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New Song: God is a Criminal

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I wrote a song the other day! It goes like this:


1. God is a criminal, it isn’t hard to see

In the book of Acts He breaks the law to set the captives free

An unjust law is no law at all, compassion is the key

God is a criminal, so that’s what I want to be


2. God is a hippie, it isn’t hard to tell

He commands us to love our enemies and all our stuff to sell

Among the poor and prostitutes is where He likes to dwell

God is a hippie, and so am I as well


3. God is a fundamentalist, you shouldn’t be surprised

He believes His Word and stands for truth, and never ever lies

For His own divine opinion, He suffered much and died

God is a fundamentalist, and therefore so am I


4. God is a holy roller, imagine if you can!

He casts out devils and speaks in tongues even more than any man

When His Spirit comes upon you, you go down with a big loud BAM!

God is a holy roller, so that’s what I also am


5. God is an extremist from every point of view

He isn’t balanced; He chooses sides for what is just and true

The oppressed, insane and radicals – that is God’s own crew

God is an extremist – and you should be one too


Feel free to share it on, and sing it in your churches and on the streets 🙂


  1. suri says:

    Just great, Micael!
    Looking (or hearing) forward for more!
    Peace /suri

  2. Chris Gorton says:

    Absolutely wonderful Micael. May we all stand for and with our criminal king!

    For the king,


  3. […] of you seemed to like my song God is a Criminal so I’ve written some more – I actually got eight songs now about miracles, activism […]

  4. I trust your song, Mike, he showed me only His Arrogance, Which was no idea of mine at all that I could ‘testify(!)’ to counting on His ‘Famous’ Palace, greetings, J.A., Stgo., Chile,, there’s also a semi-ac. one, Wendy, with myself, do you speak any Danish, please?

  5. Excuse me, I meant He, J.A

  6. […] that something is illegal doesn’t mean that it is immoral. That’s the point of my song God is a Criminal. God send an angel to free Peter from prison in Acts 12, that was illegal. But it was right. Many […]

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Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

Micael Grenholm, a Swedish charismactivist, apologist and author.

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