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Christian Trump Supporters are Increasingly Selling Their Souls

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I’m glad to see that evangelical theologian and leader Wayne Grudem has withdrawn his previous endorsement of Donald Trump due to a realization that he is a perverse sexist. As you might remember, Grudem called Trump a “good man with flaws”, something I and many others were quick to criticize. The recently revealed footage where Trump brags about kissing women without consent and groping them caused Grudem to research Trump’s views on sex, and he came to the not very surprising conclusion that it’s very, very sinful.

What Trump was doing in that video was not just describing how he wants to sexually assault women, but how he has actually done so. Indeed, Jill Harth has testified of how Trump has groped and even tried to rape her. These horrible sins cannot be excused as past misfortunes of a changed man, because the sexist, degrading view of women that makes these actions possible have been manifestly evident in Trump’s presidential campaign. Even after he was proclaimed as a newly born-again “baby Christian” by an evangelical leader, he Tweeted in the middle of the night about a former Miss Universe he didn’t like and told people to check out a “sex tape” she allegedly was in.

In fact, when the groping video was brought up in the latest Presidential debate, Trump’s response was bizarre. Calling his bragging about sexual assault “locker room talk”, he went on claiming that “nobody has more respect for women than I do” which is clearly false and started talking about how ISIS decapitates people and how he wants to stop them, a not-so subtle attempt to switch topic and relativise sexual assault. He’s completely crazy, and we ought to pray for him since his billionaire playboy life has made him unable to act normally or think straight.

Christian Trump supporters like the guys at Charisma, a site that has consistently mixed alleged prophecies about Trump’s presidency with outright Trump propaganda, are increasingly selling their souls to immorality and stupidity. It’s popular to compare Trump with Persian king Cyrus, who was an immoral idolater whom God still used to release His people from captivity. But that logic can as easily be applied to Hillary Clinton, or Adolf Hitler. “Yes, this candidate is horrible but God might still use him” is not an argument for voting for a particular person, because God can obviously use anyone.

The Christian Trump supporter movement will be remembered as a giant misstep by evangelicals and a major sin of American Christianity. As Christianity Today rightly points out:

Enthusiasm for a candidate like Trump gives our neighbors ample reason to doubt that we believe Jesus is Lord. They see that some of us are so self-interested, and so self-protective, that we will ally ourselves with someone who violates all that is sacred to us—in hope, almost certainly a vain hope given his mendacity and record of betrayal, that his rule will save us.

And again, Trump’s character and unfitness for presidency has been obvious from the very start. As a friend of mine wrote on Facebook: anyone realising now that Trump is immoral is like someone realising that Voldemort is the bad guy in the 7th Harry Potter book.


  1. lex6819 says:

    The Republican Party should immediately replace Trump with Evan McMullin. Evan McMullin is a much better candidate. McMullin is running as a 3rd party/independent/write-in candidate in most states, and will likely win at least one state (Utah). That could result in a 12th amendment election – in which neither of the top 2 candidates win enough electoral votes (they have to get 270 to win), and then the election decision goes to the House of Representatives to be decided. Evan is well respected by many Representatives, so it’s a good bet under those conditions, that he would be chosen. He’s a Mormon and has a really good chance at winning Utah.

    I saw a medical doctor actually discuss Trump’s mental state on television. Trump is probably not a narcissist since the children of narcissists usually want nothing to do with them, and he seems to have good relationships with his kids. His erratic behavior points to a (more likely) diagnosis of hypomania, but that’s still not something we want in a leader.

  2. Anders says:

    And Hillary Clinton is acting as a Christian should? Thou shalt laugh when you’re interrogated about defending a man who raped a 12 year old.

    And she hasn’t even apologized which Trump clearly has.

    “They see that some of us are so self-interested, and so self-protective, that we will ally ourselves with someone who violates all that is sacred to us”

    You mean like allying Saudi Arabia? Unless you don’t think stoning and crucifying people doesn’t violate what is sacred to us? One might think that crucifying people should be off limits when our Lord was crucified but maybe I’m just an evil conservative narcisstic republican so what do I know

    • Hello Anders! To think that Clinton would laugh at a rape of a 12-year-old is absurd and, of course, it’s not true.

      The US has allied with Saudi Arabia for decades under both Democratic and Republican Presidents because of the oil. I agree that it’s disgraceful, but Trump has made millions from trade with Saudi Arabia. On top of that, his praise of Putin, Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussein and other dictators doesn’t really make him an anti-Saudi champion.

  3. Helen says:

    Dear Michael…..
    Praise God, He can use anyone for His purposes ….even Mr Trump…..

  4. Justin says:

    So you would vote for Hillary?

  5. TruthSetsFree says:

    Let me get this right. Vote for the immoral career criminal and neocon warmonger, which may just start the nuclear conflagration, as opposed to voting for the doubtful oversexed dirty old man. I get it! Let see, I am engaged in a process that belongs to Cesar to begin with, not electing a church leader in which case I would vote for neither, but since I am trying to keep mine and myself alive, yes I will vote for the Donald and hope for the best. Anyone who does not see what this woman stand for and is, knows not the spirit of God! She’s a worker of iniquity!

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