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Poem: I Love Jesus

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These are the lyrics to a song I wrote just a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t recorded it yet so it’s hard for me to give you the melody, but for now you can at least read the lyrics as a poem: 

I Love Jesus, I love Him so
He’s the only one who knows my heart and saves my sinful soul
Of course I love my family, my friends and even foes
But Jesus is my number one forevermore

I love Jesus, I love the Son of God
‘Cause He hangs around with idiots, the losers and the odd
He criticizes people who are self-righteous and proud
And when He sees injustice He gets angry and loud!

I love Jesus, I love what He said
He’s like I’m the way, the truth, the life, the gate, the light, the bread
He debated with the Pharisees and turned them on their heads
And to His disciples He said go and raise the dead!

I love Jesus, I love what He did
When a widow’s only son was dead, He raised that little kid
He lived a blameless sinless life, no egoism or greed
And through His Holy Spirit He now lives in me!

I love Jesus, yes I love Jesus
When Judas went to kill Him He was like “Do what you must”
He let the soldiers torture Him and forgave them all because
When He died on that spiky tree He died for us!

I love Jesus, who’s living today
He crushed the head of Satan and He rose from the grave
The women were astounded, didn’t know what to say
But Jesus was like don’t be afraid now you are saved!

I love Jesus, yes I love Christ Cause He brings eternal safety man, He brings eternal life
I do know quite a lot of folks who’re gentle, good and kind
But I love Jesus most of all cause He’s divine!

Update: Here’s the music!


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  3. […] in August, I wrote a song simply called I Love Jesus. Here’s a recording where I sing it with some […]

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