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Azusa Now: Massive Miracles and Radical Reconciliation

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On Saturday, over 100,000 people will gather in Los Angeles to celebrate the 110’th anniversary of the Azusa Street revival and passionately pray for a new revival to break lose. The event is called Azusa Now and is arranged by TheCall. Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Daniel Kolenda will speak at the event, so expect it to be huge! It will be streamed online for those who can’t attend.

Jennifer Miskov has been laying the ground for the event by authoring a book called Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution. Being a Vineyarder from John Wimber’s own church in Anaheim, she has a heart to combine charismatic fire with worship and compassion. She knows Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson well and she has founded an amazing charismatic intentional community called Destiny House in Redding.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to interview Dr. Miskov for Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice. Here’s an excerpt:

MG: How do you think a modern Azusa revival would look like, in the Western world in particular?

JM: It’s a great question, I feel like we’re going to where we’ve never been before like in the book of Joshua, we have to be very close to Holy Spirit and respond to Him, because I feel like we’re about to go off the map into a new era that the church is yet to see and tap into.

I feel like where we’re going now is that we have people that are burning with passion for the Lord but they’re also be deeply rooted and have this deep passion for consecration and holiness.

There will be extreme acts of generosity and love. Tons of people are going to get saved. There will be community houses and a new wine skins for houses and disciples, billions are going to come to the Lord. It will not be a Sunday Christian move of God but a whole life devoted to Jesus in every way.

MG: You mentioned community houses. You’re a part of Destiny House in Redding and even founded it. What does it look like and what is your community vision?

JM: Destiny House is a community of people intentionally living together in the presence of God. My heart is to launch people into their God-given destiny. We believe people are launched into their destiny through intimacy with Jesus and also through connection with family and deep relationship with friends.

What that looks like at Destiny House right now is that we have three houses with about 16 girls, we fast on Mondays in the community and every Monday night we have a family meal. Every Friday we do worship, in the morning we open up our house and just have this spontaneous time ministering with the Holy Spirit to people that come.

We also have a vision of 5,000 destiny houses or worshipping communities inspired by Destiny House around the world, where they do church at home, they pray together and worship together, spend time in the presence of God together. We love intimacy with jesus and we also love each other. We see songs burst, missionaries launched, books burst, truly impossible things emerge simply from being consistent in God’s presence and with each other. I think this will grow like a wildfire and I’m very excited.

Read the rest of the interview here. And pray with me for a massive hunger worldwide for the new Jesus Revolution, in California and everywhere!


  1. PC says:

    Why are charismatics always looking for the next ‘revival’. There seems to be a definite sense of dissatisfaction with their lives as Christians, and want God to be forever intervening in some miraculous way, instead of getting on with life. I hear little of ‘living a quiet life’ as Paul advised. I suspect many such charismatic Christians would have been dissatisfied with the early church if they had lived then, going from place to place trying to find a ‘new’ miracle.

    • Hello PC! I think you shot yourself in the foot there 🙂 Paul was obviously very charismatic, he spoke in tongues constantly according to 1 Cor 14 and experienced massive miracles such as healings, dead raisings and accurate prophecies. The early church was amazingly miraculous, entire cities were converted as the apostles did miracles (Acts 9:32-43). If we’re not experiencing that today we SHOULD be dissatisfied, just as the early reformers were dissatisfied with the fact that they couldn’t read the Bible in their own language. The serious question we ought to ask ourselves is: if we’re satisfied with no visible signs of God’s presence, are we really passionate for God? If I didn’t long for my wife every time she was away, would I really love her?

      • PC says:

        Just to be clear I agree with the charismatic understanding of Scripture and that the ‘gifts’ – healing, prophecy, administration (!) are still being used today. But that is different from certain charismatic Christian groups forever longing for another ‘outpouring’. God’s Spirit is continually in and with us and often works quietly through church members and leaders, as well as through the more obvious gifts. It seems some really do just live for ‘signs and wonders’. To demand (as you seem to be doing otherwise you wouldn’t be dissatisfied) that God produces visible ‘signs’ of His presence smacks of unbelief – ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ (Hebrews 11:1), ‘So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.’ (2 Corinthians). All gifts are temporary as Paul taught. And Jesus said ‘When 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I am with them also’ – but you seem unable to accept this by faith and trust, but rather demand a sign that He is with us. That is my point.

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