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Does Bill Johnson rebuking Jason Westerfield prove that Bethel is New Age?

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Two weeks ago something quite unusal happened: Bill Johnson, pastor in Bethel Church, Redding, which is one of the most influential charismatic churches in the US, opened his Sunday sermon with publicly warning against prophetic evangelist Jason Westerfield. Westerfield has been a student at Bethel, and both he and Johnson were filmed in the amazing charismatic documentaries Finger of God and Furious Love, that covers miraculous stuff that God is doing around the globe.

Now, Johnson said, “There has actually been a spiritual deception welcomed in his life to such a degree that it’s absolutely frightening. In over 40 years of ministry, I’ve never seen one individual being able to spiritually contaminate so many in one night…. The deception is crazy, there’s a real insanity involved.”

Darren Wilson, who has made the documentaries mentioned above, comments this on his Charisma blog (which I really recommend). He says that since Furious Love he hadn’t met Jason until a brief meeting two years ago, which perplexed him:

…the longer we talked, the more my heart sank. This wasn’t the same guy I had known. In fact, he was hardly recognizable to me anymore.

I won’t get into the particulars of our meeting or what we talked about, but suffice to say that Jason steered it into very odd and bizarre territory (aliens, interplanetary travel, etc.) and the whole time I just kept thinking, “What does any of this have to do with the gospel?

bill and jason

So, what should we do? Pray for Westerfield’s repentance of course, and abstain from listening to the stuff he says because it isn’t about Jesus but aliens. Now, here’s some things we should not do:

1. Don’t accuse Bill Johnson for being a bad leader who “judges” others

Some are upset that Bill publicly condemns Jason like this, but I don’t get that criticism. Johnson and other Bethel staff have clearly talked to Westerfield in private – Johnson mentions that he knows seven people who have spent at least an hour with him trying to bring him back to Jesus. If that fails, Jesus clearly says: “If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan” (Matthew 18:17). Of course, the condemnation becomes extra large since Bethel is such an internationally recognized church, but so is Westerfield’s ministry. They have clearly tried other pathways, but now they had to do this to stop the new age message of this self-claimed Christian.

2. Don’t claim that this is proof that Bethel Church teaches New Age

If Johnson would have liked new age he wouldn’t have said that what Westerfield preaches is demonic deception. Every claim about how this shows how Bethel church breeds New Age, since Westerfield was a student at Bethel, falls on the fact that Bethel Church condemns this and tries to correct him. It’s like saying that Darth Vader is proof for the jedi order training evil siths, when in fact the opposite is true.

3. Don’t flee from Jason and everything he touches with

Jesus said that we should treat those who leave the church as pagans. Now, how did Jesus treat pagans? He loved them, shared the Gospel and prayed for them. Christians who spend hours and hours on the internet warning for false prophets rarely care about the people they accuse for being demonic, they just warn people not to come in touch with them. But it’s really important now to pray for Jason and this whole situation.

As James says: “My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.” (Jam 5:19-20)


Here’s a response to some of the comments you’ve posted down below and on YouTube 🙂

Update 2

It’s official, Jason is sadly a new age consultant. Please pray for him.


  1. Daniel says:

    This is sad. Bill Johnson is doing the right thing. I had a luncheon with Jason at one time several years back. If these things are true, he is certainly off the rails. People must be warned, and those who are able must try and restore Jason in meekness and love. It grieves me. It just demonstrates how we must all guard ourselves.
    We also must warn, not just for the sake of Jason, but for those who hear him.

  2. Sorry, this is stupid. I dont like jason westerfiel, but THIS is horrible. Bill Johnson is hinting that jason is denying jesus and denying the autoruity of scripture. Both are CLEARLY wrong as even the most recent teaching from him shows. You say we now need to pray him back to jesus, like he is not even with jesus anymore. You say we must “Flee from Jason and everything he touches with”. You base this on a rumor. A rumor based on another unverified rumor. Is that how christians does it?
    The only reference all the leaders at bethel have given is that somebody heard him talk about traveling in space by consciousness and meeting other beings. Apart from that he only says it was also “other” thigns that was not biblical. This was manwaring who said this in his public mass letter. Despite that they claim jason gives demonic impartations to ppl, and bill even does this using his whole sunday morning message for it, which basicly is heard by christians all over the world. He destrys westerfields ministry (if he was able to)
    Darrell Wilson is just as horrible as he clearly says he has not spoken to jason “in years”, and even the one time he heard him mention out of body travel, he didnt then talk with jason about it, he just “thougth” “what does this has to do with the gospel.” Still, he thinks its ok to write in public about the wrongdoings of jason and support bill. Is THIS how christians are suppose to do it?? Jason is a main character int more than one of his movies. ANd he does this without even SPEAKING to jason about it?
    THe whole article is “if bill says it, it must be true”
    But bill doesnt refere to anything spesific! We are to just belive him, because he himself had amazing experiences with god yearsa ago where he gave it all up and is crying when he tells about it (what that has to do with jason, i dont konw, probably to show that he is more spiritual) This is NOT a good example of public rebuke at all lol, or what ever, its is clearly a issue bethel has with jason who from years back left bethel and does not claim they have any authority over him. And on top of it all: Bill gives ONE simple reason for this public rebuke….this is his own words… and that is that people perceive jason as a son of bethel, so in his view it reflects bad on them, therefor he did this. AKA fear of man.

    • Hej Geir!

      I think your misreading my article, the three points are examples of what we should NOT do. That is, we should NOT flee from Jason and everything he touches with.

      As i write in the blog post I don’t think that Bill has done any errors here, so we clearly disagree on that point. Clearly there’s a lot behind the scenes that nobody wants to reveal, yet. That doesn’t mean that no evidence exist, but the Bethel team could just be cautious in revealing too much before they let Jason respond. In fact, if something similar would happen in another church this is precisely what I would expect such a church to do after private rebuking has failed.


      • todd says:

        Can someone destroy someone’s ministry of it’s from God

      • ric says:

        Hi Micael

        Are you with the Jesus Army as I was involved with them for a while and live very close to one of their community houses in London? I think I recognise the cross and the t shirt

    • Elaine says:

      Jason has asked Kris V. not to call him a “son” He left there over 12 years ago. He has never been back to speak. Jason thanked them and moved on.
      Bethel’s “team” is not a group that Jason even knows well. The only thing that could set this straight is that if Jason and Bill Johnson, get on the phone, renewed their friendship, hugged it out and honor each other in love, like true Christian brothers do. No Bethel “team” is going to pray and counsel this into right relationship. That is so impersonal and insulting too. God is all about relationships.

      • Jay says:

        Jason not being back here (I am in Redding, attending Bethel) to speak is not entirely true. Though he has not been back to Bethel, he did speak at the Civic center just down the road to a few thousand mostly Bethel attendees, students and some staff. Most were unaware of what they had signed up for. This was supposed to be a 4 hour workshop on his teachings but that is not what happened. Instead Jason spent the 4 hours to share his offense and how he viewed the leadership of Bethel church. Basically he spewed his offense all over everyone for 4 hours. Jason clearly had not moved on.
        I have many trusted friends who attended that “workshop”. What they said that happened was very messed up and in line with what Bill spoke at church. I was attending the service when Bill addressed what happened at the workshop as well as where Jason is spiritually as well as their relationship. Simply hugging it out is not even close to all that is needed. And personally I was amazed at how Bill handled this. His words and actions were consistent with what scripture calls for and he was incredibly honoring of Jason. Aside from saying Jason is off in his teachings and beliefs, Bill spoke quite fondly of Jason.

      • Ryan says:

        Are you not all acting like mere men? Stop acting like a bunch of gossiping sissy ass school girls and follow Jesus! This is pathetic. His name is blasphemed among the non believers because of this. Aren’t we supposed to be known by our love?

        • Cassie Padilla says:

          Loving people does not mean turning a blind eye to sin. In fact love is the opposite of that. Scripture says that a good father disciplines his children and so it is in spiritual relationships as well. Scripture also tells us to hold each other accountable according to God’s word.
          Ryan, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Maybe you should spend some time examining yours. Your response is clearly in line with a rebellious spirit. Remember what God’s word says about a wise man… he listens to council of others. Especially when that council is clearly in line with God’s word.

  3. Jabez77 says:

    Right now I talked to a closer friend of Jason Westerfield. They say Bill Johnson is spreading lies and slander against Jason globally and that GOD is just and will reveal the truth to them!! They did not even talk to Jason and did not listen to his teachings at all!!

    • Evan says:

      I was involved in a very prophetic group for 3 years the type that get names and addreses(william branham stuff) and birthdates. I was a close friend to the leader and whenever someone would challenge what he taught or prophesied, everyone under him would just blow off the comments as “slander or judgment.” As we in the group began to “see the light” and leave the controlling situation it became clearer what we were a part of. I heard shortly after we left that Jesus wasn’t even preached anymore. It’s amazing how quickly people can get “off” if they have anger or bitterness. And we are only not deceived when we are plugged in with true believers. When we first left the church we were involved in, a letter was written denouncing out ministry. Looking back now, we were so just and angry that that the church would do that to us, especially when we had the “truth.” Now that I have been free for 3 years, I can see the brainwashing that had happened. Sounds like Jason’s friend is in the same boat. All I can do now is pray for my old friend and group and pray that Jason repents and believes the gospel.

    • Elaine says:

      That is the truth. Bill heard reports from others, who heard reports from others, who were at this particular meeting in Redding and Mt Shasta California.

  4. Ryan says:

    Has anyone heard from Jason regarding this? Is it not a very basic principle that we hear from both sides of any situation before coming to conclusions? Has anyone heard from Jason himself what he believes regarding the deity of Christ?

    Clearly reconciliation is needed. However, I hear very strong messages from Bill regarding Jason’s spiritual state, but I did not hear anything convincing in terms of evidence to back that up.

    I’ve heard enough opinions about the situation and would really value hearing what Jason Westerfield has to say in regard to what Bill said he believes.

    Jason, we’d like to hear from you!

  5. Bill Johnson is a heavyweight. He is a big deal in the Church. When he speaks we should listen. We can do our own research, as good Bereans, but in the meantime we should assume that Bill Johnson is right.

    I also recommend VERY highly to listen to the youtube video by John Crowder called “Why Christology?” He addresses the Westerfield thing in much greater detail than anyone else on the interweb, and he puts it into context.

    • Uber says:

      Where did Jason get the idea that he was to ascend and “be Christ,” and gain knowledge “directly from the Father” if not from Bill Johnson?

      I challenge anyone to sit down and carefully map any of Bill’s teaching. He takes a scripture that would have had a plain meaning to its original audience and creates a new meaning based on the English scripture and change in emphasis. He suggest that this post-modern read is an inspiration from the H.S. And then he takes this new concept and morphs it again, and again until various proof-texts lead in extricably to Johnson’s point.

      After only one or two teachings we are faced with dozens and sometimes over a hundred pithy slogans (that are tweet worthy)! When we go back and review the texts he sited, we think, who in their right mind would have ever understood the texts to mean what Johnson said they mean? Then two very different reactions occur. One person thinks, this is just a rhetorical flourish made up to sound spiritual but doesn’t reflect the wisdom of the authors or understanding of the first Christians. The second person thinks, “Whoaaaaaaa….Bill is the most spiritually connected person out there!”

      Once one goes to college, they realize words have meaning, and authors have intent. If one goes to Seminary they realize that God and the H.S. Have done much to maintain the revelation of scripture. Jesus, Paul, and disciples took it seriously and didn’t feel free to recast Old Testament in a post modern way.

      If Jesus and Paul don’t feel free to proof-text their way through scripture, what on Earth (or under it) has possessed us to think we have this right to discard those things men died to write about Jesus?

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  7. Mimi Salinas says:

    I’m done with hit piece articles about Jason Westerfield.
    I don’t care to read another “I can’t give you all the details but believe me” rhetoric. If you can’t provide evidence supporting your accusations then I will consider them inadequate and incomplete. There is a serious lack of transparency in religious leadership.
    There are too many holes in these articles.
    More questions than answers, kind of reminds me of mainstream news.
    I for one will not run with those kinds of tactics.
    I’ve heard Jason preach many times and never heard him deny Christ. He may be a bit of a mystic but that doesn’t mean he’s a heretic. Anyone who has been falsely accused in the church knows these devices quite well. Throw out the accusations, stand back and watch the sheep blindly follow, “the more the sheep agree the more we are right”
    If Bill Johnson wants to warn the Body of Christ about a wolf in sheep’s clothing then maybe he should warn them about a real threat, like our president. I don’t need religious leaders telling me who to accept or not accept into the fold. God is certainly big enough to let me know that Himself.

    • JJ says:

      @Mimi Spot-on, my sister. This public rebuke of Jason, without details, has generated more confusion than light.

      I would love to see a LiveStream broadcast, sooner rather than later, of Bill and Jason sitting down together, praying through and resolving this.

  8. lusanders says:

    What is the specific charge brought against Jason Westerfield by Bill Johnson? There has been no charge by Bill Johnson, John Crowder or anyone one else. Therefore, we cannot listen to words that malign the character of a fellow believer no matter how much we may respect and honor the speaker. Period!

    • Tobias says:

      Oh yes, I almost forgot about John Crowder. He blatantly blasphemes the Holy Spirit. He talks about toking the ghost.
      Those pentecostal satanists are so evil and it is so sad that they are decieving so many gullible people.
      Satan has set up his false church upon the earth and people prefer the darkness more than the light.
      The truth is not with them.
      God is sending out strong delusion that they should believe lies.
      Satan’s ministers appear as angels of light. Only those with truly discerning spirits will know that.

  9. Christine hanley says:

    If we blame Bill Johnson for Jason we have to follow the same logic and blame Jesus for Judas. By saying Jason is the result of Bill’s erroneous teaching is the same as saying Judas was the result of Jesus’ erroneous teaching – how ridiculous!

  10. Elaine says:

    Don’t hold your breath for Jason reappearing. I would’t be surprise if Jason does not reappear for 30 years. Jason would only be in his 60’s and Bill Johnson and everyone who condemned him would be dead. It would be a new generation of believers.

    It has happened with other prophets in the 1950 (Paul Cain or Bob Jones). They disappeared and then reappeared in their 70’s in the 1990’s 2000’s when God’s people were ready to listen to them.

    I don’t think Bethel will stay on top much longer. They have become a strict and rigid denomination. Their members have a tendency to bully people, as you found out through that BSSM student. Their church is not the love and spirit led place it us to be. Try coming here and you’ll find this church has more rules and demands than the southern Baptists. Once the people become oppressed the Holy Spirit moves elsewhere.

    • chris says:

      You are very misguided. This is absolutely not the case.

    • Average Joe says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been at bethel for just a few months and I feel seriously oppressed by the stuffy religious atmosphere. WAY to much emphasis and teaching on signs and miracles, little or no teaching on Love. I’m really not sure I will be there much longer

      • Chris Hanley says:

        It’s such a shame that you guys have no spiritual discernment. Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons – isn’t that love??? When did you guys last do this as those at Bethel do continually?? Jesus said – don’t listen to anyone who preaches and teaches without signs and wonders following to confirm the word!!!

        • Kev Wells says:

          I am flabbergasted that you said this:

          “– don’t listen to anyone who preaches and teaches without signs and wonders following to confirm the word!!!”

          Jesus DID NOT SAY THIS! And this error is the evidence of the primary reason why you are deceived about this heretical false ministry. The word of God and true doctrine are the most important thing in every ministry. Don’t you know that Satan is ever seeking to counterfeit everything that God does? This is why you cannot equate a supernatural occurrence to evidence of an action by God.

          I fully believe in the power of God. I believe God moves powerfully today in every Biblical way. We must test the spirits because Satan is incredibly spiritually powerful. While Satan’s power is nothing compared to God’s power, he is extremely powerful when compared to mortal man.

          These false ministries have several characteristics. They do not rely on faith in the inerrancy of scripture. They do not warn against false doctrine and false leadership. Instead you will often hear them saying that if you dare speak out against them then God will curse you. This is a lie and a manipulation.

          If we are not going to be deceived in these perilous times, we are going to have spend time in reading the King James Bible. And we are going to have cease blindly trusting anyone.

          It is written that the way is narrow and few find it….

          • Chris Hanley says:

            Hi Kev
            Sorry I rushed my reply. This is what I meant to say. This is what the bible says:
            Jesus in speaking to the Pharisees said ‘If you don’t believe I am who I claim to be then believe in me because the works I do i.e. heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. He also told His disciples that these signs WOULD follow those who believed. They would heal the sick etc etc. when this is not happening you need to ask yourself – I wonder why this is not happening!! Instead, people criticize the men and women of God who are seeing signs following their preaching and teaching. Maybe jealousy?? They don’t have to be jealous they just have to do it too – believe God for it to happen. Bill Johnson’s church is one of many churches who are leading the way – transforming a city! They are certainly not the only church – praise God. Just because they are doing this people say ” love is so much more important” Obviously! Bethel love !!!! This does not exonerate all those churches that are not moving in love AND the power of the Holy Spirit. It isn’t optional!! It’s not an either or, it’s a both!! My life has been transformed by the teaching of the Bill Johnson’s of this world! I praise God for them.

          • Kev Wells says:

            You are missing a crucial thing that has had the predictable result of your being deceived. It is never signs or wonders that we must test. It is always their doctrine that must be tested.

            Don’t you yet realize that Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God and God incarnate? We judge them by their words using The Word, Jesus Christ. The King James version because the other ones are comprised. Not signs which can be counterfeit!
            Great Day! If that is how you are going to test, then David Copperfield would be a huge prophet.

  11. rafael correia de araujo says:

    Guys, that’s fine with you? I am Brazilian and as was said in the article beginning, “and foreigners who do not speak English,” I have this video of Darren Wilson (Finger of God and Furious Love, Father of light, with traducao in Portuguese and build me a lot) I heard a podcast that is in Portuguese of Bethel where preach Bill Johnson and other Kris V, Arnot and Carol (Canada) and hear what you’re talking about, I went back several times to try to understand whether he was even talking to Jason Westerfield. That people are here for some references in Brazil (for me and a young group hungry for more of God and supernatural), through it (Jason Todd White, Randy Clark) we started to preach in the streets and pray for people and they were cures happening as I saw in (FINGER OF GOD) I am using to the tool to write about it (Google Translator) and like to understand what really is happening not only on the side of Bill Johnson, it was a shock to me, please explain what really is happening and thanks.

    • Keter Malkut says:

      Rafael, I have been very much in touch with ministries like Bill Johnson’s and Jason Westerfield, been to Bethel etc. Also been to Rick Joyner’s ministry,, Mahesh Chavda etc. I have also for about 20 years had a great desire to do what is right before the Lord. I have had visions of the Lord and dreams. My greatest concern at this time is for the Holy Reverence and Respect of the Lord. I don’t want to even speak a single word that my spirit makes me feel uncomfortable. It is the Holiness of the Lord that is Most Important and that we act as He is Holy to Honor Him alone.

      What I have seen in many ministries is a lack of character building in the people. It is all about power and quick microwave prayers etc. In 2008, the Lord led me to study the Judaism He taught (while correcting the abuses), and I understood the nature of Yahweh (who we call God) from Isaiah 45:7. I also understood that there is power in the supernatural evil or darkness that is God…The Father and the Son Jesus (in Who we are) is the Light and Life part of Isaiah 45:7. In the Father and the Son we have Victory over the darkness but cannot deny its power. Remember the magicians in pharoah’s court in Egypt. They did the SAME miracle as Moses. They created snakes as well, but the Light of Moses’ creation destroyed their creation made in darkness or evil. THERE IS EQUAL SUPERNATURAL POWER IN LIGHT AND DARKNESS. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT IN JESUS, DARKNESS HAS TO BEND TO OR BE DESTROYED BY THE LIGHT.

      Light destroys darkness, but BOTH CAN BE SUPERNATURAL. Seek the Lord and Him alone. Read the Words of Jesus in Matthew 7. He said that we can test or judge who is His by their character ONLY. Are they leading people to be humble, walk in love, dress and act in a way that they will not make others fall or stumble – Romans 13:14. This is a big thing. Rick Joyner was with the roman catholic knights of malta organization, Bill Johnson did not openly rebuke Todd Bentley (as far as I know), when the adultery was found out etc. Could these people repent? Yes, they can, but it can be confusing unless we understand that it is very easy for ANY HUMAN BEING to shift from Light to darkness (described in Isaiah 45:7) as they are made in the Image and Likeness of God and have both the Light and darkness in them. If they are born again of the Lord the Light will make them aware when they are walking in darkness, and they can immediately say NO. IF THEY DON’T AVOID THE DARKNESS, THEY ARE WALKING INTO THE CONTROL OF THE ENEMY – Romans 6:16.

      The Lord is not controlled by time. He is always present tense going into future tense. So the Blood of Jesus is constantly cleansing us as we walk in the Light ONLY. if we are walking in darkness the Blood cannot cleanse us because we have INDEPENDENTLY walked away. We have to repent and come back to the Light. See 1John 1:5-7.

      CHECK YOUR SPIRIT – AND WALK IN THE MIRACULOUS ONLY IF THE SOURCE IS JESUS. He will teach you as you seek ONLY HIM – not any human preacher. See Matthew 23:8-10, 1John 2:20, 27, Psalm 32:8.

      I thank the Lord for you and your heart in Him.

  12. jonnymiracle says:

    It’s sad that more Charismatic leaders don’t do this. Darren Wilson said this is only 1 of the only 2 times he has seen a charismatic leader rebuke and warn about false doctrines. I pray that Jason repents and is restored but I also pray for the balance of the Charismatic church as a whole. We accept so much of the NEw age demonic for the sake of not “quenching the Spirit” but it is the LACK OF DISCERNMENT which is destroying things.

    • Michelle Hutchinson says:

      There are very serious consequences for people that falsely accuse a highly annointed man of God. Bill Johnson and John Crowder your need to repent for your spiritual rape of Jason Westerfield.

      • Michelle Hutchinson says:

        Please forgive me Bill Johnson and John Crowder. I posted this before I knew more of what was said.

  13. gomezrafa says:

    Michelle….this business of threatening people who bring an accusation against a supposed “highly anointed man of god” (intentional use of lower case) is nothing more than a manipulation intended to insulate a man from any criticism. There are no “serious consequences” for people. You are misinterpreting an Old Testament verse. No one is above scrutiny. In Acts 17 the Bereans are applauded for verifying Paul’s teachings. Johnson and Crowder have nothing to repent of. They are acting according to Scripture and love.

    • Kev Wells says:

      Exactly. I agree 100% with this statement. It is a manipulation and witchcraft. When this false doctrine is used you will also find an absence of any preaching on the dangers of false teachers.
      I will also tell you that one of the biggest clues that someone is of the Lord is when nearly everyone speaks evil of them. In this day and time in history the enemy and his people are seeking to call evil good and good evil.
      I am anointed of God. Say what you will about me. You are safe. God is not going to strike you down. Do not attempt to put your hands on me however, that is another matter entirely.

      If you are under a ministry where they use this above method and they don’t teach about the dangers of false leadership and doctrines of demons, you may wish to check yourself. You could (yes even you!) be one of the deceived…

  14. what did jason westerfield say?????


    GET A LIFE !

  16. I think it’s important that we all search the scriptures so that we can test teachers to see if what get say lined up with the word. There is an excellent Heidi Baker video near the end:

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  18. My heart breaks for the body of Christ I will be praying for the bride of Christ to know her bridegroom more intimately. We need Jesus more than ever. JESUS HELP!

  19. prov1322 says:

    After seeing the LiveStream from last Saturday, we now know that Bill Johnson was right. However, Bill Johnson and Bethel did not handle this properly in providing no information in the public rebuke. That said, we are praying for Jason and those under this vile deception.

  20. Eric says:

    I heard of the power of the bethel church and wanted to get prayed for and delivered from people I work with quietly trying to kill me by poisons and other means but I guess Im just going to wait for the lord to come an get me id rather be in glory with him than try to find a church body in unity if you have something from the lord could you pray for me im in worse shape than you all are thanks Eric

    • Letstalkabouttruth says:

      Do you have any professional support. If like me you are suffering from a mental health issue please see a psychiatrist.

  21. Jim Kerr says:

    This is sad. Jason Westerfield appears to have been deceived by “messengers of deception”, aka, demonic entities. This happens way to often when people seek answers outside of what the Holy Spirit has to offer. This has happened many times throughout history, people seeking answers by turning to the occult new age. If one researches the history of Ufology, one will find many religious cults that have surfaced over the years. Many of these religious cults last for years, some for a short time and many times ending in tragedy. The UFO cult “Heavens gate” is a classic example of these tragic endings. The church of Scientology is still awaiting the return of L. Ron Hubbard who is promised to descend in a flying saucer… All we can do is pray for Jason Westerfield that God removes the scales from his eyes. Our battle truly is with principalities in high places.

  22. Letstalkabouttruth says:

    I think Mr Johnson needs to take the plank out of his eye first. Dealing with his church’s / family’s problems.

    This video of farting angels and angels texting is just such an insult to God. I can’t believe they still have it on their church you tube site.

    What do you think? It starts at about 4 minutes. But the whole preaching seems more about being cool and funny than the word of God.

    • Chris says:

      Think you have wrong person, wrong place and Wrong time!

      • Letstalkabouttruth says:

        No the title is sbout Bethel. This is Bethel church. His daughter in law Jenn, worship leader. Preaching things that are just wrong. Bill is happy to rebuke others. What about sorting your own house out before others?

        Unless there are two Bill johnsons?

  23. Billy Tanner says:

    Bethel Church is a huge joke anyways.

  24. Ebba says:

    I don’t accuse bethel or Bill or anyone yet for being new age or false prophets, I’m still testing the spirits and if what they are doing and teaching is according to God’s word. However, there are some things that makes me worried, for example the book I linked, and videos of BSSM students “grave sucking”

    • Jaeson says:

      gotta get your orbs of power.. =p Physics of heaven is a new age book, there isn’t anything about heaven in it. Vibration discussions are found in Hinduism/New Age and other cult groups. The Jesus Christ of Scripture has nothing to do with it. Perhaps though, their Jesus at Bethel is a guru who vibrates everyone into a new plane of Holy Spirit existence they just need to “press into” more.

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  28. Josh says:

    I like this Daniel guy. Just like him. So far. Nice thoughtful guy it seems

  29. […] Does Bill Johnson rebuking Jason Westerfield prove that Bethel is New Age? […]

  30. Jaeson says:

    Bill Johnson is just as bad as Jason, it is just it is more covered up. Johnson is collecting relics so people can suck up their “anointings,” they endorse “grave sucking/soaking” to get special anointed powers from the dead…Bethel Redding claims that Jesus did his miracles as a man empowered by the Holy Spirit- not as God..sorry but that is blasphemy. It isn’t as blunt as Jaeson Westerfield, but it is the same ilk. Oh and let us not forget the fact that witches visited his church an were encouraged in their “gifting.” They left not feeling convicted of sin or needing to repent, but happy they were witches. The gold dust was proven to be glitter, and the fact that their classes claim to be able to “teach” people to be able to prophesy. That is 100% opposite of what we read in Scripture. I’ve seen Bill speak in person, and went to their “sister church” for 9 years. Something very deceptive is in this entire movement, and my time with it left me spiritually bankrupt. They preach about their supernatural experiences and not from Scripture. They talk of a future revival (which never happens), and it is all about power-aquisition, aggrandizing man (to be more and more supernatural or as if there are levels you can access with God—100% not true when you read the Bible). It is very disturbing.

  31. […] Does Bill Johnson rebuking Jason Westerfield prove that Bethel is. – May 8, 2015. Two weeks ago something quite unusal happened: Bill Johnson, pastor in Bethel Church, Redding, which is one of the most influential charismatic. should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. […]

  32. Amy says:

    The Westerfield story aside, Bill Johnson Himself has in fact proved that Bethel is New Age. This is no longer even a debate.

    Bill Johnson’s contributions to the book “The Physics of Heaven” blatantly promotes Bethel’s false New Age beliefs and practices such as communicating with spirit guides and angels, crystals, astral projection (visiting glory realms), speaking things into existence, trances, power objects, and many many more actually belong to the church.

    Unfortunately, such beliefs and practices are also commonly encouraged by other leaders within the Apostolic Network movement.

    Believers should be made aware that such teachings are spiritually dangerous, and are a gateway into New Age beliefs and practices that are expressly forbidden in the Bible.

    It is all the more deceptive when New Age/New Thought/Christian Science teachings are wrapped in a biblical Christian veneer and promoted as “reclaimable” for believers.

    This video does a comprehensive review of the New Age teachings outlined in the “Physics of Heaven”; co-written by Bill Johnson himself and sold in Bethel’s book store.

  33. sharonvanbiljon says:

    Bull, Bull, Bull! This is not new age! It’s where God is breathing now, raising up His Sons! Been Going on for about 40 years outside ‘church’ God. Has left the Building. I know hundreds of Christians who have had the same experiences, including seeing Enoch and many others! You can’t put God in a box, that’s why he’s God! How embarrassing for those who are doing this to him, just like what they did to Jesus! There jealous because they have not had encounters. You don’t read a book to know someone you must go to their house. Death is not the door, Jesus is! Wait till they discover how wrong they are. God is closing down Christianity at an alarming rate. No-one will stop HIM!

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