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Amazing Testimonies from Kampala, Uganda

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Two months ago I wrote about the great Christ for all Nations campaign in Gulu, Uganda. Here are some testimonies from the earlier Kampala campaign, written by evangelist Daniel Kolenda:

Day 1

Last night we were received by the president of Uganda, his wife and his whole family at the state house, where we had dinner and wonderful fellowship. Afterword evangelist Bonnke preached the Gospel and we prayed over the first family.

Formerly blind lady

Formerly blind lady

Tonight evangelist Bonnke preached a powerful evangelistic message and thousands responded. Then we prayed for the sick and wonderful miracles of healing began to take place

An old lady who was totally blind in both eyes received her sight tonight.

A father carried his daughter from the hospital with the intravenous catheter (from an i.v. drip) still attached to her arm. She was inflicted with both typhoid fever and malaria.

Tonight she was totally healed and she walked, unaided, up onto the platform to testify.

Jumping healed man

Jumping healed man

A man who had a severe back injury in a motorcycle accident was confined to a back brace. Tonight, after the power of God came on him, he ripped that brace off and began to dance and jump!

Day 2

      A lady who had four lumps in her breasts said that, during the prayer, she felt heat cascade over her and she felt like things were leaving her body. Afterward, she checked her breasts and found that

all the lumps had completely disappeared along with all pain!

A woman who had fallen into a pit and broken her arm went to the doctors, who put it in a cast, but it did not heal properly – it was twisted and misshapen. But during the prayer she said she could hear popping and cracking coming from her arm. Before her very eyes that twisted arm snapped into place and is now perfectly normal!

Woman healed from lumps in the breast

Woman healed from lumps in the breast

Another woman who had a back injury also heard the bones snapping and popping as the spine righted itself and now she is completely well!

As I was praying for the sick and rebuking sicknesses, demons began to manifest all over the place. Many were violently thrown to the ground as the demons were leaving their bodies. This mass deliverance that started tonight will continue tomorrow night. I will be breaking the familiar local curses in the name of Jesus and we will burn the articles of witchcraft that are brought; charms fetishes, amulets, idols etc.

Day 3

A young man, totally blind in both eyes for five years received his sight tonight!

HIV negative young man

HIV negative young man

Another young man with AIDS was hit by the power of God on Wednesday. He said he felt electricity going through his body. He was so sure he had been healed that he came forward to give his testimony. But the ushers told him to go see his doctor and have a check-up. Tonight he brought the diagnosis straight from the hospital – I read it with my own eyes – HIV NEGATIVE!

A crippled girl walked for the first time tonight as well as a lame woman who was carried to the meeting!

Martin, these are but a small sampling of the many wonderful things that Jesus is doing. But the greatest miracle of all was the many thousands who surrendered their hearts to Christ tonight, making him Lord and Savior. This is the Jubilee that Uganda needs and this is the acceptable year of the Lord’s favor!

Day 4

What a glorious day we’ve had in the presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit fell in power in both the Fire Conference this morning and then again in the mass meeting tonight. As Peter said on the day of Pentecost, “This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel.”

Many demoniacs were delivered, deaf ears were opened, paralytics walked and tumors disappeared! Multitudes responded to the Gospel and received Jesus as Savior and Lord. Our bodies are weary, but our spirits are soaring.

The Harvest

The Harvest

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