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Where is Jason Westerfield?

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It’s almost been one month since pastor Bill Johnson called evangelist Jason Westerfield out as a false prophet, but Jason has still not said anything about this publicly. Here, I talk about this and comments some of the comments I’ve received from my previous video and blog post about Bill and Jason. I hope and pray that Jason soon will announce that he does not believe in new age and that he confesses Jesus Christ as divine Son of God.

where is jason


  1. Kris Koskella says:

    Make some Great points …Please keep up digging. Don’t Listen to the Papacy of Bethel.

  2. Elizabeth Beeche says:

    Where are these videos of Jason preaching about aliens & other crazy things? I need to here this for myself from Jason’s own mouth.

  3. MRS. MARGARETT E. WINSLETT, born on planet earth says:

    If Jason IS living with the Aliens he is living HIGH ON THE HOG (without MY permission) use my bank card!

    That is correct. He was hitting my bank card for $175 to $200 ever three or four days.

    Finally, I checked my bank account to see just what the hell I was buying cause I had no memory of out of control shopping…

    .I have NEVER EVER seen or heard Preacher pastor master Jason!

    Mr. Preacher, Pastor, Master can you find someone that BELIEVES in you and your five finger dipping into stranger’s hard earned money cause I DO NOT!

    Go ahead, get in a time capsule OR hover over my home in some flying saucer. (Do Aliens have some sort of Uber Flyin saucer service) don’t try using my bank card YOU HAVE BEEN CUT OFF! and I’d really hae for them to dump you out at my home for non payment. I’ve been told those little short Grays can play tough.

    Oh, but please drop the down my $2,000.00 you stole from my bank account.
    Then just keep on flying.

    But Jason, I have news for you, my bank is hunting you down like an old fashion FOX hunt.

    Let the games begin!

    I’ve got a suggestion, relocate to the dark side of the moon.

    • MRS. MARGARETT E. WINSLETT, born on planet earth says:

      Oh, On the off chance Pastor Jason is still AWOL so he is telepathically allowing one of the other wack jobs on his payroll who claim “We are special and ‘ WE ARE OPENING THE WESTERN GATE. ”
      NONE of you are going to EVER OPEN THE WESTERN GATE via my l my bank account to get there.

      That is the name on my bank account that all his PREACHER TEACHER MASTER cheaters use.

      Frankly, I suggest you get your life in order cause soon at this amount of money some nice maximun security guard will be opening a maximum security cell gate, locking it, and waving good by.

  4. MRS. MARGARETT E. WINSLETT, born on planet earth says:

    Wow, I just watched the Jason video!
    Great white guy Moon Dance upper body movement.
    But now, work on some lower body movement.

    As a believer of the one God concept and living with other dimensions, energies etc. that 100% pure good energy has always been true we are all part of everything. We are all part of one universal good energy.

    Unfortunately, some humans have taken the human choice of free will while on earth. They do things like stealing. Like stealing from bank accounts.

    That’s what happened to me in the last few weeks!
    Something like $2,000.00 went to “OPENING THE WESTERN GATE”

    Dang is there some ticket cost for the chosen ones?

    Well, I’m dang sorry, but someone else is gonna have to do this for you.
    Count me and my worldly possessions off the list.

    My bank account is now closed to further unauthorized donations to

    Oh, and my bank is conducting a FOX HUNT with human coon dogs.

    Their riding hard to corner and prosecute all the Foxy Pastor Preachers involved.

    Can I GET an Amen from the internet choir that may have been other victims?

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