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TESTIMONIES – live performance at the Uttini Festival

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A few months ago me and my friends Andreas and Sandra were invited to a local music festival to sing a few songs about the Jesus Revolution. TESTIMONIES was the first song we sang, and it’s the first one in our – God-willing – coming album. You can listen to and download it on Soundcloud.

testimonies no eyesNow here’s some testimonies that will fill you all with awe
‘Cause nothing is impossible for the almighty God
The testimonies are a sign of His amazing grace
Let’s turn to Mr Hip-hopper and listen to what he says.

There’s no wonder-worker like Jesus Christ
He gave sight to the blind and turned water to wine
Five breads were sufficient for five thousand guys
When He was crucified, He just went alive

He taught His disciples to do the same
To cast out demons and heal the lame
To prophesy, speak in tongues and life proclaim
They could even raise the dead in His holy Name

The dynamic living witness of the power of the Holy Spirit
Gotta love em keep em spread them on

That were some jolly testimonies from the days of old
They are in my opinion the greatest ever told
But what about what God is doing in our world today
Let’s hear what Mr Hip-hopper has for us now to say

In rural Zimbabwe a Lady was blind
Until James Thompson and his team went by
They loved her, blessed her, and she could see the sky
And for the first time ever her own grandchild

And in a village in Malawi, pastor Surprise
Prayed for a girl who had tragically died
When he prayed in tongues she opened her eyes
From being dead for one day, she was alive!

testimonies dead for one day


Oh boy those testimonies had a great degree of heat
What’s happening in Africa is neat to say the least
But wouldn’t it be nice with some from not as far away?
Come on now Mr hip-hopper, what do you have to say?

Hans Sundberg’s team went out on the streets of Sweden,
when a man from Iran opposed their preaching
Maria then miraculously was able to reach him
When she spoke in tongues, it was the language he was speaking

Simon Adahl met a businessman who owned a lot
Up in Luleå and showed him what prophetic gift he got
He could name passed events, the atmosphere got hot
And finally the businessman was saved on the spot


But here comes Mr Atheist who miracles denies
And says that these are anecdotes which aren’t verified
What evidence possess we, Mr Hip-hopper, to show?
It’s time we bring the best we got, get ready and let’s go!

A woman without eyes called Gemma di Giorgi
Was healed by a monk down in southern Italy
Her case confunded the doctors and specialists
She still has no eyes, but she sees very clearly

Candy Gunther Brown went to the Mozambiqan jungle
To study the effects of prayer on the visual and audial
health of children who attended the Iris bush revival
The results were astounding and published in Southern Medical Journal


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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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