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Miracles in the Middle East

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I have a friend called Elijah*, who used to be a Muslim but became a Christian after Jesus showed Himself to him in a prophetic vision. He know works with a missionary organisation and is spreading the Gospel in the Middle East. A couple of months back when he was visiting some churches in a South Asian city, a couple approached him when he was walking through a mall. They tried to convert him to Islam, but in 20 minutes time they became disciples of Jesus.

See, they told him that about six months earlier, they had been watching TV. As they zapped through the channels, they came to a Christian channel where Swedish pastor Stanley Sjöberg was preaching the Gospel. Since they were devout Muslims, they became upset, shut the TV down and went to bed.

The next morning, they told each other that they had had a strange dream. They soon discovered that it was exactly the same dream! Stanley Sjöberg had come to their house, they had let him in and he continued to preach about Jesus. As they protested, Stanley said “My friend Elijah will tell you more about Jesus”, and from nowhere they saw a Middle Eastern guy sitting next to Stanley. Stanley went on saying that they would meet him in a particular South Asian city, on one particular day at 5 PM.

They didn’t know what the dream meant and thought it was a bit freaky that they both dreamt it the same time, but after a bit if reasoning the wife said “Maybe Allah has given us this dream to find Elijah and convert him to Islam. Let’s go to that place – if we don’t find him we will just have a nice holiday.”

And as you know, they did find him, failed to convert him, and became Christians.

Elijah also told me about how he recently have come in contact with a man he knew at a young age. They were good friends but when Elijah was saved, the man didn’t want to have contact with him at all.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the man was taking a nap at his office, because he could. Then, a “beautiful man” appeared, urging him to leave the place immediately. He woke up, and even though he was confused he took his stuff and went out from the building. Right about then the building was attacked and exploded, turning his and other offices into ashes.

The man told Elijah this on an anonymous Christian chat on the internet. “Who do you think the beautiful man was?” “Jesus!” “Yeah, I expected you would say that, but honestly if you had been a Buddhist you would had said Buddha.”

“Look,” Elijah wrote, “Pray that you will meet this man again. Then ask for His name. I’m sure you will see that it’s Jesus.” The man thought it was a good idea, and two days later he wrote: “It’s Jesus! He appeared again and said that His name is Jesus!”

Elijah then led him to the Lord, whereas the man confessed that he once knew a Christian man, but he had stopped contacting him because if his faith. After giving some details about himself, Elijah realised that he was the man’s friend! They exchanged phone numbers, talked to each other and praised the Lord for reconciling them.

God is moving in the Middle East! Pray for more workers in the harvest fields!

*As you’ve probably guessed, due to the adventurous nature if this sorts of missionary work I need to keep stuff quite anonymous. Elijah is actually called something else.


  1. patrick breen says:

    Hi Brother 🙋😁 Really like your articles! Indeed, good works. Just like you to feel encouraged to keep it up! Bless you x In reading this article I ended up reading a smaller article you’ve done about preaching the gospel

    I really do hope that you don’t think that I would place actions above words or Holy Spirit? (I think the use of the word “argued” would have been more correct as “expressed”, in your comment about what the deacon said, because, quite frankly, we didn’t sit down and have a discussion about that view 😏) Of course you are correct about the ‘statement’ by St Francis: It’s a paraphrase, used to summarise. (In Chapter XVII of his Rule of 1221, Francis told the friars not to preach unless they had received the proper permission to do so. Then he added, “Let all the brothers, however, preach by their deeds.”) BUT,a very good point that,I shall keep in mind, should be made clear when stating it. The Apostles Paul said that without love our words and actions amount to nothing. That love he speaks of I equate to mean the Holy Spirit; that Spirit that speaks of Christ in all things and above all things. There’s a time for lots of words. There’s a time for lots of action. There’s a time for words and a little action to proof them. And, there’s a time for action and a few words to edify. Much love to you Brother x


    • Hello Patrick!

      Oh no, the deacon I was referring to was a lady here in Sweden who was teaching an evangelistic group I was a part of, and she repeatedly said that actions are more important than words when sharing the Gospel. When I brought up Rom 15:18-19, she still said that actions was the most important factor in spite of Paul’s words.

      So it’s not you I’m talking about. Quite frankly, I don’t remember when we talked about it!



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