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Holy Spirit Explosion in Stockholm, Sweden

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One and a half year ago I attended a Healing School conference in Malmo here in Sweden, arranged by Global Awakening and New Wine Sweden. Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Tom Jones and Will Hart were speaking in 26 different sessions about how to pray for the sick and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven manifest on earth. Many miracles happened during that conference, as can be seen in the video above that I made. For example, a guy named Magnus was damaged in a car accident 21 years earlier and got metal plates to stabilize the body, something that made it impossible for him to bow down entirely. He named and claimed his healing and bam – he could touch the floor. 

With this wonderful conference in mind, I was excited when I attended the New Wine leader’s conference in Stockholm this week where Randy was the main speaker. It was the same message – healing does not belong to the church margins but is at the heart of the Kingdom – but he had some new wonderful testimonies that illustrated his points. For example, he showed us this powerful video about a woman getting healed from metal constraints, just like Magnus:


Randy Clark

I like Randy. Even though I think his former mentor John Wimber (someone I keep comparing him with) had a slightly sounder theology at some points, I love his passion for Jesus, the Kingdom, and the spiritual gifts. His ministry, labeled by Wimber as apostolic, has changed the life of millions – including Heidi Baker. And God surely blesses his meetings through marvelous signs and wonders.

At the first night of the leader’s conference, a man started to shout joyfully and clap his hands. It turned out to be Pekka Liljeblom, a passionate Pentecostal evangelist – and a Facebook friend of mine. He got up on stage and explained that about 30 years ago, he got hurt in a boat accident and damaged his left eye. Since that day, he could only see ten centimeters with it. After receiving prayer at the conference however, his vision got restored with 90 %. He could now see to the other end of the room! I spoke with him two days later and his vision continued to improve.

More people got healed. A woman named Maritha had had a painful shoulder for nine months and could not move it freely, but as she woke up after the conference the pain was gone and she had free mobility. A young girl who had suffered from painful herniated discs in her back and neck for five years got healed. She had been taken drugs and could not bend forward, but after prayer the pain left her and amazed I watched her touch the ground. A man called Jeffy had not been able to see at far distances. After prayer he could read texts at the other side of the room. And again, a man got healed from constraints by a metal implant. He could not even feel the metal afterwards, as seen in the video below:

At the final day of the conference, Randy taught about impartation and the power of laying on of hands. After his message he invited everyone who wanted some impartation to come forward. One man on the first pew rose but was struck to the ground. Another man ran forward but it was like he was shot by an angel and he fell to the ground. More and more people came forward and many fell like bowling pins as Randy and the other in the ministry team blessed them. People shouted, cried, laughed, trembled, sang and worshipped. There were bodies everywhere. Like a battlefield. I saw dozens of people that looked like they had the encounter of their life, passionately crying out to God. The coffee break and even the next session were cancelled. We just continued to pray. Before long, a fire tunnel was created where we continued to pray for more spiritual baptism. The power was so strong. Really really strong.


The Fire Tunnel

A few hours later, Randy wrote on Facebook: “Tonight in Sweden we experienced an impartation service more amazing than anything we’ve seen in Europe in the last 20 years. Praise God!”

Amen, praise God.


  1. Josh Hoping says:

    Awesome! I love it when the people of Jesus awake and start doing the stuff Jesus called them to do! My prayer for you and everyone else at those conference is for you all to keep on walking it out and praying for folks in your every day lives.

    BTW – I like your comment about Randy’s theology. Like you, I love Randy’s passion for Jesus and, well, he has been used by God to influence a ton of folks. However, I have a hard time getting past some of the things he teaches… but unity on the big items and praise God that he is going forward and preaching the Gospel. =)

    • Amen, Josh, praise the Lord 🙂 Thanks for praying for us.

      On my Swedish blog I wrote a long post about Randy’s theology after the Malmo conference. Overall I like it and I think he carries the Wimber legacy well but sometimes its get a bit confusing when he mixes kingdom theology with word of faith teaching, and at some points I had the sense that his love for healing, which of course is good in itself, makes him downsize other important aspects of the Christian life, such as when he argues that repentance is changing the way we think about healing or that the cross Jesus told us to carry is the pain when people don’t get healed etc. But overall I like him.

      Huge blessings!

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  4. Evangelist Jonathan Hulton says:

    It is quite true that there is a stirring in the hearts of people for something more, something is that is no explained by natural means. People are so in need of Jesus, I pray that this blog will lead you to pray for the United kingdom as we seek Him and everything that is to follow

    • I’m so glad to hear that Jonathan, God bless you fully! You have a lot of good peiple to connect with in the UK like the Jesus Army, New Wine, Vineyard etc. Keep the fire burning!

  5. […] och bevittnat många helanden och andedop, något ni kan läsa om på David Wellstams och min engelska blogg. Som karismatiker får jag allt oftare höra av andra kristna att jag bör sluta tala om […]

  6. Zara says:

    Hello – I have a friend who is very excited about the revival in Sweden and she hopes to visit this summer. Which churches/ areas are experiencing revival that an English-speaking tourist could experience/ benefit from/ be involved with? Thank you

    • Hi, Zara! That’s awesome!! During summer we have a lot of Christian conferences that I think your friend will benefit from, but I also know several churches that would be great for her to visit, including my own church. If she wants she can stay in my place for a couple days in Uppsala and I’ll show her good churches and people here, then I think she should visit Gävle to meet my friend Simon Adahl and then Umeå in the north to visit a revivalist church called Bjorkstakyrkan.

      I need to know how long your friend is going to be here, which dates and her contacts. Please email that info to me at

      God bless you so much!

  7. […] but we gently said that it would be wrong to say that it’s a revival in Sweden. Even when a lot of people do get healed here and many are saved when we prophesy for them, revival is the wrong word, at least yet. Revival is […]

  8. There is one thing the bible clearly states. Many will have named and claimed, healed, prophesized, and casted out deamons. But Christ will tell them He never knew them.

    • Bill Sterling says:

      Centroferraris. Jesus both trained and commanded his disciples to DO these very things. Your argument either; has a hidden agenda; or, you believe Jesus was a hypocrite or delusional or both; or, you really don’t understand what he meant by his statement, but felt a need to say it anyhow, inasmuch as you’ve never done such a thing. I pick #1 as the basis of your post. Jesus said “I never knew you,” on a number of occasions, and for apparently different reasons. What’s “clearly” your agenda here, then?

  9. Martin Torn says:

    One thing I notice is, that none of these healing and miracle preachers speaks about the sign of living in the last days, and they never talk about repenting and turning away from sin. They focus on signs and miracles which we should be very careful with, since that is also what we read in the bible will happen in the last days. Signs and wonders, and no Gospel and no warnings as mentioned in the bible, that makes me wonder who theses preachers work for!

    • Hi Martin! My experience in Sweden is the opposite: charismatic preachers talk a lot about repentance, salvation and the last days, whereas non-charismatic preachers in the Church of Sweden and the Equmenia church only talk ethics, LGBT, and that all religions lead to God.

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