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The Political Idolatry of the American Church

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Ramone Romero is posting the most beautiful, heart-breaking and hopeful artwork and poems I’ve ever seen, on his blog Wheeping Jeremiahs. He expresses prophetic tears over the political idolatry of many American Christians. I’ll let some of his paintings and poems speak for themselves:

My children! My children!
Put down your flags!
I am not calling you to carry
the righteousness of any nation,
but to carry the Cross!
I am not calling you to defeat your enemies,
but to love them as I loved you.

“Do not listen to those who prophesy
in accordance with your flags,
for I have not sent them;
they are prophesying lies in My name
and are following a ‘Christ’ they have made
in their own image—an ‘anti-christ.’

“They do not listen to Me when I speak,
nor do they turn from their pride,
but instead continue to follow their passions.
They have become like brute beasts,
unreasoning creatures of instinct
who revile what they do not understand.

“Do not follow the beast,
but repent and return to the Lamb!”

“Who is your God, America?
To whom do you give your sons and daughters?
For whom did your founding fathers sacrifice lives?
What god has been worth the price of these?

“I am He who was sacrificed on the Cross once and for all
to give you an everlasting freedom and eternal peace.
But your god demands the continual sacrifice of your young
and only rewards you with the unrest of ‘eternal vigilance’!

“I am He who gave His life for those who were My enemies,
and I am He who commanded My servants not to fight to protect Me.
But your god demands that you fight and kill your enemies
in order to keep it safe and from being taken away.

“Repent! Repent, My people!
Repent and turn to the only true God!
Repent and turn to the One
who sets you free in the Cross!”

“My people have turned to an image instead of to Me!
They have set up an image of the circumcision
as My unconditionally chosen and favored people.
They turn their eyes from the sins of the circumcision
and see only their righteousness among the nations:
righteous in heart and action, lacking only a belief in Christ.

“My people prophesy My favor for those who bless the image
and judgments for those who curse the image.
Instead of declaring that My heart is My Son,
My people declare that ‘Israel’ is the center of My heart!
Instead of teaching the commands of My Son,
My people preach honoring the circumcision as My command!

“Woe! Woe to My people who have become prostitutes!
“Woe! Woe to My people who give authority to the circumcision
and put themselves under the image they have made of them!
Woe to My people who pressure others to join in their adultery!
Return! Repent and return, My people!
Leave Babylon and return to the everlasting gospel!”

“My kingdom will come at the appointed time.
I have called you to submit to My Father’s will
in the ways He brings about the kingdom on earth.
As heaven obeys My Father’s will,
and as I submitted to My Father’s will,
so I have called you also to obey
My Father’s will instead of your own.

“I have not called you to take dominion over the kingdoms of the earth,
nor have I called you to make the kingdoms of the earth into My kingdom.
Just as it is My Father alone who sets the time of My return,
so also it is My Father alone who hands Me the kingdoms of the earth.

“Until the last day,
My kingdom will not be in the world
but will be within you.
My kingdom is not of this world,
for the world’s treasures
are power, wealth, and land—
but My treasures are your hearts.

“Seek My kingdom first,
and let My Father take care
of all other things.”


  1. Michael Snow says:

    Amen. My feeble attempt to say some of those same things is in a story about the Christmas truce of WWI, which, in itself, is a heartbreaking story.

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