrections and other miracles, and my sketches have been a bit popular as well. I hope to expand the YouTube ministry even further in the future.

May you all have a blessed new year and go from glory to glory!


  1. D-Bo says:

    False Intellectualism: Appearing to be a deep thinker and wiser than everybody else by going opposite…attacking your own country, family,
    group, race, religion, etc. and finding ways to praise the enemy. I only read your comments to see what an enemy of Christianity is up to. Ryan, it is not a Christian act to attack standard Christian churches and Caucasians like you do. No matter what the topic, you attack standard Christianity, Caucasian. and good sense. I would not want to be you on Judgment Day because of the false Christianity you are attempting to spread. You are wrong on every topic because you are in rebellion against standard Christianity. In your world, the only correct Christian position is YOUR warped sense of how the world should be…the world of a child who never grew up….an adult who has no real job, lives at home, eating out of his
    mommy’s refrigerator and wastes the entire day with philosophy…avoiding real work and real responsibility. A real Christian would never search for ways to promote islam…the mortal enemy of Christianity. A real Christian would know that having islam in any country is poison and will never be a plus. I suspect you know that, but unless you promote radical anti-Christian ideas, you have nothing going. And xenophobia is nothing but
    an attack on Christian Caucasians. Nobody else is eligible, no matter how much they hate Christian Caucasians….they are excused. If you had a real job and real responsiblity you would have a a realistic attitude and world view.

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