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Is Europe Encountering a New Holocaust?

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Islamophobic propaganda from Front National

Islamophobic propaganda from Front National

Yesterday’s election to the European Parliament was a shock to many people: the clear winners are the far-right, xenophobic and racist parties. Parties that want to decrease or stop non-Western immigration, and whos representatives say the most insane things about Muslims, Jews, homosexuals and other minorities:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of french party Front National that won a stunning 24 % of the french vote, has famously questioned the facts concerning the holocaust and has said that the gas chambers were a minor detail of world war two. And just a few weeks ago he said that the Ebola epidemic might solve the “migration problem” by killing non-Europeans. Jean-Marie led Front National for almost 40 years until he handed over the leadership to his daughter three years ago. She has distanced herself from her father’s antisemitism, instead the party is now extremely islamophobic and wants to stop non-Western immigration to France.

In the United Kingdoms, UKIP won a victory similar to Front National, and while they are not very antisemitic they are very hostile to immigrants. Their leader Nigel Farage has made racist statements concerning Romanians, he only wants to welcome Christians from Syria and not Muslims, and the party is overflowing with hostile stereotyping of non-British nationalities.

The depressing list could go on and on. The Danish People’s Party, that also had a success in the European election yesterday, wants to totally stop Muslim immigration, which obviously is clear religious discrimination. The Austrian FPÖ, which for a long time was lead by neo-Nazi Jörg Haider and which wants to stop immigration to “protect the cultural identity of Austria”, got 20% of the Austrian votes. And then we got the really bad guys: Jobbik from Hungary whose supporters say that the Roma people will die, that wants to register all Jews because they view them as a “national security risk” and that send neo-Nazis to the European Parliament. And of course Golden Dawn, who got 10 % of the Greek votes – their representatives deny the holocaust and quote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Greek parliament. And oh, their flag is very similar to the Germanic Nazi swastika.

Now, some would say that it is unfair to talk about these parties as one group – there are some major differences between UKIP and Golden Dawn. And that’s true to some extent, which is evident by the fact that many of these parties don’t want to cooperate with each other – Front National distance themselves from Jobbik and Golden Dawn because they’re nazis, and UKIP and the Danish People’s Party distance themselves from Front National because they’re Nazis. But even though there are differences, these parties all share an excluding nationalism and a hostility towards immigrants – especially non-White immigrants.

The ambition to close European borders will kill people. In fact, it’s already killing them. Thousands of people have drowned when they try to get into Europe on unsafe boats, since it’s illegal for them to come by plane, train or some other legal way. And then think about the people who die because they can neither take the plane or an unsafe boat to Europe. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, six million people have died since 1997 due to the conflict there. Many of them were probably to poor to go anywhere, but even those that would have had money to fly to Europe would not be able to, since it is illegal to come to Europe of your goal is to seek asylum.

It’s impossible to know how many people have died because of Europe’s closed borders, but it’s clear that even more would die if the populist xenophobic parties manages to close the borders even more. The new holocaust is already here. And when it comes to Jobbik and Golden Dawn, I fear that in ten to twenty years they may actually commit a real genocide on Romas, Jews, Muslims and homosexuals if nothing is done. We should not say that it can’t happen, because when it comes to Europe it has happened big time.

We desperately need to pray for Europe. Pray for love, peace, compassion, generosity, hospitality and friendship. Pray for internationalism, solidarity and justice. Pray for all of our hundreds of minorities, that they will be comforted and strengthened in their fight against evil. Pray for revival, evangelism and more of God’s presence in Europe.


  1. Luc says:

    Jean-Marie Le Pen’s comment – “Monseigneur Ebola could sort that out in three months” (monseigneur means Bishop or refers to member of noble rank in French) – was given 4 DAYS before election. As a result (or not), he tripled his score compared to last election.
    We do need your prayers!

  2. […] Vi ska vare sig förakta judar, romer, muslimer eller några andra. Vi ska passionerat älska och välsigna alla människor och betjäna dem såsom vi hade betjänat Kristus själv. Ju fler som delar den inställningen, desto mindre risk för ett nytt europeiskt folkmord. […]

  3. […] Vi ska vare sig förakta judar, romer, muslimer eller några andra. Vi ska passionerat älska och välsigna alla människor och betjäna dem såsom vi hade betjänat Kristus själv. Ju fler som delar den inställningen, desto mindre risk för ett nytt europeiskt folkmord. […]

  4. Dennis Blond says:

    My name is Dennis Hald (Dennis Blond Hald Jensen)
    People call me the Holy Spirit. I am King

    First I just want to clear out that I did not hurt the bedouin,they were hired to take care of the sand, it were Alan Blond Jensen and Mikael Blond Jensen and I can not undo what they did, they wont do it, and I dont kill people. they have to go to prison.
    And you cant trust the Danish state it is overrun by nazi.

    we have entered the Encountering Holocaust.
    There is to much corruption.
    The first thing that is noticed before war is corruption, pleas lookup ww2 The whole value system is broken, it happened in Denmark, Herning
    many years back, and it were the police that stole gold and money.

    A bank director, investigated, and the bank called him, and told him the truth.

    His words were then we are entering the biggest war of all time, we aint taking honor for that, and As far as I remember 4 bank directors stopped working in the bank, it was over, they took ordinary jobs.
    the word is that were my grand father.
    My grand father were active during ww2, in the resistance pouring suaker in concrete 🙂

    People have said we did not take side, we did
    We dont like slavery. we took mankinds side.

    The Holocaust it is big industry……………..
    it is in state
    the private sector
    And so on

    nothing really works

    A other thing
    Could you pleas help me get that passport from the EU

  5. I made a mistake whit the mail
    sorry 🙂

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