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Francis – the Charismatic Hippie Pope

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Pope Francis, in a Brazilian favela

Pope Francis, in a Brazilian favela

Who would have thought that a Jesus freak would become pope? The main focus of this blog has always been that signs and wonders need to be combined with peace and justice – charismatic Christians need to be activists and activist Christians need to be charismatic – since this is what Jesus taught to His disciples and Holy Spirit activism has the power to transform lives and bring hope in even greater ways that non-supernatural activism. Unfortunately, a lot of times charismatic and evangelical Christians are not huge fans of peace and justice – something that is painfully obvious when you see what many of them write about the Gaza war – and many Christian activists are not very charismatic or evangelical.

But there is, I believe, a growing movement within Christianity that realizes that a charismatic life in the Spirit should be combined with activism for a better world; a movement that crosses all denominations, places and cultures. And by God’s grace we have a sympathizer among the leader of the biggest church in the world: pope Francis.

Few have missed that Francis is a passionate advocate for peace and justice: he has criticized capitalism for neglecting the poor, he lives simply and promotes economic equality, he has prayed for peace in the Middle East both at the Western wall and at the West Bank wall. But what not as many know is that Francis also is a charismatic pope, who believes in Spiritual gifts and who blesses both the Catholic charismatic renewal and Pentecostals.

In January, I wrote about how Francis stated in an interview that the charismatic movement is necessary for the church. Now in June, the pope attended a Catholic charismatic renewal convention in Rome, where he said:

I expect from you that you share with all, in the Church, the grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I expect from you an evangelization with the Word of God which proclaims that Jesus is alive and loves all men.

I expect that you give witness of spiritual ecumenism with all those brothers and sisters of other Churches and Christian communities who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.


Be close to the poor, the needy, to touch in their flesh the flesh of Jesus. Be close, please!

And just a few days ago, Francis visited a Pentecostal church, being the first pope ever to do that. He asked for forgiveness for the hostility that some Catholics has shown to Pentecostals:

“Among those who persecuted and denounced Pentecostals, almost as if they were crazy people trying to ruin the race, there were also Catholics. I am the pastor of Catholics, and I ask your forgiveness for those Catholic brothers and sisters who didn’t know and were tempted by the devil.”

 “Someone will be surprised: ‘The pope went to visit the evangelicals?’ But he went to see his brothers.”

Already when Francis had been elected, I pointed out that the saint from which he picked his name, Francis of Assisi, both loved the poor and experienced amazing miracles. Even if there are many things I don’t agree with when it comes to Catholic theology, I truly rejoice when I see how pope Francis walks in the same tradition, following Jesus both when it comes to Spiritual baptism and social justice.


  1. ricklamascus says:

    Every generation has hippies. They just have a different name….bum, hobo, ramblin’ man, drifter, etc. They contribute just about zero to the culture and nothing to the defense of a country. To be described as a hippie when you have a responsible position is disgraceful. Hippies despise work and love to take drugs and have all kinds of sex. They love
    socialism or any form of govermment where they can live off

    other people who are productive. Hippie and Christian do not mix. It is a horrible Christian example. A hippie = a lazy
    person who does not want to stop being a child, living off
    his parents. Christians should be a good example in all areas of life….leaders, hard-working, honest, etc. Hippies love to discuss philosophy…so they can explain their laziness and hope that the laziness will be accepted. Hippies never accept
    true wisdom, facts, history, tradition. A hippie thinks that
    great wisdom = arguing against facts, history, tradition. Hippies are the death of any civilization where they are allowed to grow and become significant. The fewer hippies in a country, the better.

  2. Luc says:

    Well, if being a hippie is taking one day at a time, putting our trust in God alone, never looking back and telling the Lord “Today, we just want to love”, then I wish I was a hippie.

    Blessings from the land where it does not look good to be a Jesus hippie.

  3. Luc says:

    And thank you Francis to re-focus the Church on what it is all about: Loving God and loving our brothers and sisters.

    • ricklamascus says:

      No matter how I say it, I can make no impression on a hippie or a hippie supporter. Hippies do no listen and are laser-focused on the hippie lifestyle. Hippies think work, tradition, and
      standard Christianity is like KRYPTONITE to Superman. Again,
      mixing hippie and Christianity = bad medicine. We should not be looking for shortcuts. A church full of hippies is a church
      that will soon be broke. No money in the plate and who

      will mow the lawn, vacuum,and any other
      work? Hippies hate work and are always broke. Christianity
      requires a disciplined life. A Christian sets an example.
      A hippie is an example?

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