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When Heaven Invades Africa

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The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised and the good news are being preached to the poor. – Mt 11:5


From a Crusade with Christopher Alam

I’ve known Andreas Cucca for over a year through the internet, but today I got to meet him in person for the first time. He is working with the Swedish organization Go Out Mission and has participated in almost 20 crusades all over the world, primarily Western Africa and Southern Asia. I kindly asked him if he could share some miracle stories, and he just went off like a cannon ball:

“Wow, where should I start? The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, cancer tumours disappear! I prayed for a mute man in Guinea that hadn’t been able to speak since he was born, now he was between 20 and 30 years old and his first words were Jesus, hallelujah, amen. Another time I proclaimed that the lame were healed and a lame beggar outside the campaign area was instantly healed, everyone went wild when they saw it! And another time we had prayed that the blind would be healed and a man came to the stage and said that he used to be blind but now he could see. However, his eyes still looked really blurry so we wondered if he really was telling the truth, but he could grab my nose when I asked him and while he was there on stage, I saw with my own eyes how all bluriness disappeared and his eye became normal. It was a creative miracle!”

And so on and so on. These things I expect from missionaries to Africa nowadays, I get surprised if they haven’t seen the blind see and deaf hear. A couple of weeks ago I met James Thompson, an Australian guy who together with his wife Sarah had served for Iris Ministries in Zimbabwe. He shared the most amazing testimonies about a sweet, blind old woman that could see her grandson for the first time after God healed her, as well as about a deaf-mute who started to hear and speak:

And there’s more. Heidi Baker, the leader for Iris Ministries, have literally prayed for hundreds of deaf ears and blind eyes that have opened. The same thing counts for evangelist Christopher Alam, whom in his book All Things is Possible also writes about a lot of creative miracles. And then we have the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, which includes thousands of these miracles.

God is so good. But of course, there’s still a lot of suffering on the African continent, everyone aren’t healed, the devil is still active in destroying people’s lives. But God’s counterattack is indeed massive!

I don’t get when people say “Why does God give gold teeth to Westineers instead of helping people in Africa?” What do you mean “instead of”? God’s power isn’t limited, when a miracle is absent it isn’t because He is busy elsewhere, but because of sin, unbelief, demons, unforgiveness or some other crazy shit. And we know that all who turn to the glory of God will enjoy it without any suffering or death forever, when Satan is destroyed.

Until then, there’s a war going on between good and evil, something I saw with my own eyes in Kahoyi, South Africa, where we liberated people from demons. God’s Kingdom is invading the earth, bringing signs, wonders, peace, justice and the glorious Gospel about salvation. If there’s something God isn’t, it’s being absent in Africa.


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