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Amazing Miracle Reports from Christ for all Nations

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healed in nigeria

Daniel Kolenda, President of Christ for all Nations (CfaN), has released a series of new videos featuring powerful and faith-inspiring testimonies of some of the miracles he has witnessed on his campaign meetings in Africa.

This video features Nigerian woman Placita Outa, who severely damaged her spinal cord in an accident. Doctors performed many surgeries to repair it, but the final surgery left her paralyzed. She had to rely on crutches and the help of others to move around. Jesus totally healed her on a CfaN campaign.

As Daniel Kolenda and some of the team were getting into the car after a meeting at a Gospel Campaign in Sapele, Nigeria, a woman stopped him. She wanted him to pray for her three-year-old son, who lay dead in her arms. Daniel took the child, held his body for a moment, prayed a simple prayer of faith and then left.

The following night the woman returned to tell the rest of the story. As Daniel drove away, the boy came back to life! He is now perfectly well. When the crowd of 200,000 heard this, they broke into wild cheering, and the whole city of Sapele was rejoicing.

This woman was totally blind in both eyes. She attended one of the meetings in Abidjan, and the Lord healed her left eye. So the next night she came to give glory to God.

While interviewing her on the platform for a testimony, Daniel learned that her right eye was still blind. He told her to cover that eye with her hand, and he prayed for her. But nothing happened. So he covered her eye with his hand and prayed again, commanding the eye to open. “Mama, look at me. What do you see?”

She looked at him intently for a few moments, and then suddenly started shouting, “Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui!” (Which is French for, “Yes, yes…!”).

And this is one of my favourites. In 2010, Mohammed began to lose his hearing, eventually becoming deaf. Without any money, he could not visit a doctor to diagnose or treat the problem. He simply had to live in silence.

While returning home from visiting his stepbrother, Mohammed missed his train. Unusual circumstances thwarted him, forcing him to stay another night in Accra. He decided to spend the night at the local plaza – where Christ for all Nations happened to be holding an evangelistic Campaign. Because Mohammed could not hear, he did not know what the event was about. So he simply lay down on a bench at the Campaign grounds and fell asleep.

But he woke up suddenly to the feeling of liquid in his ears – even though it was not raining. As he removed the liquid with his fingers, his ears popped open. His hearing had returned! And the first sound he experienced after two years of silence was the voice of a preacher praying for the sick. Mohammed could hardly believe what was happening. But this he knew: Jesus Christ had just healed him.

Mohammed wanted to get the message to his wife. So he announced the name of his city and said, “If anybody knows me … tell my wife, ‘Jesus is the Son of God!’” The crowd erupted in praise. No football team had ever recåeived such an ovation. The people were jumping and dancing and shouting for joy.

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