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Sweden is Preparing for Revival

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Worship at the Heaven Now conference in Stockholm

It’s exciting to see what’s happening in Scandinavia right now. Sweden’s starting point for revival is perfect – we are one of the most secularised countries in the world, xenophobia and racism is spreading, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer – in other words, we’re desperate for something that will turn everything upsidedown. And there are so many disciples that are desperate for this. So many are not only praying for revival, but acting revival, spreading the Kingdom on the streets, in the schools, on the Internet -everywhere! Let me give you some examples of what is going on:

Cessationism is dead in Sweden. I have met one Swedish cessationist in my lifetime, and he wasn’t very young. Among the youth, charismatic theology is almost universal, and more and more are praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And we’re less focused on people and more on God. This weekend hundreds of people gathered in Stockholm for a Heaven Now conference with students from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in California. No big names, just students. And God was there, and people were so hungry, and after they prayed and worshipped they went out on the streets to share the love of God with others.

And we do see a lot on the streets. Me myself is leading street evangelist groups, several others are going out regularly to pray for the sick and preach the Gospel. My friend Durckheim Blessing is seeing a lot, as is evident in the clip above. More and more people start questioning the tradititional, unbibilical way of doing church where the service really isn’t a service but a internal concert followed by a lecture, more and more people wants to go out, take risks, connect with strangers and see daily miracles and conversions.

Again, this is very clear among the youth. I have the privilege of being one of the admins of a Facebook groups with 6000 members, mostly young Christians, who share testimonies, prayer requests and encouragement. An organisation called New Generation has planted hundreds of Christian school groups across Sweden’s high schools and colleges, and is larger than all the political parties’ youth branches combined!

New Generation is clearly evangelical and charismatic. Once, the secular media tried to frame them as an extremist organization, highlighting that “they believe that God can heal cancer.” Well, we all do.

We hear a lot of prophecies about revival in Sweden, and I am hopeful that this lies not far away. And what really gets me excited is that the Swedish revivalists are very open for peace and justice. The biggest Christian youth event preaches pacifism. Shane Claiborne is extremely popular among the charismatic youth. So is Heidi Baker and Iris Global. Perhaps God put me in Sweden just to see and minister in the revival I long for – that combines miracles, evangelism and activism.


  1. Eric wakoli says:

    Dear faithful servant of God,how are you doing? it is of great
    apleasure to meet you, iam pastor Eric wakoli from kenya born again by christian faith.i have been visting your website regulary and get blessed with your meaningful services & preachings,they had real touched my heart together with my church members.due to your strongfaith about good God we serve,i do request your fellowship of making
    astrong prayer team,i had decided so because your belief agrees with our faith.togetherness shall make us uplift each other in prayer,also will enable us do more to magnify his name.indeed you are the best person i should stay connected to because your sermons injects life to dead you well know time is over for the church.we are only living in his grace and mercies.therefore let us prepare mature church for the blessed and will be glady to hear from you soonest.surely we love you
    and get hundreds of hugs from my members.
    Sent via Nokia Email

    • Judi Keener says:

      Love what you wrote. We are in the United States. Elevate church near Atlanta Georgia — We are in agreement with you!!. Injects LIFE into dead. yes We have a pastor, and we are ON FIRE. Had an older man healed of cancer Sept 7 2015 — we prayed — in that incomparably great power that GOD EXERTED WHEN HE RAISED CHRIST FROM THE DEAD!! Ephesians one

  2. Judi Keener says:

    WOW wonderful God is moving in Sweden!!! YAY GOD. What is the FB page? I want to get on it. And I love what Eric Wakoli wrote

  3. Jason Brown says:

    BEN*JAM is notably one of the fieriest groups ever to be associated with Southern/Country Gospel Music. Their music transcends borders. Recently there has been a huge rise in streaming audio from Sweden & Finland of this Tennessee based band. With album series entitled “Prepare To Meet God” & “You Need The Holy Ghost” half of their songs are mid-tempo to up-tempo. Currently, in Semi-retirement due to pastorship, they have a single out to radio “Alive In My Arms”, which their promotions company “BEN JAM HOUSE” will be promoting and tracking through May 2016. Benchmark Church, Pastored by Rev. Benjamin Blankenship, is notably one of the heaviest promoters for Southern/Country Gospel in their area. The took it from being abandoned and now the small church has been dubbed for having more revival services than anywhere in their area. This year Benchmark Church is putting an enormous emphasis on prayer & fasting – and they’re seeing results from it.

  4. udjasiri wa kahasha ndjimby says:

    hello dear brother, I praise God so much to see what He is doing through your hands. to see how people they are very busy to God’s business. Jesus used to be busy to His father’s businesses. God bless you and wishes you all the best. I am in Africa. DRC/ Kinshasa is my country; in North-Kivu province, city of Goma. I would like that we can have friendship with your community. here in the DRC we got churches I planted in different cities and villages. we work in the apostolic doctrine.
    thank you and God bless you. I look forward to hear from you.

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