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Voices about Iris Ministries

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On, there are 31 reviews of the charismatic missionary organisation Iris Ministries, or Iris Global as they nowadays call themselves. Everyone have given five out of five stars. Here are some of the reviews:

Iris Global wholeheartedly beats with the heartbeat of God. They move to bring the love of Jesus to not just the poor, widowed, orphaned but also and always to the person that stands right in front of them. It’s incredible to see and organization recklessly abandoned to take the love of Christ to every single heart that they encounter, without a secret agenda but to solely love! The experience I had with Iris was life-changing, I can never be the same.

My life was personally transformed in immeasurable ways through Iris Global. Never had I been so powerfully and overwhelmingly loved. One thing is being personally changed by a non-profit, but another is witnessing the trustworthiness and reliance one can have in KNOWING so beautifully that every penny invested towards Iris’ work is exponentially having life-giving impacts to both individuals and corporate masses.

When I spent time in Mozambique with Iris ministries I saw the lives of many many precious children, mamas , papas, young men and young woman being changed daily! Not only did I witness a love that was so transcendent I found I was the one that was being blessed by These incredible villages full of transformed people living in poverty but having a richness that could not be added in dollars! I saw children with no hope being given a hope for the future! The work iris is doing worldwide is in my opinion some of the most important work of our lifetime! I believe that through the laid down love of the body of Christ serving with Iris Global we will see an end to world hunger in our life time! Hearts yielded to love.


Iris Global is the most incredible missions organization that I am aware of on the face of planet earth. I have been volunteering with Iris since 2008 and I can honestly say that it has changed my life in the most unimaginable ways. Because Iris exists, I have been personally transformed, become a missionary, and launched my own non profit that helps hundreds of kids each week. This organization is changing lives and changing the world!

We are amazed at the work Iris does. From rescuing children from the sex trade, taking in orphans, feeding the poor, teaching people how to start small businesses to feed their family, helping at disaster sites, stopping for the one to listen, to love and Sooo very much more.

Everyone I’ve met from this organization has been amazing and so very friendly and helpful. Every time I’ve seen Heidi in person she is always loving people in the most important way .. by giving, smiling, encouraging and helping them. I’ve seen with my own eyes how Heidi loves the least lovely and shares kindness beyond measure. Heidi and and Iris is one of the best examples of a giving, caring organization.

Heidi and Rolland Baker are some of the most inspirationnal persons I met. They are just so full of love, so humble and so inspiring persons. I’ve had the privilege to work in their orphanages in Mozambique and the love of the Father just broke my heart. At this place, my heart was opened to receive and to give love, my eyes were opened to see the poors and the desperates dying in silence. If you choose to go to this place and to let the Lord change you, you will never be the same !

Iris Global is a solid, Spirit-filled organization that is literally changing the world. Leadership walks in amazing humility, integrity, and power. It is an honor to serve with this NGO that reaches the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in radical ways.

Amazing, right? Of course there are critics as well, but in my experience these rarely have had serious contact with the organization at all but just stand beside instead of behind. In my opinion, Iris is one of the best missionary organizations that exist.

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