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Amazing Healing Miracles in Cameroon, Ghana and Benin!

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I love to follow Daniel Kolenda’s Youtube Channel. Daniel is evangelist at Christ for all Nations, successor of Reinhard Bonnke and a passionate follower of Jesus. At the channel he publishes Bible studies, mission reports as well as wonderful testimonies of God’s miracles like these:

She was deaf in both ears for 17 years. She was rejected by family members and failed in school. She felt like a prisoner in solitary confinement and wanted to take her own life.

In January of 2014, Christ for all Nations visited Titi Bongo’s city of Yaoundé, Cameroon. Hundreds of thousands gathered that week to experience the Gospel. On the second night, as evangelist Daniel Kolenda was praying for the sick, Titi began to feel an intense burning in her ears and realized one of her ears could hear.

She to the platform to testify together with her brother. Her brother told the evangelist that although one ear had been healed, the other was still deaf and asked for more prayer. Evangelist Kolenda prayed for the ear twice. The first time, nothing happened, but the second time, he began to say the name of Jesus in her deaf ear in French, “Jésus, Jésus, Jésus” Suddenly she could understand and began to repeat the name, each time it became more clear and more powerful. He asked if she could hear now. She was smiling from ear to ear. She could hear, she could speak and she was praising the name of Jésus!

When Francesca visited the Christ for all Nations evangelistic campaign in Accra, Ghana, November, 2013 she had been suffering with painful lumps in her breasts that she feared were a sign of cancer. Her pastor’s wife had been healed at a previous Gospel Campaign with Reinhard Bonnke and she had come expecting a miracle. During the praise and worship, something came over Francesca. She fell to the ground. It was soon thereafter that she realized something supernatural had taken place. This is her story.

In December of 2012, Desi Iruewi became crippled. When Christ for all Nations visited his city, Cotonou, Benin, something supernatural happened to him.

He said, “The Preacher was praying for us and said for us to lift up our hands, and that the Holy Spirit would visit us. I was standing there with my eyes closed, lifting up my hands and praying. I was expecting my miracle. I could feel a cold wind enter my hip and everything cooled down. And I felt that the bone that had come out, had gone back into its place. Then the Preacher said to do what we could not do before. So I tried to bend forward and I could. I could turn, too. So I just stated running around and around.

I was so happy after I was healed that I woke up four hours later and continued rejoicing. I couldn’t sleep. My heart was at peace and I was so joyful. I was very happy for the healing.

I advise anyone who is suffering to repent and give their lives to Jesus. If they believe everything is possible, Jesus will heal them. They will receive the Kingdom of God and enter into paradise everlasting”

To find out more about the ministry of Christ for all Nations visit:

To follow Evangelist Daniel Kolenda visit his blog, Facebook page or Twitter.

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    Prayers is compulsory for every human being on the surface of the earth.In
    Isaiah 62;6-7 the lord gave a command to men on how to pray harder at all time.I have set watchman upon the walls O Jerusalem which shall never hold their peace day or night.
    It was very hard for me to believe that GOD exist? My name is LINDA BARNETT CARLTON Barren for 45 years, without kids and i was also having difficulties in my marriage.This is my life testimonies.I was searching through internet ,i came across Pastor .Enoch .A Adeboye [said you shall be made whole],This article was published by one of his Pastor [PST.WILLIAMS OKODUDU E.M] I contacted him via ;REDEEMEDCHRISTIANCHURCH81@GMAIL.COM
    He told me that E.A .Adeboye is the founder /president of Redeemed christian church of God[RCCG]
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