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Praying for Paris: Terrorism and Climate Change

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In two weeks time I was supposed to go to Paris together with other climate activists. We’re awaiting instructions on whether the trip will be possible, but right now I’m mourning and praying for the victims of the horrible terrorist attacks in the French capital yesterday. In this video I share some thoughts on how torespond to such attrocities, and why attention to Paris is extremely important also when it comes to decisions on climate change, wince these can potentially save millions of lives.

There is also a great injustice in that terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in Lebanon or Iraq are rarely called “attacks on humanity” or spawn Facebook campaigns. The media values white life more than other people’s lives, that’s a fact. And it is wrong and sinful. 200 000 people have been killed in Syria, that’s one Paris attack every day for the last four years.

Let us pray to God for peace and justice, and also that we may be uncorrupted by the flawed logic of this world. Let us pursue holiness and righteousness, and strive for simplicity and equality as Jesus modelled for us. Let us love our enemies, pray for the repentance of ISIS and let us send missionaries to them! Let us receive the refugees that flee from them and present them the Gospel of life. Let us love our way out of the darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Image by Michele Perry

Image by Michele Perry


  1. Agent X says:

    My unchecked consumption accumulates with that of others and causes damage to my world. I am largely blind to this.

    My consumption plays a part in contributing to oppression and then violence like we see in Paris. I am blind to this too.

    Jesus is the answer and evermore thoughtful devotion to him will make the way for peace with enemies and with nature.

    My prayer for Paris is a step in that direction.

    Got it.

    I’m on it.


  2. D-Bo says:

    This article exposes a lot. The author does not live in the real world….of Christianity or “science.”

    1. There is no connection between climate change and Christianity. And
    muslims are NOT angry about climate change!! Muslims hate and kill because of islam which teaches intolerance.

    2. Liberals actually hate science and do NOT accept the truth of real science. Liberals want the results of any study that gives them the “facts’ they can twist into something that suits them. THEN, they claim science.

    3. Climate change has been going on for as long as the Earth has been in existence. It was not created by US manufacturing in the last 50 years. All those ICE AGES followed by warm periods.

    4. Liberals pretty much stay miserable all the time…never happy. They do not like competition. They do not like work. They do not like logic, reason, or rational thinking. Many become hippies or accept much of the hippie
    lifestyle and the hippie view of how the world should be. They do not like success achieved by way of hard work. (it makes hippies look bad)

    5. Liberals do not like to accept reality, but live in a dreamworld where everybody is equal, and evil religions are equal to standard Christianity—mainstream, established religions(Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc). They
    see only a gentle side of islam and have high praise for this religion of death and hatred. They see hope and love where hope and love is never mentioned or intended.

    6. Liberals automatically despise white people. Everybody else is good.
    Caucasians of European descent have ruined the Earth. Primitive tribes automatically get credit for nuturing the Earth, as do non-Caucasians. Booming economies are despised…they make lazy liberals feel bad because it removes their excuse for not having a job.

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