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New Amazing Film: Living in Christian Community

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living in community

When I visited the Jesus Army in the UK last summer – a church practicing community of goods – I filmed a lot. I collected hours of footage and decided to make a little 30-minutes documentary out of it. Life went on though, I laid the project on the shelf and a few weeks ago I discovered that somebody has already made such a documentary! Living in Community, or Leben in Gemeinschaft as the original German title reads, is a Swiss film that covers how community of goods works at the Jesus Army and eight other Christian groups in both Switzerland and the UK, and it’s a real inspiration in how we can practice the apostolic, shared lifestyle that signified the New Testament church. Wanna see it? Here it is:

The film makers write on their website:

During the years 2013 and 2014 we visited nine different christian communities in Switzerland and England. We gained insight into these communities and were able to capture statements from the people living that way.
This movie motivates and challenges the viewer to reflect upon the topic of living in community.

The movie is, as you can see above, free to watch online – so feel free to host a screening and share the inspiration!

Also check out this short bonus clip with Trevor Saxby, where he explains the Biblical foundation for community of goods:

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