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All Things Charismatic – A Mennonite’s Perspective on Visions, Prophesy, and Miracles

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Deborah once again writes awesomingly about signs and wonders from a Mennonite perspective. I agree on *almost* everything, not being as critical as her towards the first group of charismatics she describes (those who believe that all people can prophesy).

Zweibach and Peace - Thoughts on Pacifism and Contemporary Anabaptism

ImageIf you read this article and you like it, you can check out some of my earlier thoughts on the Charismatic movement by reading this blog post:

In our modern world, the Charismatic movement has gotten a somewhat bad rap unless you are Pentecostal yourself.  There are two main ways of thinking of the charismatic movement according to the Christians that I have met.  The first way is to view it as a super incredible movement which is the answer to all of life’s problems.  I see this view played out all the time by churches which claim that they have raised people from the dead (I sincerely have my doubts about that one), go on mission’s trips with no other purpose than to preform healings, and have youth meetings where the only purpose is to receive Words from the Lord for one another.  Although these churches do provide…

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  1. Brian Shockley says:

    I do not know where else to state this, but this website, Micael Grenholm, and some of the links and/or people mentioned on this website have been interesting to say the least. I actually found out about this website when I was looking for a charismatic response to the Strange Fire conference. I did not know that I would be viewing so many videos on the prosperity gospel, when I visited this website. I have felt that I have been moving away from that (prosperity gospel) emphasis in my own life, but I do not feel that It is my place to call any ones teaching out on this. From this website, I discovered Heidi Baker and have been moved by some of her videos online.

    Concerning spiritual gifts, I agree with Wimber’s view. I do not see any harm in attempting to utilize spiritual gifts (in the right environment), even if not sure one is present. For instance, If someone needs healing, I don’t think its presumptuous to expect the gift of healing. Prophesy could be utilized/tried in much the same way. I think if we desire spiritual gifts we might as well give it a go. I heard one bible teacher say that we can preface the prophecy like- I sense that maybe….It goes without saying that everything must be tested. I think that small groups are an ideal way to begin. Greg Boyd, a theologian I have come across,(like the open view theism he espouses, do not like Christus Victor view so much) has mentioned that he believes that the gifts are to be utilized more in small groups verses in the large setting.

    I will be keeping up with this website. I will do my best to stay away from a kundalini spirit and chorus type music (just a little humor regarding the video that brought me to this website).

    • Wow!! I’m so encouraged and thankful to God to read this, Brian! So glad that you enjoy this site and that it introduced you to mama Heidi 🙂 Hit that follow button in the right column if you want to receive emails about new posts, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments as well. Huge blessings!

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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