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Documentary on Medically Verified Miracles is Coming

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Elijah Stephens from Redding, California is a former Vineyard Pastor with the ambition to make a documentary about evidence for miraculous healings. The film’s working title is Prayer Movie, and in a recently released video Stephens describes the project idea as following:

In the video you can spot professor Candy Gunther Brown who has written Testing Prayer: Science and Healing dealig with this very issue, as well as Craig Keener who has documented several medically verified healings in his big book Miracles. Heidi och Rolland Baker along with Randy Clark will also be a part of the film.

While the documentation of inexplicable events is far from new, films on this topic are quite rare other than looking at specific, individual cases. Stephens give some really compelling arguments on his website for why Christians should welcome evidence to support miraculous claims rather than brushing it off as a sign of weak faith or as a way to test God. He refers to how Johsua commanded the Israelites to put stones in the middle of Jordan so that their grandkids can be reminded of the miracle God did there (Josh 4:4-7).

If you want to support the project you can donate to Stephens’ Kickstarter. If the target isn’t met you wont have to give your money away. I myself am very excited for this movie and will pray and give for it to become a reality!



  1. Agent X says:

    My question has more to do with Science vis-à-vis Faith – which have been at odds at least since Galileo peeped through his telescope.

    Why does it matter that science verify miracles? Isn’t science skeptical almost by definition? That would make it deeply foreign (if not opposed) to faith. Therefore, it would SEEM to me that scientific verification is made ruler over faith if we allow it.

    Of course that tips my hand and SEEMS to suggest I am in favor of being gullible. But I would actually rather pursue questions of how faith itself might verify miracles rather than science.

    So much for questions. They are not intended to sabotage your inquiry, but they are my honest questions nevertheless.

    • Hello X! Sorry for my late response.

      This is something that Stephens discusses on his website: There are already countless examples of how people are cured inexplicably after prayer. Again, the task that this documentary is taking is not new: many books and articles have already provided evidence for this. Inexplicable recoveries is exactly what you’d expect when God heals somebody.

      Science is mostly agnostic to the causes of inexplicable events, which is why many atheists and other non-Christians will argue that there may be a natural cause that we just don’t know about yet. When they do so, they profess faith, since they have no evidence for a future natural cause. We Christians may profess faith in that God did it.

      So scientific verification is neither excluding nor replacing faith, it just provides valid grounds to profess faith. It’s similar to how one probably can show scientifically that I became a Christian in 2006, and out of that profess the faith that I did so because God spoke to me.


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  4. Elijah’s Kickstarter features a recording of a prophet named Shawn Bolz, but he appears to get his revelations from his iPhone

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