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Heidi Baker, the Widow and the Love of Jesus

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Heidi Baker praying for a deaf woman

Heidi Baker praying for a deaf woman

Earlier this year, Iris Global in Mozambique reported about the devestating floods that struck Mozambique, leaving hundreds of thousands of poor people in big need. Iris has been working hard ever since to rebuild homes and helping local communities develop, while they are also praying for the sick, preaching the Gospel and even raising the dead. Recently, they publiched a video showing the movement’s leader Heidi Baker buying a bed for a widow called Louisa, whose house has been destroyed in the floods:

It’s very touching to see the genuine care of Heidi and the overflowing joy of Louisa. Earlier this year, Heidi wrote a newsletter saying:

It is time to cry out to the Lord. I feel God is bringing revival out of these floods. In tragedy it is the churches time to shine. We are here to show love to people. God hears our cries for help. He hears, sees, and is moving forward. Our God is a living God. In the middle of tragedy, He is here.

How will He show His love? Where are the hands that Jesus can use? When we lift our hands to the Lord, He will meet us with His love, power, and presence. We are the hands of the Lord extended to this land. Each one of us can hold the broken. God wants to use each one of us to stop for someone, hug someone, and tell them God is alive. We are here to be used by the Lord. We put our trust in the Lord to touch hearts.

Iris is by far the best missionary organization I know of, and I really want to encourage you to give to them monthly. The needs are great, and we need to get rid of our money to live simply as Jesus wants us to – so it’s a win-win. And please pray for more revival, poverty reduction and miracles in Mozambique.


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  2. unkleE says:

    Hey Micael, are these your photos? Would you be OK for me to use the one of Heidi Baker in a blog post on Candy Gunther Brown and the video you posted today please? I will acknowledge. Thanks.

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