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Humanitarian Relief and Supernatural Healing in the Philippines

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Earlier this month the super-typhoon Bopha struck the Philippine island of Mindanao, the eighth most populated island in the world. Over 1000 people have died,  300 000 are homeless and the International Committee of the Red Cross is reporting that there is an urgent need for continuous humanitarian support in order to avoid enormous suffering.


The missionary organisation Iris Ministries gave a quick response to the disaster. They wrote on their website:

We aim to go into the shelters and partner with other relief groups on the ground to help distribute food and aid as well as pray for the sick, broken, the hurting. The team will be ready to go into the worst situations and will network with other organisations and local churches.

And four days ago they reported:

Iris Relief 1st Response Team alongside Operation Blessing were able to bring food, clothing and medical supplies to 160 families in Mangayon Barangay near Compostela. We held a children’s program and prayed for the sick.

As you can see, humanitarian aid was combined with prayer for healing. The team got to pray for a lady who was suffering from severe arthritis in her knees. Watch how she is filled with joy when the pain suddenly disappears:

They also prayed for a girl who had been deaf in her left ear since birth that got her hearing back:

God bless the ICRC, MSF and all other secular relief organisations, but unlike Iris they aren’t praying for miracles. This is sad, since miracles are truly needed in a crisis. I therefore urge you to give a generous Christmas gift to Iris Ministries and to pray for more blessings and supernatural power over them. Please also spread the word about the crisis in the Philippines. We should join the Holy Spirit in zealous activism to end this horrible suffering.


  1. mnw0610 says:

    What are the believers in Philippines doing with regards to this disaster? Waiting for the rapture?

  2. mnw0610 says:

    And I don’t mean to be mean, but with Philippines a predominantly Catholic nation, where are their religious leaders in the midst of all these suffering? In the Vatican whining over a butler?

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  5. Please pray to our heavenly Father that i will experience His blessings and a transformation for the better in my spiritual,physical,financial,social and ministry life.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga
    P.O Box 3305

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