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“Is He a Medium?” “No, He’s a Christian”

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Simon Adahl

Simon Adahl

A few days ago I attended a meeting with Simon Adahl, a musician and evangelist that has experienced many miracles. I have already written about how he was saved after his atheist wife saw the apostle Matthew, and how he and his friend Orjan prophesied in a Californian bar and told people stuff about them that they heard from God, which resulted in that four people received Jesus. Let me share with you some other cool things that they have experienced.

Simon loves missions, and when he attends the big Pentecostal conferences here in Sweden he is usually not on the platforms bragging about all the cool miracles he experiences, instead he is sitting in a booth marketing IBRA, a Swedish media missions organization, or Dagen, the biggest Christian newspaper. But of course, the Holy Spirit is active even when you’re not on a platform (thank God). This summer, a lady came to Simon and said that she had been healed from asthma.

“That’s great!” Simon said. “When did that happen?” “Two years ago, in the chair over there”, the lady responded and pointed inside Simon’s booth. This lady had been suffering from severe asthma since she was a little child, and had been using inhalers every night. She said that since the moment she was prayed for in the booth, all asthma disappeared and she hadn’t had a need for inhalers for two years.

Orjan was also at the meeting and he told us about how he and his wife went with Simon and his wife together with some friends from church on a holiday on a ferry to Finland. They were dancing at a club and when they sat down to have something to eat, they sat right by a man they hadn’t met before, who introduced himself as Peter. Orjan felt the Spirit of the Lord coming upon him and he told Peter “Right now, God is renewing your life!” And he commanded him to prophesy over them.

Orjan Armgren

Orjan Armgren

God’s Spirit filled Peter and he started to speak prophetic words over every single one of them. Three women from Turkey were sitting nearby and came and asked them what was going on. “Well”, Orjan said, “this man is prophesying over us, speaking words from God.” “Is he a medium?” “No, he’s a Christian.” “How much does it cost?” “It’s free!” “Then could he please prophesy over us?”

Now, only one of these women knew Swedish (or English, for that matter), the other two only spoke Turkish. She who knew Swedish received a prophetic word first. And here’s the freaky part, when the next woman came to Peter, he started to prophesy in Turkish. “Does he know Turkish?” the Swedish-speaking Turkish woman asked. “I don’t think so”, Orjan said. I’ve spoken to both Orjan’s and Simon’s wives who were also present, and they confirmed that this really happened.

Simon told another cool story: he had made a very tough decision that was impacting quite a few people. He was walking in the woods, talking with God and struggling with if it really was a good decision. When he came back home, he said to God “I want clear confirmation, Lord. If this was the right thing to do, tell somebody to call me and say ‘Thus says the Lord: You have done the right thing!’ No smalltalk or chitchat, just that plain message.”

Don’t you think that nine minutes later, Sune, a guy I also know, calls Simon and says “Thus says the Lord: You have done the right thing!” Simon was pretty amazed. What are the odds for that? Sune later revealed that he was just doing his daily business when he strongly felt the Lord speak to him and tell him to call Simon to say those very words without even greeting first.

Now, you may think that these people are just all a bunch of liars. And that could be true. However, what I find exciting is that if they speak the truth, God exists. I cannot come up with a scenario where these guys speak the truth and yet God does not exist. And so, this ancient philosophical debate narrows down to the honesty of some Swedish hubbies. And personally, based on the many times I’ve met, talked and hanged around with Simon and Orjan, I find them meek and honest, and their experiences are rather normal if you compare it with the Bible, while a non-supernatural life is rather abnormal.

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