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Worhip on the Streets

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Originally published on the Jesus Youth website.


During the last six months, a group of young people from around the UK have been gathering together to worship God on the streets and tell people about Jesus.

It all started after the Jesus Army’s main youth event, RAW, in August, 2016. Jack Brown from Northampton thought that it was amazing to see young people set ablaze for God, but that it shouldn’t just have to happen once a year. He approached some people from Coventry and talked about reaching out to others and equipping the church.


The format has been that young people from different locations and regions gather together, head out to the street and evangelise for a couple of hours. After that, the youth go to a local Jesus Army community house for some food and fellowship.

Jack says: “It’s nerve wracking sometimes to go evangelising alone. It’s easier to be a group. You can share God’s love in conversations but even more so in worship. People are attracted to music, and that gives us an opportunity to say ‘Hey, what’s up?’ It’s a great ice breaker!”


Street evangelism used to be more common several years ago, but today most churches in the UK never go out as a group.

“If we don’t get our young girls and guys involved, we might lose a generation”, Jack says. “We’re seeing a resurgence of evangelism in our church. It gives me joy to see it.”

Jack wants to continue to do this and encourages others to join:

“I like investing in people and seeing them grow and do things for the kingdom. I long for us to get our confidence back so that when people see us together, they just see God’s love.”

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