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Aid and Revival in Mueda with Heidi Baker

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Yesterday Heidi Baker spoke at a church in Stockholm not far from where I live. I wasn’t aware of her trip until it was too late, but I’m not sad since yesterday was an amazing day for me even without Heidi. Jesus showed Himself to me again just as He did when I just had become a Christian and needed a sign for His presence. It was in my house church as the brothers and sisters prayed for a very important decision I have to make, and I sobbed and praised Him for revealing Himself in this manner for the first time in nine years.

heidi with children

But yeah, Heidi rocks! And her ministry Iris Global have just published two beautiful videos about a recent outreach to the Mueda region in Mozambique. The first one is just mute recordings from the adventure with a powerful and touching worship song on top of it:

In the second one Heidi and Iris staff narrates what actually happened on the outreach. Wells were dug, education was supported, a deaf-mute girl was healed and people were saved. Praise the Lord!

Iris also reports on their website about the current food crisis in southern Africa and how they respond:

People in Mozambique, Malawi, and the surrounding regions are experiencing severe food shortages. Heavy rains in northern Mozambique have washed away seeds and crops of subsistence farmers. Without a harvest, the farmers and their families have no income and no food to provide for themselves.


Currently Iris Global, in partnership with and Feed My Starving Children, has 2 containers that are en route with over 270,000 meals each. Through these strategic partnerships we have the opportunity for further shipments as funds allow.

Please pray:

  • for all those affected by the food shortages

  • for the Gospel to spread and Love to overcome

  • for our shipments to clear customs at minimal cost to Iris

  • how you can respond to this crisis

Donate here. God bless you.

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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