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Salvation, Miracles and Activism: A New Form of Church Conference

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Right now I’m at a Christian conference called Salvation, Miracles and Activism in my hometown of Uppsala, and I’m one of the organisers. It’s not a conference in a big auditorium; but just like my church we meet in the streets and in my home. We’re about fifteen people; if we had been more we would have met in several homes at once. Yesterday we started things off with a Jesus meeting in the city park, and afterwards we went to my place to watch the epic trailer for my upcoming documentary and plan today’s activities.


The theme of the conference is how to combine evangelism, Spiritual gifts and activism for peace and justice. We’re talking about these things in my living room right now, and in the afternoon we will do a demonstration for the Act Alliance campaign Act for Climate Justice, and in the evening we will evangelise together with the Pancake Church. Tomorrow we will have a “Come in, go out”-service with my church Mosaik.


Basically, half of the conference is outside. This is of course because when Jesus trained His disciples they were outside a lot, healing and preaching and helping the poor. The Apostolic church in the book if Acts met in public places even more than they met in the homes. The streets and pagan temples belong to Christ, not the devil.


Our goal is that our little conference – or Jesus weekend – will be as simple as possible so that anyone can organise one, while it’s also radical, Jesus-centred and passionate. We’re not training ushers, sound technicians and musicians first and foremost but evangelists, prophets and activists. Our conferences should reflect that, so this is how we do it at Salvation, Miracles and Activism!


  1. Florian says:

    What a great idea! Very inspiring…

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