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People Aren’t Illegal in God’s Eyes

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I’ve understood that people currently talk a lot about migration in the United States; Donald Trump has brought up the issue in his presidential campaign and I have seen many Americans on social media and in the commentary section of this blog. They often express severe xenophobia, particularly towards Latin American migrants from Mexico whom they emphasize are “illegal aliens.” My very conservative friend Rick Lamascus who is a very faithful reader of this blog even though he disagrees with most of what I write, has argued:

“Controlled Immigration is not a problem. What is a problem is illegal aliens pouring across the US border. It is like poison to our schools, hospitals, and jobs.”


“We have at least 30 million illegal aliens. Our schools systems are flooded and the hospital emergency rooms are flooded with illegals who pay NOTHING. Our sorry politicians are such prostitutes. They constantly pass legislation to give the illegals more and more.”

As you can see, to him “illegal” is not just something you do, it is something you are. Instead of talking about “people” or “neighbors” (which Mexicans obviously are to US Americans), Rick talks about “illegals” – as if it was a job or ethnicity.

Benjamin Corey has written a very good article on why Christians should stop talking about “illegal immigrants.” His reasons are:

  1. The term “illegal immigrant” is a misleading and dishonest term, which violates the 9th commandment.
  2. The term “illegal” singles out those who committed one, specific, federal misdemeanor, but is never applied to other violations.
  3. The term “illegal immigrant” has morphed into a racial epithet.
  4. The term “illegal immigrant” cultivates hostility, animosity, and mistrust against our neighbors.
  5. The term “illegal immigrant” is dehumanizing.

Check out his blog post for his explanations to each point.  I would add some other reasons: the Bible never talks about illegal immigrants. Got questions has argued that the Biblical commands to welcome aliens, treat them as natives and love them as oneself (Lev 19:33-34) should be nullified when it comes to illegal immigrants – then we’ll obey Romans 13 instead and support deportation – but Lev 19:33-34 has no exceptions. If Romans 13 means that we can ignore God’s command when a worldly authority says something that contradicts it, then I guess God wants Christians in North Korea to become atheists and that he wanted Christians in Germany in Poland to kill all the Jews.

See, the fact that something is illegal doesn’t mean that it is immoral. That’s the point of my song God is a Criminal. God send an angel to free Peter from prison in Acts 12, that was illegal. But it was right. Many poor people who enter rich countries illegally do so to get a better life for themselves and their children. Bob Ekblad has many such testimonies of poor, marginalized undocumented migrants who struggle to get a brighter future.

In Europe, all European immigrants are legal but all from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia etc have to enter illegally – because there is no way to enter legally. That’s why there are reports about people drowning in the Mediterranean, it’s when migrants try to enter the lands of the rich. European policy is to not grant visas for refugees, so they can’t fly. Many who have entered Europe illegally get asylum and thus gets a legal permit to stay after some time, just as many Americans want to grant undocumented residents citizenship after they’ve been there for a while.

The fact that something is illegal expresses nothing else that the government currently don’t want you to do it. This doesn’t mean that it is immoral or wrong however; as Martin Luther King said: Never forget that everything Hitler did was legal. MLK himself did illegal stuff though, which helped him abolish American apartheid. In God’s eyes, we’re all sinners, but the Scripture never calls anyone “illegal”. Actions can be illegal, not people.


  1. ricklamascus says:

    There is legal immigration and there is illegal immigration. They are illegal aliens because they:
    1. Broke the law by coming in without proper documents as law requires
    2. Alien because they are deliberately outside the law

    Legal immigration keeps count and keeps control so that the host country does not get destroyed.

    In the past, the US has been by far the most generous nation ever in the history of the world. But that will change. In order to be generous, one has to be prosperous. We now have President who is a full time atheist, a part time muslim, a communist, and a racist who despises white males, just like his mother taught him. He despises America and is doing everything in his power to destroy all the traditions and our place as leader of the world. He is allowing the US to be flooded with the exact people who have NO record of being prosperous and generous. It is what it is.

    Christianity is dying out. Churches are closing. Our own government has
    turned against Christianity. The population has turned against Christianity and rejects the Bible as a guide. We import muslims who have no intention of becoming Americans and are impossible to convert to Christianity. And there are precious few Christians to convert them.

  2. ricklamascus says:

    If you enter a country by illegal means, your are in that country illegally.
    People who opposes this simple fact are looking for some silly way to defy simple facts and logic.

  3. ricklamascus says:

    I read Benjamin Corey’s article. I was not impressed. It was the usual childish argument….completely ignoring the blatant problem of coming into any country illegally. It is not 2000 years ago, when 5 small families left a
    drought-stricken area to make a living elsewhere. Foreigners have heard that if a person sneaks into the US, NO action will be taken. You will get all kinds of free stuff that is paid for by the US taxpayers. Then you can vote
    by illegal means to pass laws and put corrupt politicians in office who will give you even more. They are not coming here to “work hard.” Most are
    coming here to get a free handout and then are contemptuous of the very people who paid for the handout that never stops—- and a handout that the US taxpayer cannot get. Benjamin Corey sounds like an immigration lawyer or someone who benefits from illegals. There are few examples of illegals who want to “join America.” Most want to abuse a system that has been out of control since 1970….due to corrupt Democrats and Republicans and a corrupt Supreme Court. The truth is…illegal aliens are most abusive of generous Christians. That is the only Christian connection I see any of this. Only LEGAL immigration should exist in any country. Illegal immigration is self-destructive. That’s why Mexico deals harshly with the illegal aliens who break into Mexico.
    It is the same as if somebody breaks into your house and will not leave. Who cares if they wash dishes and mow the lawn, etc.? They are destroying your home and your family. They are not up for adoption. They are stealing your home and lifestyle, forever. That is way different than renting a room to somebody.

  4. Recently a family member in Arizona got upset because a friend of ours (Canadian like us) was denied a work visa to take a teaching job in Ohio where her now-husband is getting his PhD. She dropped the line that it’s ridiculous how Obama has given free rein to all these illegals but wouldn’t let her in. There’s an irony here.

    By definition, the people she’s upset about are there legally. There are many who are there illegally, but that wasn’t her complaint – the complaint was against those who came in and then were granted some kind of legal standing (not citizenship, but they’re allowed to stay). Our friend on the other hand has never had any legal citizenship rights in the U.S. We can say we know her and the U.S. is worse off without her, but them saying no to her is completely consistent.

    The difference didn’t even have anything to do with legality. The difference is that she’s a middle-class white Canadian woman, not a blue-collar latino struggling to survive.

    That’s not a commentary on how exactly the U.S. should fix their immigration system. It is, however, a commentary on what people really mean when they drop the term “illegals,” like you’ve discussed here. The rhetoric is driven by dehumanizing people, most extreme in instances like Trump’s comment that all Mexicans are rapists.

    If you think the U.S. (or Canada, or Europe) needs tighter immigration controls, that’s fair. But if you’re going to talk about them, at least talk about them as what they are: human beings, usually in desperate need, who have typically worked very hard to get to the “land of the free” and will continue to work hard. Much else we say is just racially-motivated rhetoric to let yourself off the hook for not trying to help them.

    • ricklamascus says:

      *This comment has been deleted due to racism*

      • ricklamascus says:

        I have no idea what you are talking about. I do know that I resent
        you putting up a public accusation that is not true. The debate points I read and oppose….I deem to be childish, naive, and the positions of idealistic dreamers who do not use adult life experience,. How about sending me what I wrote and explain where the racism is?

    • ricklamascus says:

      The term….illegal alien. Perfectly accurate definition of someone from different country who is illegally residing in a country not his own. Any other terminology is LESS accurate and misleading.

      To deny the term illegal alien is to argue with Merriam-Webster which clearly defines an alien as one from a foreign country. An illegal means….not
      legal. The US is flooded with illegal aliens….who never had any intention of entering by legal means. And have no intention to assimilate to the American culture. They intend to maintain their own culture and force their culture on the US. Examples….never pay a dime for health care, never carry car insurance, never buy life insurance, no respect for law and order, no respect for police, contribute nothing in taxes…but expecting taxpayer money to be used for THEIR benefit.

      That the illegal alien only broke ONE law, and after that he was “law-abiding” is a lie. He has continued to break many laws. 1. Lying on any job application 2. Driving a car 3. not paying income tax 4. Not paying into Social Security 5. Collecting government benefits 6. Not paying out-of-state rates for college 7. False statements on college-entry application

      Their life in the US begins illegal and then continues, forever.

      A burglar is NOT and Uninvited House Guest.
      A bank robber is NOT Making An Unauthorized Withdrawal.
      A shoplifter is NOT an Irregular Shopper.
      A muslim beheading someone is a hateful, murderous, muslim terrorist,
      NOT a Radical Extremist or an Irrational Surgeon.

      Undocumented immigrant.
      That is at least misleading and at most an outright lie. An undocumented immigrant suggests that the person fully intended to enter a country by legal means and LOST the proper documents. It is a deliberate attempt to soften the real description. A thief does not what to be called a thief. A loser does not liked to be called a loser. A thug does not want to be called a thug. A liar does not like to be called a liar. Sound familiar? But all of these terms are very accurate. Because that is what they did and therefore what they are.

      It is what it is. There is no Christian argument. These things mentioned are not connected to Christianity. Just the truth. People do not always like the truth if the truth gets in the way of what they want to be true.

      • Rick, your hate towards these people and the fact that you call it Christian is horrifying. Jesus said that we should help and care for the poor and strangers, not hate them and forcefully deport them to poor countries! The USA is the richest country in the world, stop pretending like you don’t have money to help poor, desperate people. The problem is that the USA make it illegal for poor people to migrate in the first place – of course they would pay taxes if they were legally there! In Sweden, those who have entered Europe illegally (which is everyone from poor countries due to racist European policy) still can apply for jobs, pay taxes and become part of our society. Unless you are a native American your family also migrated into the US – you once had free migration, you know.

        • ricklamascus says:

          You are dead wrong about any hate. You have your opinion. i do not accuse you of hate. I accuse you of being out of touch with the reality of
          America being overrun with illegal aliens. I totally blame corrupt politicians
          and corporations who have sold their souls to participate in this act that will destroy the US.

          I gave evidence of why illegal aliens in modern times can destroy America and Europe, as well. Why does that mean I hate illegal aliens? Did I say that I hated the illegals and that I have some punishment in mind? I did not.

          Your evidence is simply your opinion. You have nothing, so you attack my character….just like all liberals do.. Your own country of Sweden will soon be dead….overrun by muslims and zero Christians to stand up to the invasion. The mosques are full, the churches are empty. All of Europe will lose its identity and you do not care. You think that the 4 or 5 Christians left in Europe will somehow convert millions of muslims. Hippie dreaming.

          My ancestors were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS !!

          That seems to make NO impression on you and never will. They left Europe and fully intended to become AMERICANS. They were DOCUMENTED. They did not become UNdocumented. They did NOT become a burden to the school system, the hospitals, doctors, etc. There were no handouts. They were self-sufficient. They did not undermine America.

          You have no clue how hostile children in school are towards the US. They feel nothing for America. And our politicians feed and encourage the hostility.

          I will never convince you. In order for America to be generous to the world, it has to be healthy. Right now, we are sick. $18 trillion of debt to the Chinese…our mortal enemy. No intention to stand up to Russia. Our military has low morale, because Obama hates our own military and our own country and Christianity and white men. The next President will spend all of his time trying to recover from the damage Obama has caused. And we are flooded with illegals. We are dying and you are laughing. When the US is no longer the leader of the world, Europe will be destroyed…just before the US dies of rot from the inside.

          You did not counter any of the true evidence I provided. Just called me a hater. All of my evidence is just that….evidence, not my opinion or any hatred. The hate is coming from you….you hate facts and the the truth that results from those facts.

        • ricklamascus says:

          Finally I will bring in the REAL Christian message from the Bible. It would be II Timothy 4:3: “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

          I accept the Bible. ,I am not a liberal. I do not find ways to find loopholes in some verses, so that I can make the Bible support what I want. There is NO
          connection between any message of Jesus concerning travelers 2000 years ago and the modern illegal aliens deliberately pouring across borders to get something for nothing.

          The REAL problem is the sorry governments in the nations that make people desperate to leave. They hate their own government because of the sorry treatment and they bring that feeling with them to the new country.
          They have no other experience. They think all governments are an object of scorn and abuse. Hard-working taxpayers are regarded as rich pigs who are no better than the government politicians. In muslim countries, the muslim government is killing the Christians.

          I have never seen Michael Grenholm complain about that. I only see where
          he finds fault with Americans, Christians, and European governments.
          I will never get Grenholm to see how millions of illegal aliens can destroy the
          economy of a stable country.

          Usain Bolt is the fastest human on earth. But one hammer tap to his big toe, and he cannot even compete. Illegal aliens can and have already crippled the US economy, schools, hospitals, and prisons.

          This is all typical of the liberal mind. Complain and attack your own. Xenophobia is only used to describe your own. It never applies to the enemy. Praise the enemy. Rip your own….as if that makes you the most intelligent one in the room. Then wonder what went wrong. Ever notice that the liberal never supports his own country, traditions, or standard Christianity? They despise themselves. They despise their own history, culture, and religion.

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