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Language Miracles

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The Bible describes how the early Christians were able to speak new existing languages when the Holy Spirit baptized them. There are reports of this happening in modern times as well.

J.W. Hutchins was baptised by the Holy Spirit at the Asuza Street revival in Los Angeles in 1906, and when she spoke in tongues a man who had been a missionary to Uganda exclaimed that she spoke the Luganda language. She also heard the external, audible voice of God telling her to go to Africa, so she became a missionary.

My pastor Hans Sundberg experienced something similar when he was evangelizing on the streets of Uppsala, Sweden, in the 70’s. He was debating with a man from Iran who believed in Bahá’í, when his friend Maria came and prayed for him silently. She prayed louder and louder, and Hans realized that she was praying in tongues. The Iranian man dropped his jaw and stared at Maria, understanding every word. She was speaking in Farsi about Jesus, although she didn’t know farsi.

In 2011, Hans was visiting Nepal to teach at a Bible school run by Touching Asia. During a prayer session before class, a man at the front spoke loudly in tongues. Afterwards, another student came to him and asked him some questions, and everyone became really excited. hans asked them what was going on, and they explained that there are over 20 languages in Nepal, and when the man had spoken in tongues he had been unknowingly prophesying to the other man in his own language, that wasn’t spoken by so many, about a coming revival to his village.

language miracles

Håkan Gabrielsson, another Swedish friend of mine who is the leader of Touching Asia, was in India at a pastor’s conference in the late 90’s. During a worship session with other pastors he started to sing in tongues. Afterwords, a pastor came to him and said that he had been prophesying in a language called Ho. They were really encouraged by this, and this event sparked Touching Asia’s Inida ministry which has been a blessing to thousands.

A few years ago I had some coffee with a guy in Stockholm called Johan. I had heard that he had unknowingly spoken Finnish at a meeting at the Stockholm House of Prayer. He confirmed this, saying that a Finnish lady had turned around, exclaiming “You speak my language!” He had spoken about Jesus and Biblical themes without any clue – he doesn’t know Finnish at all.

Also, revd. David Carr has experienced many language miracles:

I can give you many more examples, but I think I’ve made it clear that God is alive, He is international and He likes to talk. Hallelujah!

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  1. Very interesting. I have also experienced language miracles. Let´s talk about them when we meet.

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