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Heading to Jesus Army for a Training Year!

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Promotion for the JA Training Year

You who follow this blog know that I love a certain British church called the Jesus Army, since they combine Spirit-filled life with evangelical theology and community of goods. You may also know that I live in Sweden, which sadly lacks a Jesus Army. I am fully convinced that God calls me to join a charismatic community where nobody is rich and nobody is poor, and also to plant new charismatic communities across the world. For this I need training, and praise God – Jesus Army has a training year:

The Jesus Army Training Year internship involves practical discipling within a community lifestyle to equip you to be fruitful in your Christian walk and witness. It offers a unique opportunity for you to intern with other christians in a Jesus Fellowship intentional Christian community house for up to a year, being coached to live out a full-on Christian faith.

Today I received my pastor’s blessing to start the application process of doing a training year, summer 2016 to summer 2017. If I get accepted – and I pray that I will – you can expect more inspiration and teaching from this church on this website. I also pray for wisdom and guidance when it comes to what happens after the training year. I trust that God will reveal this to me as the training proceeds.

If you also think this sounds exciting, come and join me! Apply for a Training Year here.


  1. Jason says:

    That looks exciting brother, I pray you are accepted, what’s more have an enjoyable and challenging time. I must admit that whilst I am not part of the Jesus Army either, I do have a real heart for them and their community lifestyle, I see the Kettering house Holy Treasure like a family, even though they are a 2 hour drive from me. Bless you brother 🙂

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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