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Mighty Miracles in Malawi

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The Lord executes justice for the oppressed, he gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets the prisoners free; the Lord opens the eyes of the blind. The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous. (Ps 146:7-8)

Christopher Alam was born in Pakistan, fled to Sweden when he became a Christian, moved to the United States after a while, and today he travels through Asia and Africa to preach at big gospel and healing campaigns. The power of God is powerfully manifested as the poor and broken experience all kinds of biblical miracles. “God [has] chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom” (Jam 2:5). Alam reports on his Facebook page:


MZILIKAZI, MALAWI: Several thousand people received the Lord Jesus tonight. Many deaf ears were opened. A lady who was carried to the crusade got up and walked perfectly! A baby had a huge tumor the size of a grapefruit that instantly and totally disappeared. A totally blind girl received her sight. A man who became totally blind at night and a girl who almost totally blind also received their sight. A girl with one totally blind eye was also healed. Many others were healed from different diseases and infirmities.

All Glory to our Lord Jesus who Alone is Worthy! What a wonderful Lord and Savior He is!


Friday Night: Tonight was a great night. I asked Pastor Dennis Hunsinger from Penn-Del to preach and I prayed for the sick. Pastor Dennis shared a powerful testimony on how God had healed him from cancer. Several thousand received Jesus and there were many miracles tonight. Lots of deaf ears opened tonight. A blind lady received her sight. Many others testified of the wonderful miracles that the Lord did in their bodies.

All Glory to our Lord Jesus!


Bangwe, Malawi. The First Night of our Crusade here. I asked my Team-member Doug Favuzza to preach and I prayed for the sick. Many people received Jesus tonight, and there were many miracles. A lot of deaf ears opened, a young man who had a large tumor in his midriff testified that it had disappeared. A man’s eyesight was healed. Many others were healed from different infirmities.

All Glory to our Lord Jesus!


Bangwe Crusade, MALAWI. Thurs Night: The Crowd multiplied tonight. I asked my Grammy-winner friend Pastor Chuck Lawrence to preach. He sang and he preached a great Gospel Message. A good harvest of Souls tonight! I then prayed for the sick. Many were Healed by God’s Power. A good number of deaf ears opened. One man had a cancerous leg for 3 years. The leg was swollen very large and doctors were going to amputate it. Jesus healed him; the swelling had gone and the leg was normal…. he ran and jumped!

All Glory to our Lord Jesus!


BANGWE CRUSADE, MALAWI: Friday Night: What a night! A classic Africa Crusade night….. The Glorious African Rythms of our Band and Choir…. Thousands of people singing shouting and dancing like crazy, the Pastors going nuts and joining in the dancing, clouds of dust up in the air….. I love this Atmosphere of Pentecost! A large harvest of souls responded to the Call tonight to receive the Lord Jesus. Then the miracles, many wonderful testimonies…… many had their deaf ears opened by the Power of God. A woman totally blind received perfect sight. A woman with a large tumor in her abdomen testified that it had disappeared…..

All Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Bangwe Crusade, MALAWI, Sat evening: A Great evening. The Crowd had grown again tonight. A large Harvest of Souls for Jesus. Many testimonies….. deaf ears opened – a few of these were small children born deaf, eyesight healed, a lady who had cancer and could only move with great difficulty danced for joy. A man who had a stroke and could not walk, walked across the platform. A lady with a large tumor in her abdomen said that it was now gone. Another lady had a huge tumor about half the size of her head, growing on the side of her face. It had made her ear deaf. She has been coming every night and testified how the tumor had shrunk during the Crusade week and that her hearing had come back.

All Glory to our Lord Jesus! What a Wonderful Savior we serve!



What a glorious final service in this desparatel poor town! The field was covered by humanity. I preached from 1 Cor 1:18. A great harvest of thousands of souls came to Jesus tonight. Then the Holy Ghost fell with great power and a large multitude was Baptized with the Holy Ghost and with Fire….. people falling to the ground, shaking, crying, beautiful tear stained African faces uplifted to Heaven speaking in other tongues as the Holy Ghost gave them utterance. As the Tongues of Praise went up, Tongues of Fire came down. It was a classic African Pentecost!

Then many people were healed from different diseases and infirmities. One man saw almost nothing and Jesus restored his sight. Another man who had been in a traffic accident and had not walked for 5 years got up and walked, deaf ears were opened, tumors disappeared. The evening ended with thousands dancing, singing, shouting and praising God with all their might!

All Glory to our Lord Jesus who alone is worthy!


  1. timgiovanelli says:

    Hi Micael,
    I love reading your blog posts. Your site came up when I was doing some research on the Vineyard Church. I think we share a similar heart for ministry! My wife Victoria and I have just planted a new church at Manly Beach in Sydney.

    • Hi Tim!

      I’m so glad to hear that! I really want to build on Wimber’s theology on power evangelism to explore a theology on power activism, since the connections between signs and wonders and peace and justice are several in Scripture as well as in church history.

      It looks like you have a wonderful church plant! God bless you, keep spreading the Kingdom!


  2. Lana Hope says:

    God likes ot do weird things in Africa, and Vietnma.

    • Indeed, Lana 🙂 Would you like to share what He’s up to in Vietnam?


      • Lana Hope says:

        same, miracles, people rise from the dead.

        • Praise God! 😀 Yeah, I found some wonderful testimonies at

          The Lord Jesus began to minister by the Holy Spirit as never before in the history of this country before the communist takeover. Miraculous healings broke out “spontaneously” in the crowd. Cripples, paralytics, and stroke victims began to walk; some had not gotten up or walked in years. Many people were healed directly by the Lord without anyone laying hands on them or praying over them. A 40-year-old man deaf and dumb since birth could hear and speak, an emaciated woman with terminal cancer (below) who had been carried to the meeting by eight people walked up to the platform with arms raised to Heaven to testify that she was healed. Another woman with breast cancer came up and tesified it had disappeared.

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